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  1. Well, shoot. Now I wish I had just deleted it and not sent a message. I was trying to be nice but sometimes it's best to just be a ninja.
  2. I had a log on one of my caches using the "f" word twice. The username also had "bitchez" in it. Anyway, I deleted the log and sent a PM to the person explaining that geocaching is family friendly and to please relog the find using language appropriate for all ages,I was polite. I'm just hoping they don't go sabotaging my caches now Isn't there a filter that could catch offensive language and make it say "flower" or something?
  3. I had one deleted yesterday and I was ok with it except....the cache was impossible to access because it had dropped down a deep hole in a tree. I could see it with a flashlight but not retrieve it. CO deleted my FOUND and just said, No sign, no found. *shrug* I'll go back when CO has it up and running again.
  4. I'm so sorry I miss all my rainbow dogs.
  5. I like it when people visit caches with one of my TBs. Let's me know they still have them.
  6. Hi! To log as a visit, if you are using the geocaching app on your phone: Select FOUND Select the little Travel Bug icon Select VISIT Select DONE Finish your post, add a picture if you want then SEND You can also do this online if you want to "catch up" your TB. Just go to geocaching.com and then the geocache you went to (you can easily find this on your profile) or look it up by the geocode. Select LOG YOUR VISIT Scroll down the page to your TB inventory Choose VISITED from the drop down menu. Hope this helps.
  7. Like the idea of putting MISSING in the name of the TB. I'm going to do this on one I have missing. I'm also going to put PLACE ME in the name of some that people have had for a year. LOL. Who knows, maybe they will see it on their tb list and get the hint? Maybe they will be hacked off and throw it away...don't know. Just tickled my funny bone. I agree with what others have said. I expect my tb to go missing and get lost as soon as I release it. If it goes anywhere, for any length of time, I'm thrilled. On the cautious side, I don't send out tb's that I care about - geocoins from special events etc. Happy caching!
  8. Guilty! I have saved a list of nearby caches (within 10 miles) that are easy, have been found recently and are mostly P&G's. These are for Monday-Friday because with work, I won't really have much time. For the weekends, I have saved another list of nearby caches that will require more effort and time. I have even passed up a few easy caches lately so I can "find" them in August. So, yep, guilty as charged. I have however, been placing some caches in the meantime.
  9. I'm going about my geocaching as usual. I just love the game with all it's quirks.
  10. This app works GREAT! Thank you so much.
  11. Now that I think about it, I would really hate having to wade through comments on posts while I'm out geocaching and only looking for descriptions, hints and if the cache is worth going for. If there was a "like" button, I think that would work. Or, a way to make a comment that would not show up on the app. However, I doubt that would ever happen and I think just emailing someone is the best way to respond. When I post a longer description of a particular adventure, I'm usually doing it for the CO as a way of thanking him/her for putting out a fun cache. I don't really expect or need a comment back. So, I've answered my own comment and I'm good with the way it is. I certainly don't want it to be like Facebook (shudder).
  12. I totally agree with this. I check the profile of the person that has the TB and if they have a reasonable amount of activity and finds (like 50 or more), I just assume they are busy and will get around to it. However, if they only have 1 or 5 or less than 50, I might send them a polite email explaining how to log a travel bug and a link. They may not know. Then again, you just never know and some TBs just disappear and I can only hope someday years from now they'll show up again.
  13. I would like to be able to add comments to the posted logs on my cache or TB page. Occassionally, a member will write a really descriptive fun post and I would like an easy way to reply to it other than going to their profile page and hitting the Send Message link. Sorry if this has been covered, but I searched for it and didn't see a thread on it. If there is one, let me know. Thanks.
  14. I would like to see some kind of notification also. I will personally email cachers that have my TBs longer than 2 months without any activity. But it would be great if some kind of alert would pop up on their profile page, or even a notification to their smartphone (like when a new cache is listed). I vote yes on this idea!
  15. I use the geocaching.com app and I take and upload my pics when I post my log. I have an Android Razr. LOVE my phone.
  16. I had the same problem. I tried for about a month to get permission from the city to place a cache in a city park that did not have one. There are caches all over the city. Finally, I emailed another geocacher that had caches in the city and they said to just go for it (I think it was the Frisbee Rule - love that). However, next time I see the Parks dude, I'll give him a heads up and explain the whole geocaching thing if he is not familiar with it.
  17. How do you get your pic to upload. When I browse and select my pic, I click upload and it just deletes the browse field and does nothing. Wonky Avatar Isn't Working!
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