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  1. Have you: - checked the spoiler pics for hidden clues (Exif, Steganography) - checked that there is no white text somewhere? Sometimes this is used to hide something! - What is the difficulty rating? Maybe the gag is, that there is no code, it's just plain coordinates. So many possibilities! GermanSailor
  2. To ways to approach the "problem": - What size am I looking for? --> Regular - Can I trade swag or drop a TB / Coin? ---> Micro Solution: Size: "Other", however this size is unofficial often used for nano caches. It might be a good idea to make clear what the speciality about your container is to avoid disappointment. GermanSailor
  3. It will work, as it worked with the old firmware. However the current firmware supports map files > 2GB. GermanSailor
  4. Best help: Don't hide it! A LPC with deliberately bad coordinates is a bad idea! Is it such a good idea that geocachers look under 25 lamp post skirts in a crowded parking lot? Is this the kind of treasure hunting you like? GermanSailor
  5. Yes, I'd like to see the schematic of that contraption. USB to serial (RS232) is a bit more than just rearranging the wires, so I'm really excited to see your solution. GermanSailor
  6. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.622 Works fine here! GermanSailor
  7. You can either use google maps or google earth to get the coordinates. Especially in urban areas such coordinates tend to be more precise than those determined by a handheld GPSr. GermanSailor
  8. Control Panel - Security Center - Automatic Updates Or you use the IE and go to Tools - Windows update. Do you even have any anti-virus software running? GermanSailor
  9. Three weeks ago I posted this right in this thread. I actually contacted the seller and got an answer. Answer: I don't see a big problem. Nobody claims to sell a trackable geocoin. And I don't think the the Order of the Templar Knights assumes intellectual property rights. GermanSailor
  10. The Vista HCx, 60CSx and 76CSx are pretty much the same units in different casings. The Oregon GPSrs are equipped with a touchscreen instead of many buttons and are paperless capable. You can compare the units online at the garmin webpage. I personally have the 60CSx and am very happy with it. GermanSailor
  11. Yes, because it's archived and no longer part of the game. So it is trash. The owner should care for it, but if he doesn't do so, everybody should dispose the geo-trash. GermanSailor
  12. Of course this is allowed. There are special dog collars which you can buy. After all, a TB is a dog-tag. GermanSailor
  13. This would be nice indeed. At the moment you have to use the screenshot - make it anonymous - wirte-note - workaround. Works as well, but it's far more steps to do. I'm actually surprised that you can delete logs without stating the reason. GermanSailor
  14. First, you should let the Windows updates run to get SP3 NOW! Even if this has nothing to do with your problem, an operating system has to be up to date. I just tried the send to gps feature, it worked. Running XP Sp3 and FF 3.6.3 together with a Garmin 60 CSx. So this might as well be a Delorme problem. GermanSailor
  15. I don't believe that the compass calibration has anything to do with the unit's accuracy. The compass has to be calibrated after every battery change. But you cannot calibrate the GPSr itself. GermanSailor
  16. You can increase the number of waypoints if you convert them to POIs. Those are stored on the memory cards. But you need a GSAK macro for that and maybe the POI loader. Use the card for maps and tracks. GermanSailor
  17. But it! Maybe you want a data cable, which you can built yourself: http://www.jens-seiler.de/etrex/datacable.html If your computer doesn't have an USB port, you need an adapter: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.622 GermanSailor
  18. The bigger the cache, the more likely your kids will find something. That's not possible with the micro caches. So if you want to trade swag, hunt small, regular and large geocaches. GermanSailor
  19. No offence, but are you sure you are ready to place a geocache, if you don't know the hemisphere you are living in? Why don't you set up your GPSr in a way that it displays the common format for geocaching, which is degrees decimal minutes? GermanSailor
  20. That is okay. You can state the reason, why you log so late, I don't think an owner is unhappy with this. But there might always be "the one" who has a problem with everything. Just do it! GermanSailor
  21. Yes, sure! But that's the responsibility of the cache owner. If a person can't provide a proper listing with all the information required. I don't think a tide-attribute will help. GermanSailor
  22. That's exactly the problem of those persons. I really like the attitude not to read anything and then complain about the lack of information. Some people should better stay at home. Maybe a lawsuit against the tides might be an idea. GermanSailor
  23. http://www.jens-seiler.de/etrex/datacable.html http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.622 GermanSailor
  24. Ask the seller! "Trackable" doesn't mean anything. A USPS parcel, a dog, you, everything is "trackable". The questions should be: Is this a Geocaching.com related item? Can I track it at geocaching.com? What if it is a coin, with a geokrety number engraved? Still trackable. GermanSailor
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