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  1. Yes, Lock n Locks were explained best in that first post. xD I have 2 L&L caches, both are exposed to lots of rain, and they stay perfectly dry. I agree that they are the best containers around... although there are some Nano containers on ebay that are much easier to hide, and harder to find... *cough*Lasik*cough* Anyway, L&L's are a great investment. (And they're cheaper than ammo boxes. xD)
  2. I leave Wooden Nickels in most caches that are big enough. I hand-woodburn them, and I'm getting a rubber stamp pretty soon, to make it faster.
  3. I'm kind of torn on this. I enjoy trying to get numbers, but I do it just to get out of the house! I know my GPS better than my computer, and that's saying something. I only have 33 finds, but I'm on staff for a Boy Scout camp where I have to teach people what Geocaching is, and how to use a GPS. These are boys that for the most part have never heard of GPS, or a GPSr. I might not have that many finds, but I know my GPS better than a few cachers that have 500 finds! I just don't have finds because of gas prices, and time restrictions! I have to disagree with you, adjensen. You said that the more caches the person has, the better the cacher they are. Not true. I know some people that have less than 100 finds and they are ones that not many people can find. It's not all about numbers, it's about the passion. I do agree, however that numbers mean something. They show how much passion you have, but they also show how much traveling you do. Sometimes the numbers show how much money you have. I don't have a lot of extra money, so you'll notice that almost all of my cache finds are in one place. Right now, I can't go Geocaching too much, because I can't afford gas. I could see going without numbers, but I like to know how many I have. I don't mind not having other people see them. I just like to know milestones. I could care less if it's my 100th cache, or my 2000th! As long as it's fun. Okay, enough rambling. xD
  4. Hey all! I have become addicted with this in just 5 minutes! (The moving picture doesn't work in FF, so I had to open it in IE to see it! xP Right now there's nobody in the nest, just the bear.
  5. http://www.podcacher.com/?p=205 It's a full audio file, but it has some great tips. Also, I pretend like I'm text messaging on my GPS, which makes it look like I'm not paying attention to where I'm going, when I can really be looking under bushes and stuff.
  6. I'm guessing 2 dates, if people go an a frenzy trying to be the person to place the first GCxxxx cache, I'm saying Oct. 15th. (By B-Day! ) or if they don't hide as many, December 31st, 11:59PM xD
  7. I know about PodCacher, I'm a huge fan of it, but this is kind of like ClayJar's chat on Mondays, but with voice. xD I couldn't host this one, because my I was pulled away from the computer to do some errands. I'll host another one in a few weeks.
  8. How does it work? I've heard about people (and dogs, and Jeeps...) that wear Travel Bugs, but how do they work, and are they really Travel Bugs? *is a little confused*
  9. I'm selling the instructional DVD for the eTrex Venture, Legend, and Vista GPSrs. E-bay price is $10, but I will sell for $6 or trade for a Travel Bug tag. NOTE: This is NOT the actual GPSr, just the Instructional DVD. Free Shipping when you send TB tags. $2 shipping to anywhere in the USA if paid with cash.
  10. I saw that Skype (www.skype.com) has a new feature called Skypecasts, and I thought that a geocaching one would really rock! I made one, it'll go for 5 hours, and if anybody likes the idea, I can do it once a week, kind of as an addition to ClayJar's awesome chat, about halfway through the week. I can't be there because my Skype is on another call. What do you people think? (I don't know if this goes here, but it's the best that I could guess. If a Mod can move this if it's not in the right place, that would be great! )
  11. you can also get sig items. I have wooden nickles that I hand woodburn. You can usually trade for another sig item when you have one
  12. if you wanted an online-get together, you could do it through Yahoo messenger, at home, or in stations. If we had enough people want to do this, we could have hundreds of stations all around the world together at the same time. I think it's a great idea, myself, seeing how I would never have the money to go to an international event. (Or even one just a few states away like GW. :/)
  13. http://kutv.com/local/local_story_175220807.html theres a whole bunch in SLC but that is the biggest one
  14. There were quite a few funny answers on the Podcacher Podcast. It was in the Muggle Deception Tricks episode. A few were... "I'm looking for a place to bury a body... about your size..." and, if you're in a group... "I lost my wallet! My keys are in here somewhere! Where'd that contact go? Have you guys found that snake yet?" Personally, I haven't had anybody ask me yet... I would probably tell them about Geocaching, though. If they know, then won't take it hopefully!
  15. I go out as often as we can afford the gas, and have the time. It's usually twice a month.
  16. I bought mine in-store at Best Buy, but the price is the same online, and they have great customer service. Here's the link to it: Click here! They have other GPSrs but that is the cheapest one. This one also came with the DVD, Lanyard, and computer link with power.
  17. You can get the stickers from the geocaching store. (http://shop.Groundspeak.com/) and the letter can be found here: http://www.geocaching.com/articles/stashnote.doc (MS WORD) http://www.geocaching.com/articles/stashnote.txt (Notepad)
  18. Pill Bottles. They work great from what I've heard. They aren't 100% waterproof. (I tested them, and for being completley underwater for a minute, two or three drops isn't that bad) I'm going to test them in my freezer, so I'll let you know what happens.
  19. It might be a great cache, I doubt they were raving about the container. Ziploc and Gladware containers are absolutely terrible. The lids aren't very watertight and they pop off easily. If someone stuffs it with too much swag, or even if there is a sudden temp change they can come off. Not to mention that the lids split in cold weather. I don't think I've ever encountered a Gladware or Ziploc container that was out for any length of time that was still dry inside. I see your cache has only been out there for 4 days. I think you might be singing a different tune in 6 months. Well, this was the only container that I can find here. I haven't seen ammo cans in the stores, but I'll look again. (I also don't have much money right now.)
  20. I'm in Utah too, and I've seen Altoids cans that make great caches (with EVERYTHING in plastic bags), I used a Ziploc Square Container thing, and I've had a few people say that it's a great cache (and it's my first, too!) They're fairly easy to hide in the mountains, and fairly waterproof. I still put all of it in a single sandwich bag, just in case. If you want to see the cache page for some pics, it's Nice and Cool and the waypoint is GCW3W3.
  21. I use rechargables. Energizer NiMH. I've gotten about 10 hours so far, and it's barely half dead. (Using the eTrex legend on battery saver mode with my backlight) (Even though it's plugged into my computer for a little while, while I was out caching it barely went down. I would highly suggest NiMH. THey last about the same time, and can be re-used. The initial investment is large, but it's worth it. (I carry spare NiMHs with my GPSr just in case, though.)
  22. I got hooked on it through Boy Scouts, I am on staff for a camp, and one of the leaders is a huge Geocaching fan (along with 99% of the other staff members) and I decided to try it. I've only found one cache, and I've hidden one, so I'm just getting started, but I'm hooked, thanks to them.
  23. Oh, even though the book says that it has a power thing? Weird. Oh well, at least I have rechargable batteries for it.
  24. I have my gramin eTrex Legend GPS plugged into my computer, and I read that one of those ports on the cable was for power, but it's still draining my battery according to the battery meter, is this supposed to happen, or what?
  25. I only own one GPS unit, a Garmin eTrex Legend. it's pretty basic, but it's better than nothing!
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