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  1. I really don't like the way you try to "Renew your membership". Click on renew your membership by your screen name and it sends you to a page that treats you like you are signing up to be a premium member. I'm already one. Then get an email to confirm my membership and it says,"


    Today at 8:54 AM


    Welcome to Geocaching Premium!


    Your membership not only gives you access to awesome new features like Offline Geocaching and Premium Geocaches; it also helps us keep improving the game we all love. Thanks and we hope you enjoy the new features.


    Log in to start geocaching.


    Happy geocaching,

    Geocaching HQ


    I have been a premium member for a long time now, and they treat me like a newbie. Just had to vent.

  2. For some reason I was signed out of my account. I tried signing back in, but it comes up with an error. I think something is up with the site. Any one else having this problem?

  3. Just seen a GMC commercial that involved geocaching. Have never seen one that involved this sport before. A group of people our out driving around and it looks like the coords were sent to them on their nav system. They arrive at gz out in the mountains were there is a small lake and guess where the cache is. They retrieve the cache (lokks like an pelican case) and that ends the commercial. Just thought I would share. I tried looking for a link to the commercial but could not find one.

  4. You could use "Create a route" on your profile page.

    acctually i do creat a route on my profile page,,and do caches along that route,,,but I cant seem to figure out how to get that same route into my oregon450 lol

    Once you have the route saved, click on Saved Routes and create a PQ from there. It will ask you how far from the route you would like to find caches from. ie(.1 to 4 miles) Great tool.

  5. The CustomMaps folder is normally located as <drive:>\Garmin\CustomMaps. Where <drive:> is either the unit's memory or an optional flash card in the unit. However, I don't think a kmz file with waypoints is going to work in the custom maps folder. The custom maps folder is for kmz files of raster maps.


    This thread convert kmz should help.


    You are right. It won't save waypoints along with the map. The way I am giving is just for the map omly. You would have to save the waypoints in another file (GPX or WAYPOINTS).


    OMG. :D There is life on the forum!

    There's not much life on the forum! Has everyone totally migrated to facebook or what?


    We have a dilemma - S'Mores and Snores!


    I sent an email about our annual Spring camp-out and received very little response.

    On the one hand, it would be a shame not to have our 5th annual camping event.

    On the other, it would be a waste of time to plan and execute it and no one comes.


    So - what's everyone think? Should we do it or not?


    All suggestions welcome. :D:D



  7. Hi balesom,


    As far as I know the former air base is open to all because of the many business out there. It might depend on the time you are out there. During evening and night they patrol. They are just making sure there is no funny business going on there. (ie: stealing, graffiti, vandalism) I go out to the base all the time to walk our dog. Have fun and enjoy. :mellow:

  8. Out here in the west I have also noticed alot of the cacher's not repairing or checking on there cache. I just start sending notes on the cache page to let them know what is wrong with it. I think a lot of the bad coordinates have to do with the iphone. I don't think they are all that great with there gps'r abilities. I also believe that there are a lot of cachers that like the game and flood the area with caches then get board fixing all the time so they jusy let them go and do nothing with them. Just my .02

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