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  1. So far I don't like all the open space on my "Your Profile" page. I have to scroll forever to see the last caches I found. Could use some more tweaking.
  2. Been to busy caching to talk. Right MAT.
  3. Voting, No one told me I needed to vote.
  4. CONGRATULATIONS Sue and Bert on your wedding, and on Valentines Day to. Very romantic and easy to remember the date. Hope to see you both soon.
  5. Wolf Grrl, I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.
  6. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. Have a safe and wonderful Christmas Day.
  7. Wolf Grrl I am not peeved I just wanted to give you a little raz about it.
  8. YES, I need to do some venting on that new cache in Oakdale "GC1JZR2". I understand you don't even have to look for them anymore, just be on the phone with the owner and they will tell you where it is. I knew I was doing it the wrong way.
  9. Hi all, Check this out. Our adventure today.
  10. I'm awake, I'm Awake!!!!!! Now that the weather is a lot cooler I have some home projects to do. That means not alot of time to do caching right now.
  11. I personally have not looked for this cache, I did drive by and seen what I would be up against and decided not to look.
  12. Get there someday, I have passed 500 and even 600 on my way to 700. Not to toot my own horn but, WHOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hey Greg, It is not trespassing if you are a construction worker like me.
  14. GREAT QUESTION! Who has it? OF? 2 For the Road? BOGA? Some of the MAC group will be there, leaving Thursday PM, and returning Sunday PM. We would be glad to transport the CVC and MAC banners. Finally, speaking of TAKING things to GW VI... who is taking CVC Tag????? To late I grabbed it this morning before work, and work was 5' from the cache. Now let the bidding begin.
  15. Jpd, Did you happen to see a new possible cache location on the other side of the freeway.
  16. I don't know if CVC Tag like's pizza but, she sure like's ATWATER.
  17. Thanks everyone for your input, but I have solved the problem. I gave my son the new putter and took his 6 month old laptop that has XP on it and all has work well again. Scott
  18. Has anyone used the new VISTA O/S on windows yet. I can't get CITY NAVAGATOR 7 to load on this new windows version. I have tried everything and it's telling me I have a Mapsource Registry problem. SCCS
  19. Sounds like quite a lot for a cache. I don't get the point of non-trade items as they will most likely get traded out anyways. Oh by the way I would remove the matches and propane tank, as it will not get published like it is worded. Just my .02
  20. Thanks for the information. It couldn't be more simple. Boy I feel dumb.
  21. After finding a cache and posting it on the board some people list this on the end of their reply. TNLNSL----What does this mean?
  22. I have a friend that says he can get his unit to narrow down the accuracy to just 3' with an external antenna. Has anyone else be able to do this.
  23. Does anyone know where I can buy the small plastic bags(2"x3") for putting the geo log in to keep it dry? I did a internet search and came up with a few places, but their is 1,000 bags per order. Whay to many for me. Or I guess I could just hide 1,000 caches.
  24. Thanks for the answer NEO GEO. I don't think I will download the BETA version at all.
  25. Why is their a BETA version? What would be the difference between the NORMAL version and the BETA version?
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