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  1. When I connect my 60csx to my computer via the usb port should I have the unit off, then turn it on. Or should I just leave it on and plug it into the usb port? The manual doesn't say. Or does it make a difference.
  2. I had set mine(60csx) to follow the road. I would then get a error message when trying to go to a geocache. When I reset it back to OFFROAD and go to a geocache it automaticly goes to the compass page where it will have FOUND-NOTE-STOP on the bottom. AWESOME LITTLE UNIT!
  3. I bought METROGUIDE v7 with my 60csx unit, and found out it will not autoroute through the gps unit. What software will autoroute through the 60csx?
  4. It is all my fault. This weekend I went through it and seen where I had set it to "FOLLOW ROAD". When I change it back to "OFFROAD" everything worked great. HAD A GREAT WEEKEND GEOCACHING! Thanks for everyones help.
  5. I just got my unit in the other day and today was the first day out with it to locate caches. I am getting an error message on my gpsr. When I want to locate a cache and tell it to "GO TO" it comes up with the error "ROUTE CALCULATION ERROR NO ROADS NEAR STARTING POINT". How can I fix this problem, I have tried everything, I think.
  6. I am wondering how close does the gps unit gets you to the actual spot like a cache. We have found a couple of caches and they were about 30'ft from the coordinates. How accurate are the new units like the GARMIN 70csx or the 60csx.
  7. Hi Everyone, My family and I are new to geocaching and we had our first find the other day,great adventure. I have been usings a friends gps unit and what to get my own. I have narrowed the search down to two models the GARMIN 76cs & MAGELLAN Meridian Color. We do a lot of camping and would like to use the unit for turn by turn directions, finding our way through the forest and geocaching as well. I have read the other threads about each unit and would like your opinion on which one to get. Thanks for your help. SCCS
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