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  1. I get a TB which is on a walking staff....I activate it and no one can add finds, discovery, or anything on it... What is up????
  2. Looks great, depending on price 2 to 5 here.
  3. I have had some retrieved or grabbed, and have wound up in alaska, Iraq, Hawaii and Tiawan and England and some times they take time to log and move. I usually give them 3 to 6 months....
  4. I will go with $10.75 but that might be a mistake
  5. I can't get into the forums on waymark portal. Go to sign in to forumns and I get invalid password... But yet I use the same sign in for the rest of the Waymarking site and even own 2 waymarks
  6. I tried to get to post over there and I can't. I go to Waymarking and my name and password goes through ok. and it says Team_Talisman signed in. But when I go to the forum portal. It wont let me post and it says to sign in. So i sign in there and says invalid password. I click box to retrieve password and wait hours for no email to come.
  7. Emailed for 2 Gold... riflecache, I may have extra Colorado Coin.
  8. Nope she made a trip around the world and now back in the states...
  9. Here's a link directly to his/her profile of finds. Just keep an eye on it. When a cache is found in your state, check to see if it's close to you. The Geocoin Fairy's Finds One dropped in Alabama yesterday... Wish she would fly to one of the west slope of Colorado airports
  10. If your going back to San DDiego by interstate 70 drop me a PM or Email, so maybe we can set up a meeting spot.
  11. I must be brain dead this AM. I can't find where the mileage is calculated It will be in the section at the top of the stats page where it shows your total finds, average difficulty, etc. It won't actually appear until the next time you update your stats, however. Ah thanks.
  12. I must be brain dead this AM. I can't find where the mileage is calculated
  13. Great news Cheesy. Congrats to you and GC for making this possible.
  14. As far as my opinion, I would like to have it for my stats use>
  15. If you want it I have a unactivated Colorado 2006 to donate
  16. I'm not aware of a category or group specifically for WWII memorial sites. I've browsed throught the groups with open enrollment and don't see one there. True, there are a lot of defunct management groups with no categories being managed, but I don't see it. How did you determine that there is such a group? If you found a listing for such a group, then you should be able to send and email to the leader and find out directly what is going on. In general, though, I say that those who are ready to go should go! It is good to be respectful and not move in on something someone is doing, but if there is no action, then I think it should be open to those who are ready to do it! I'd love to see this category, as well as one for Korean War Memorials. Most major wars are included, but I've seen them for the Spanish American War, War of 1912, Gulf War -- and I'm sure that internationally there are others as well. Anyway, I hope this goes for you. Send me an invite if you need members. Silverquill I am working on Korean war one now will need officers. Paws count me in on your WW2 one
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