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  1. I suspect that they'll show up too much in daylight, which is OK but not so good if you want it to be a spooky night-only trail, and may be subject to vandalism. The ones I used are black reflectors with a black background. Others that I've seen are orange discs, but far apart and screwed in to the trees on a black metal bracket, so pretty secure (I should point out that these are outside the UK so are perfectly acceptable). I know evolution's a pretty powerful machine, but screw-proof trees on the continent and not on our likkle island is absolutely amazing.
  2. The only one I know. 11) What was the registration number of Goldfinger's Rolls? AU 1
  3. Thanks to the Internet we now know that this is not the case! I'm sure someone here uses that as a sig.
  4. Acording to my calculations at that latitude your GPSr seems to be out by 200 feet, which is a lot. As LIS says you should expect an accuracy of +/- 30 feet or so in the worst conditions (from my experience). If your machine is using barometric info to get the elevation, it may need calibrating. If you're using GPS elevation it can be a bit inaccurate. Are you using WGS 84 on your GPS? Which one have you got?
  5. Because you were itching and in a hurry to post the first one, I suspect.
  6. Is it that stupid xylophone tune thing you get with every Intel advert? LDX #$00 LDA BING BING BONG BING,x CMP #$00 BEQ Out JSR CHROUT INX JMP Loop RTS
  7. If C L D E CR B had two right, and D C L B CR E had three right, C B L CR E D can't possibly be correct, sorry. However, L C CR B D E was said to have one correct, although it has no matching elements with C L D E CR B. There's a mistake somewhere, making the logical approach pretty tricky. I took no notice of logic
  8. I'm geographically challenged but my dear lady says: Cardiff, Bristol, Liverpool, Carlisle, Edinburgh, Dundee.
  9. nope, you get suspended from one of your bridge caches for three days - by the big toe! As long as it's safe to do so and you have the right equipment on hand. Plus I need a photo.
  10. Goodness me, lighten up! Relax a bit. It had a smiley on it. One of these: Perfectly light, ta. Perfectly relaxed too. I actually thought the smiley referred to the news item and that your comment wasn't peppered with grinning emots implied you took another stance. I was wrong, clearly. Plus I admit that I forgot to put in the necessary pixelated rictus. Here it is, then:
  11. Hacking's not quite the same thing as a bit of cut 'n' paste on a photo.
  12. To summarise, then, make the cache in question a PM only cache by editing it, and then when you view your own cache listing page, you as the owner get the option to see the audit log (click "Read the audit log" below the cache name on the top left of the page and it gives a list). I have one cache out at the moment and that's PM only. At the moment. I had 40+ others but they went away.
  13. They wouldn't have found a certain moderator's sense of humour would they? I know: three day ban.
  14. You'd think so, wouldn't you? But I've tried it several times and no one has replied once. It is, don't forget, so difficult to send email. I mean, there's the walk to the post office and then the expense of buying a stamp in addition to the difficulty of stringing a sentence together.
  15. Especially over a matter as trivial as "borrowing" an avatar that looks like Napoleon Solo on glue.
  16. As one Jeremy to another, can I have Simply Pauls's ban instead of him? It is a bit harsh. Really. Think about it. We're talking about a site that's dedicated to hunting plastic boxes in the woods and another one that's dedicated to talking about it. I think you may be taking yourself a bit too seriously, feller and he's likely to archive 180+ caches, which is going to spoil it for some of the people in what you seem to consider as the 51st state.
  17. Er, are there some smilies missing here or what?
  18. For making personal attacks on a sock puppet account? I think not. Anyway, I was answering a question posed by someone who described himself as an idiot. I merely used the same soubriquet as in the question. And if you're referring to the mullet comment, I mean d@mn, have you seen it?
  19. I may possibly take that as a compliment. If I'm honest I generally post "mr angry" on this account. C'mon who amongst you have not asked tonight "who's this idiot". It spices things up a little. It's not a sock puppet, I'm a paid up member, but I do cache on a separate account. the_dog The idiot is the one who's paid $30 for a dodgy account. Go on then, who are you? Eeeeek: I fed the troll.
  20. Naw. Have you seen that mullet? You want a mullet like that snapping at your heels? The dawg doesn't seem to have found or hidden any caches either, so I wonder where the firetacks went. I don't actually.
  21. Let's assume it's general access land. You really didn't add anything to the discussion, I was asking if there are any general rules about firetacks. That answer is the best you're going to get: anything else will be just someone's opinion. BTW, There are a load of smileys you can use if your posts might seem to come across as a little terse.
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