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  1. Not really. It’s about people thinking that the whole point of hiding things in boxes in the middle of nowhere is that the things may as well be “nice” and not the sort of tat you’d find at the bottom of a stairwell. I don’t think people are complaining about their stuff being traded for crap: it’s the general crapness of the stuff in some caches that’s the problem, not that they’ve lost items. No one’s stressed; it’s just folk having a chat about the game. Stressed people sometimes come online and say that “people can play the game they way they want to” and don’t offer anything constructive. You can’t seriously think that bus tickets (used) and mouldy batteries have any value to anyone?? No offence.
  2. 12. Read others' tips and shamelessly add them to your own.
  3. I find it irritating when not only do you find dog $#!t but it's been carefully bagged - like you're supposed to - and THEN dumped. Dog crap that’ll last 200 years. What's that all about?
  4. Original post deleted: this is more of a nasal irk: What really does get up my nose is when you go out to set a multi in what looks like a nice countryside area and you try to combine this with a walk for the dog with the result that the dog ends up in veterinary casualty because some tosser has broken some bottles and left them lying around. We cachers might have a few gripes about each other occasionally but on the whole I think we’re a decent bunch.
  5. It's a valid point but Moss's cache is "wee beasty" proof!
  6. You could say someting like, "My GPS gave a reading that adds 12 to the Northing and 17 to the Westing" Or, better still, you could say, "My GPS gave a reading that adds 12 to the Northing and 17 to the Easting"
  7. Because they can! Anyway, to put in and not take is alot less sinful than taking out and not putting in. There's just no pleasing some people! Hmmm. Good point.
  8. Maybe he does that, but forgets the return bit.... Sorry, couldnt resist, no offence meant, twas just a joke (said whilst walking slowly backwards out of this thread) In the current climate I'd suggest a brisk trot rather than a backwards walk!
  9. I thought similarly about something else recently! What gets up my nose sometimes is overfull cache boxes. This often happens when they are first set and they are crammed with (usually quite good, actually) goodies and there's no room for anything else or a sensible swap. I'd rather see two caches with half the contents in each. (I’d rather see two caches, period). It then happens again when people put their (huge) delightful McDonald’s toys in for our delectation. Lovely. Today I saw this log (from someone who doesn't often use the forums so I should be safe - although I have removed the item name, just in case they log in!): “Cache full to overflowing! Took: nothing Left: ******” Why put more into a full box?
  10. This is what happens if you make a typo. Still yellow, though. Wonder whose legs they are?
  11. Actually the allegation was nothing to do with record runs, but a personal dig by someone after their cache went missing, which was in full view in the first place, and which was replaced as found. Oh here we go. If you’d care to read SlytherinAlex’s last post: This suggests to me that he’d maybe visited his owned cache(s) after such a cache-bash and drawn his conclusions from the fact that the “bashers” were the last to visit? Which is about as specific as I was and as I meant to be. Edit: I'm not responding to any comments on the other thread as it went off topic and that was my fault.
  12. To be honest I don’t care/know if the caching trips where people find huge numbers of caches are record attempts or not. What I said was that “after such visits” (read after someone has opted to get 456* caches in a day be it a record attempt or not). I may have made the mistake of bringing it up in the wrong thread but there you go. I’m sure many people will have come across the cache with the poorly replaced lid/ill fitting leaves/contents strewn about or whatever. I have and this sometimes occurs after “prolific cachers” (not necessarily record seekers and not necessarily recently) were last there. We don’t really need specific examples to encourage irritation/popcorn/shingles. Thanks for bringing it up, though: it’ll be interesting to get people’s views if you want them. I think record attempts aren't bad for geocaching: bad geocaching is though. *To anyone who has got 456 caches in a day. Yes: I mean YOU. edited 'cso I can't spel oops, re-edited 'cos I can after all.
  13. Yeah, sorry. I had no intention of hijacking your thread.
  14. Sorry, but I ain't going to feed the paranoia beasty. If you aren't guilty of any misdemeanour then you’re ok. If you feel you’re being attacked, as you put it, then that’s up to your and your (mis)interpretation of what I wrote. How you can misconstrue what I wrote as a personal attack is beyond my ken and I’m not getting into a row about semantics with someone who has just demonstrated that they may not be very good at it. If you re(read) my previous post properly you’ll see I didn’t say there was a specific example so your knowledge is flawed and you’ve misquoted me. I did not say successful runs, I said “prolific cachers” on “mega trips*” and you are not the only ones who can be put into the prolific cacher category – sorry but there are more even though you do seem quite keen. *I made that word combination up I didn’t even know previously that you’d had a cache bash here recently – and I wasn’t necessarily talking about recently – although I was aware you’d done a few of mine. I just checked and saw how many others you did that day as I became briefly interested. Well done, by the way. The ones you did find have been subsequently found apart from one… aha! You think it was that WTF! do you? Well I expected some kids to find that and chuck stones at it until it fell off although I was surprised, given the strength of the magnet and the size of the cache, that they managed it. It’s actually been replaced with a cache that is better than the original so I’m not bothered. Out of interest, can you remember the equation that was written in the container? I’ve changed it so you can say it here. And put the popcorn away, Alex: show's over, there's nothing to see Edited to change "floored" to "flawed". Sheesh: these spelling/grammar checkers.
  15. The case won't make any difference and if you can protect the screen of your GPSr and not smack it against rocks in your enthusiasm to get at a cache, then all the better. What does make a difference is trees and other cover, and some car windscreens might upset the thing a bit if they are athermic
  16. There are services like this: http://www.followus.co.uk/?gclid=COPkroGigo4CFRx6EAodCgdoPQ
  17. There is actually. After such visits (and there are sufficient numbers of these mega trips for individuals not to worry about having fingers pointed at them), some of the more prolific cachers have been known not to take as much care as, say, I would, when replacing/acquiring a cache. If one’s* in a busy area it is a pain to wait until the muggles have gone but one* should, for example. As pronouns go, “one” isn’t a good one I feel, but here it serves ideally to generalise comments.
  18. I always get a bit concerned when I hear about cachers attempting/achieving any sort of record in my neck of the woods. I have fears (well, not “fear” really; that would be sad) that the containers won’t be put back properly in a gung-ho “well we’ve found it so bollox to waiting around to hide it properly let’s get the next one” manner. It really is not about the numbers sometimes.
  19. Go get it jerryo We've got the itch too! We were thinking of going for it tonight. It's 164 miles away - slightly out of our comfort zone, but what the heck! Oh yes, and we've got over 20 FTFs already Er... Got it!!! It's peeing down too.
  20. That's why I go through them using CacheStats and remove any of my "false" FTFs but it is a good point. As others do, I only write “FTF” in my log so I can filter them out and then count them under my bedsheets in the wee small hours. Actually, I had to go through all my caches a few months ago and edit them to put the abbreviation FTF in purely so I could see how many I had got. This was borne purely out of interest following a similar discussion here but now I’m hooked.
  21. How so? The team that gets it first is first to find. If someone else comes along after that, they are second and so on. You can tell this by the fact the there's already a name in the logbook although you could kid yourself that you were first I suppose. The unfound cache I mentioned here the other day remains virginal and I now have an itch.
  22. I’ve noticed that the further south you go, the more caches there are. This may seem obvious but it then allows those cachers who live further south to acquire large cache numbers faster than people in the more-civilised north and then to brag about it. Extensively. <ducks> Er, that wasn’t directed at anyone in particular but I have my fire extinguisher ready if anyone thinks the cap fits. As far as FTF prizes goes (which I don’t usually take even if FTF), I thought most caches had a quid or something put in as a prize. Is that not the case south of Leeds?
  23. Have you come across Garmin Mapsource TOPO Great Britain V2? Yes, I have - would you recommend it. I was just looking for opinions as to which folks here thought was the best. I am planning to go to the London event on the 10th and thought I could also get some advice there. I'm also learning that paperless is the way to go....as my dining room table is drowning in a sea of paper. I like Topo GB. You can get the whole of the UK on a micro SD card (2GB) and the mapping is quite accurate. When I first used it I thought the map detail for such as urban caches would be no good but it comes up with immense detail, footpaths, street names etc, and when you navigate to a cache you can get it to follow a road a la TomTom. One thing though: if you are navigating to a cache using a route, change the settings to off road when you get near the cache or it'll keep trying to get you to go back to the nearest road and look for another road to get you nearer. Patently this doesn't help!
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