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  1. Larry739"s WI_Robin Kansas Sunshine 2007 Micro Geocoin (17-II-2007) 9854 miles Larry739"s Bunya Kansas Sunshine 2007 Micro Geocoin (13-II-2007) 9638 miles Model Citizen's 'A Pair of Nickells' Geocoin (Released 1/27/07) 8426.9 miles Shilo's Loggerhead Turtle Geocoin (3-28-07) 4473.6 miles Model Citizen's SnowWolf Dark Geocoin (Released 1/27/07) 4143.3 miles Shilo's Virginia Geocoin #2 (2-21-07) 3995.7 miles Green Magic Geocoin (TB1C1XM) Released on 2/6/07 with 3082.5 miles Blue Magic Geocoin (TB1B56Y) Released on 2/06/07 with 1252.3 miles chaosmanor's Dorkfish 2007 #2 (2-II-2007): 1045.5 miles chaosmanor's Feng Shui Compass #2 (5-III-2007): 302.1 miles
  2. I can't read all the text. What does it say?
  3. Well, there haven't been any more coin photos posted lately, so here's the one I just finished while laid up at home recovering from a kidney stone. Feng Shui Geocoin I know, Feng Shui has nothing to do with geocaching. But I liked the design of the coin and decided to buy one.
  4. 23 Geocoins released 6 of those have not been moved in 2007 2 are confirmed missing The highest mileage of any one coin is 8,372. 13 coins sit in an individuals inventory 1 is in an unknown state 9 are listed as in caches Total mileage of all geocoins regardless of state 49,222
  5. Please put me down for a red and an orange in the silver metal and a blue LE gold when the time comes, if that's okay. Great coin design! I remember the 70's (vaguely).
  6. Just had to give them a chance :D That's pretty funny, guys! As it turns out, penguins are very aerodynamic.
  7. I get mine from Coins and Pins. They have all the sizes and great prices.
  8. Here's my latest: a black nickel SnowWolf coin I just got in a trade with Snowwolf75 (thanks a lot, SnowWolf!). I think it came out very well. Blue skies and happy caching! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  9. Here's my Dressel Dragons coin that is in the UK looking for dragons and castles. I hope I'm not blowing out the web page too bad with that last one. Let me know if it causes problems and I will delete it. Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  10. Okay, how's this? I modified #1 to have a warmer tone and increased the brightness just a bit (although it seems to be getting washed out at the top now). 1. On #2, I increased the contrast.
  11. I need your opinion, Glenn... and anyone else who wants to chime in. Which of these pictures of the flip side of the CachingCoins/A Pair of Nickells geocoin is best? 1? 2? or 3? Thanks in advance for your help. Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  12. Here's my latest geocoin picture that I just completed tonight. I've got to get this coin out into a cache since it was bought with the understanding that it would travel, but I wanted to get pictures first. Actually, CachingCoins/The Nickells sent two coins to everyone that purchased; a coin with the full tracking number to be placed in a cache, and a spare/extra/copy coin without the complete tracking number to keep. These pictures are of the extra coin. The traveling coin was lost in a tragic skydiving accident along with six of my other coins. The zipper on the pouch I carry the coins in during their inaugural skydive opened up during freefall and all seven coins were lost. The only traveling those coins got to do was 14,000 feet straight down.
  13. I just got home from a super-long day at work today and found an entire set of Dreamcatchers had come in the mail - plus an extra! That really perked me up! The coins look great! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  14. Dead topic. Let's let it rest in peace. Mods, can you close it, please?
  15. I just got my replacement coins and I must say I am very pleased with them. They are much heftier and none of the satellites were broken off. They seem to be secured pretty firmly now. I loved the design and concept from the start and now the execution matches the concept. Thanks, CH Quality Coins, for going the extra mile to make sure the coins were right.
  16. 1. In my case, 100% are released (eventually). I'm way behind right now in photographing, coming up with a goal for, printing a small goal sheet to go in the coin flip, and releasing my geocoins. But they will all travel. I really don't see the attraction of having a bunch of coins laying around that rarely get looked at, and then just glanced at. Plus, I have way too much stuff laying around the house anyway. I get much more enjoyment in seeing them travel and reading the comments posted in the logs. The photos I take of the coins are all I need as a keepsake. 2. I think a coin (with or without an icon) is a major attraction for a cache. Coins tend to get picked up quickly. Travel bugs - not so much. 3. I've never attached a travel bug tag to a non-trackable coin and don't think I would. I don't want to spend the $$ for the coin, then spend more $$ for a TB tag when I could just buy a trackable coin. Plus, in my opinion, minting a coin with a hole in it doesn't reduce the allure of the coin and therefore doesn't discourage anyone from stealing it. Putting a hole in a coin with a drill though, should make the coin less attractive to thieves. I've bought pairs of coins and sent one out without a hole and the other with a pretty big hole drilled in it. So far, the drilled coins seem to travel slightly more often than the undrilled coins, but I think that is just random chance. I've just had more undrilled coins picked up by new cachers or people that hardly ever cache and hold onto the coins for a long time before moving them on. My hole/no hole experiment, so far, hasn't shown any significant difference. 4. I doubt I would buy a coin that wasn't trackable unless it was a really awesome design that I just couldn't resist.
  17. As stated in my original post... I am not going to make this coin. I just thought it was a good idea. I've bought a couple of POW/MIA geocoins and all the veterans I have shown them to have been very interested and not offended at all. In fact, one Vietnam vet, though not a geocacher himself, is tracking the coins via geocaching.com to see if either of them achieve their goal of going to The Wall in Washington DC. I also bought some of the new military geocoins (Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard). The WWII and Vietnam vets in my family are pleased that these coins will go out and remind people of their service. I know, the Purple Heart is not quite the same thing. I liked the idea and would definately buy some if someone else made them. Once again, I'm not going to make any Purple Heart coins. Okay, fire away! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  18. I haven't ever seen a Purple Heart coin honoring those who protect our country and have been wounded. This wouldn't be a coin I would do since I'm not in the military, but if there's enough interest maybe someone else could run with it. I would love to see this done and would definately buy some. Geocoins that honor members of the military, police, firemen, EMTs, etc. that serve us and our country have great appeal to me. The idea is open to anyone that wants to do it. Blue skies and happy caching! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  19. Oh, and here's another picture of the SnowWolf geocoin after I took it for a 14,000 foot skydive! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  20. Is this your coin? I did these pictures a while back before I had much experience photographing coins. I could probably do better now, but I've sent both of the SnowWolf coins I bought out to travel. I think I bought one for my daughter too (because she loves wolves) and she hasn't sent hers out. Maybe I can find hers and try again. Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
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