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  1. No, sorry I misread your post and edited mine. But this has happened before and everyone here got all wound up about it. Admittedly is was a muggled coin before but there seems to be a lot of feeling about what others can and can't do with bits of metal that someone has given them.
  2. Why are you making assumptions and casting doubts over his scruples? It's got nothing to do with anyone here what a private individual does legally elsewhere. Now he'll probably get a load of spam. Well done, OPer.
  3. It's not as though it's been muggled after activation though. Unless I'm looking at the wrong one I can't see why people get so agitated about it.
  4. Quite. At the risk of being a miserable git, would now be the right time to remind people of the original idea behind The Golem's quiz? Instead of having multiple answers and arbitrary winners, unlike any pub quiz I've seen, how about reverting back to the original formula, which would give more people a chance to have a go, and not drag on for days waiting for one person to provide so many answers.
  5. Be careful you don't assume some of the finders of higher numbers of caches haven't had more and then archived them after transferring them into another name, though. They may have decided to reduce their own cache numbers for one reason or another.
  6. Must be close to Page 80 now. You need some sleep, mate. It's late. While I'm here, though, isn't having a question with multiple possible answers similar to having a question with multiple actual answers where the person who gets the last answer right is given the credit? 80 yet?
  7. Alastair, it's a while since you asked this direct question of Michael, and I can't see a reply from him in this thread. I'm just wondering if he's replied to you directly, and if you have anything from him that you can share here? No reply I am afraid, but Michael does not know me and would have no reason to trust me more than anyone else I guess. As many will know this is the kind of this that really annoys me and I will be following it up to find out what has happened. That being said I doubt it will get the caches relisted. just to keep people up to date, I am in touch with both jonnytuna and briefly with MissJenn, who is kindly dealing with this on behalf of GS. I understand that she is also in touch with the Met Police (so I think we can assume it was the police that raised the initial issues) and things are ticking along and haven't been forgotten. I think we can also assume that responding to queries from GS isn't a high priority for the Met! So, fingers crossed, but hopefully this explains why things are taking a little longer than hoped! So it was a bomb, then.
  8. It sticks in my mind that you have conflicting ideas about the ethics of the game.
  9. Not get annoyed? Are you kidding? Have you seen some of the nasty responses from paid up members on this forum to trivial questions and topics? I'd hate to think of the reaction of some of these precious folk if their equally precious time was wasted going to the wrong coords. ( , BTW, just to stave off the bad juju)
  10. Aha. I heard people mentioning other listing sites but I never found any. Didn't look hard though. I shall have a looksee.
  11. But what's the point and who will know where to look? I'd be interested to know where all these other listing sites are that other people have mentioned. Do they (the sites) seriously offer any competition to GC?
  12. If charities didn't sometimes shout for their money they wouldn't get any. That's why you often see folk standing around in the rain shaking their tins to attract the attention of the people who would, in all honesty, rather they just went away and begged somewhere else.
  13. The GAGB Guidelines are here Guidelines I bring your attention to point 4 When placing a cache, the onus is on the placer to seek the permission of the landowner. . Before we start changing well established guidelines is it possible to seek the opinions of the geocaching community? Edited to say.. There is a poll function on the GAGB forum Here , perhaps this would be a good use of it. The GAGB is after all there to represent Geocachers, seems a shame to have this function and not use it. isn't the onus STILL on the cache placer - simply that there is MORE onus now?! This seems to be very similar to National Trust caches - in as much as direct proof is now needed, rather than the assumption that all caches are placed with permission. Doesn't bother me - I don't own any sidetracked caches! I'm more interested in some of the other archived London caches... hint hint...! Indeed, and though proof of permission for SSSI, National Trust etc. has been required by the reviewers for a considerable time, we have not changed the guidelines for those. While I fully support the need to have this confirmed permission, I see no need myself for the GAGB to change its guidelines at this time. I invite the use of the poll facility to seek a consensus on this. I am however posting on my own behalf, as a committee we have not had the opportunity to discuss this. Surely the guidleines are there to offer guidance. If guidance is offered it should be as accurate as possible. Does it really need a poll before such useful and factual information is added? What's useful about information that's going to be, as Graculus said added as a log which will be hidden when published?
  14. We must be thankful for small mercies. I know some good woods where you can hide them
  15. Whoops. I pressed the submit button accidentally.
  16. EXACTLY!! And don't whinge about it when it does go missing. You're putting something out there and publishing it's position, on freely accessible land, on the WORLD WIDE web for all to see. Get realistic! LiS Your hostility baffles me.
  17. None of the ones on my page. I moved it to another account in case I wanted to abuse the person who had taken it . We're talking months here, though.
  18. Unless it was attached to my firstborn - No. The TB is a piece of metal, scrap value about 2p, I'm not going to lose sleep over 2p. LiS TBs, as you well know, cost more than 2 pence. You would object if your ring was given only its scrap value. The point is that the person who can't be bothered to reply to emails is spoiling this ruleless game that we purport to enjoy. Insomnia doesn't enter into it but if you've had a bad week, relax, it's Friday.
  19. We’ve all had TBs go AWOL and done the requisite emailing of the current holders to see what’s a happenin’. So what do you do next? If someone doesn’t respond to your emails, it’s entirely possible that they’ve changed their email address and aren’t aware of a problem so is there any reason why you can’t post a note on one of their own caches about your missing TB? You could even drop the little blighter in it to see what happens. They might not get any emails but they'd notice the cache eventually. Any opinions? What a stupid question. Of course on this forum there’ll be opinions. Go…
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