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  1. Today's guesses..... 215 and 219 Happy caching!
  2. Today's guesses..... 194 and 198 Would that be a world record ?
  3. Today's guess is 454 Nice number I think
  4. Today's guesses...... 159 and 163 Happy caching! Woof Woof
  5. Secong guess today.... 144 Please! Start early Saturday morning and finish late on Sunday night
  6. Congratulations to you! Very nice looking coin, I want one, I want one! Woof Woof
  7. Hello there! This one should be an easy one but I just can't find the place to get my activation code. The coin is the Puyallup Washington, the big red apple. Thanks for the help!
  8. I wrote you about a trade but none were available, I am wondering though if we can still buy them. Gee, I hope so Thanks! Laval K-9
  9. Hi everybody, you should receive your coins soon. They were sent today. Wyatt is working hard to complete the orders.
  10. We are proud to announce the release of our first personal coin, the LAVAL K-9 geocoin. The coin represents one of our GSD geodogs, Wyatt Earp, in his doghouse after a day of geocaching. The original idea was Mrs K-9’s idea and it was finalized by Chris from Landsharkz. The name Laval if for the town we live in, it’s located in Quebec, Canada. COIN STATS: Size: 42 mm Thickness: 3.5 mm 2D/3D soft enamel Metal and quantity: Antique Silver ( 200 minted ), Antique Gold ( 125 minted ) and Antique Copper ( 75 minted ) Trackable: Yes, at geocaching.com Icon: Yes Produced by Landsharkz Thanks Helen and Chris for a great job! The Antique Silver and Antique Gold coins are also available from Landsharkz COIN PRICE: $ 9.50 Canadian dollars plus shipping and handling Shipping and handling to Canada: 1 or 2 coins = 1.50 $ 3 coins = 2.30 $ 6 coins = 3.00 $ Shipping and handling to the United States: ( Canadian funds ) 1 or 2 coins = 2.00 $ 3 coins = 3.25 $ 6 coins = 6.50 $ Shipping and handling Worldwide: ( Canadian funds ) 1 or 2 coins = 4.00 $ 3 coins = 6.50 $ 6 coins = 13.00 $ We accept Paypal or a money order (Canadian funds) We offer Antique Silver and Antique Gold which can be sold separately. Antique Copper are only available when you purchase a set of 3 ( three different finishes ). Please a maximum of 2 sets per buyer or 2 of each finish. We should receive our coins around the 12th of April. This is for reservation only, as soon as we will get the coins, we will be sending the bills. ORDERING INFORMATION: If you are interested in purchasing, please send email to: claudelatour@videotron.ca Subject: Laval K-9 geocoin With the following informations: Geo Nickname Real Name Shipping Address Paypal Email Quantity of sets Thank you for your interest in our personal geocoin! Woof Woof LAVAL K-9
  11. Hi everybody We were watching Easter Bunny just in case he would show around here. When we saw he visited a cache near our home we hurried up hoping we would be the first to get there. In fact we were, the egg was there just waiting to be picked up. It's gorgeous! Thanks Easter Bunny for the nice surprise! Happy Easter!!! Laval K-9
  12. Just sent my email. Hope it's not too late! This is a very original coin
  13. 1 gold for me I can't resist I bought it on your website Thanks
  14. Great coin! I ordered the gold one
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