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  1. Ah. Clearly Wizzypoohs didn't appreciate the humour intemded in my last remark because I didn't telegraph it with a smiley. Whereas Team Sieni took it in the correct way and Edgemaster added the comedy sting. Well done, Team Sieni and Edgemaster; eff* off with the popcorn, Wizzy. *Can I say that? This thread has just got less intensive and will now disappear due to its becoming good humoured. Unless someone adds something a tad more acerbic...
  2. How do you know where it's going to be until it's there? If you then visit it but don’t log it soon enough because it moves on, do you still have a right to log it or have you missed your chance?
  3. I'd rather spend time looking for YOSMs than making up dodgy anagrams.
  4. What a superb topic: irritates those who hate congrats threads; annoys those who don’t agree with logging the YOSMs and it introduces a(nother) unique trivial thread into the forum. Oh, and:
  5. Ticks won’t totally specialise exclusively on any particular part of the body though. On the same caching trip with Mandy, our dog picked up three: one on her back, one near her ear and one near her elbow (near her, er, dog pit). You just have to look hard and perhaps wait until they get bigger. Hmmm, lovely. Ideally you should use a bespoke tick repellent/killer as often as recommended on the tin to protect the animal. DO NOT put Vaseline on ticks or try any other crap home made remedy as it will probably make the tick puke its guts all over the place. You don’t want tick chunder anywhere near you if you can avoid it and bursting them while trying to get them out is a bad thing. The little fork things are great but need a little care. Ideally you should keep the tick if it’s been attached to a person as it could: 1) be used to identify any possible infection later on 2) make an ideal pet – easy to look after.
  6. I assume the content of your post was some sort of wind up? At least with the lottery you have a chance of winning. It’s not up to you to decide on people’s odds of having their bug moved on in a timely fashion. If you can’t release it don’t take one. Make an effort. There’s slow and slow. But sometimes avoidable as long as your definition of “lost” doesn’t mean forgotten in your cupboard. Please don’t take any of mine then. You haven't found very many caches: there are plenty of places to put bugs. Except this one Please don’t take any of mine then. Very selfish, methinks. Methinks me’s not alone too.
  7. There's a photo of a chap doing my 5/5 "Muggle This!" cache (GCXKD3). I'm sure he'd be worth asking.
  8. I've already got a crap campaign going but I'm in. (They say "crap" in The Simpsons".)
  9. I believe I detect a total sense of humour failure here.
  10. I’ve never even heard of such people. You must read a lot of posts. You can ignore them if you like.
  12. You've had enough . You'll be sick if you have any more
  13. Ah but it's a forum, not merely a library so people should be allowed to post again and again (ad nauseum) on the same thing and clutter up the boards, which brings us back to the OP Perhaps locking this now might be a good idea as I never intended to cause a row and I feel it coming in the air tonight, as Phil Collins said.
  14. If you pretend to be on a real phone, don’t forget to mute the ringer in case you gat a call: it’s embarrassing and loud.
  15. Hmm. And speaking of "top", perhaps that's where I should've put the smilies in the OP just to telegraph the fact that it was a jolly jape. CONGRATS to those who spotted that already.
  16. Do you buy these in bulk and can I have some? I only have these left now: and I'm not about smilies and hijab.
  17. Ah but then there are those who wouldn't get it and some folk'd get all upset unnecessarily and take it the wrong way and wish me harm. You forgot to say “congratulations on your 552”, (by the way).
  18. Congratulations to JERRYO on reaching 552 finds Izzy & Paul SUCCESS!! (& thank you!) Shall I close this now?
  19. I’m launching CAMCONTIOP (CAMpaign to keep CONgrats Threads In One Place). It’s about as satisfying an acronym as CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale), less likely to give you diverticulitis, and more tasty too. IMHO. Surely all these names would be easier to find in one section so why not keep it to the right place rather than cluttering up the boards? This is all, perhaps, because no-one has noticed my caching efforts. I mean look: there are people who scan the births, deaths and marriages columns in the newspapers and they have their place. Imagine what it would be like if the other news was interspersed with this, er, vital information: Tesco today announced that it was investigating the fact that some of their fresh meat was being marketed beyond its sell by date. This particular buffet was provided by Fortnum and Mason and Mr Murgatroyd said that his daughter had always wanted to be married in a church. The family pass on their best wishes. “The Cutty Sark fire is suspected arson,” a police spokesman said today. When asked for details he said that Mr. Thompson (95) was cremated in a quiet ceremony in Greenwich on Monday. Climate change is once again in the news. Environmentalists say that the Argus Butterfly is apparently emerging sooner than usual but, born yesterday in Plymouth hospital, Darren will be Christened at St Joseph’s on Friday. Lots of love from Nan, Gramps and Big Sis. See what I mean? ( , by the way!!)
  20. A grading of 1/1 means it's flippin' wheelchair accessible not miles away across a peat bog and then up a mountain in the back of beyond on the top of a trig point. Muppet.
  21. If I can check my underwater cache in February when the water's 6.7 degrees, I have no problem checking a wee hill. Yes I checked. As I said: "Brilliant!"
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