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  1. I second stuey I've used Memory-Map without maps it's just fine - you could buy the £20 MM of Europe direct from the MM web site. It's 1:1m but fairly detailed similar in quality to a Michelin road map - at least it will show you which field to look in. Its whole of Europe including all the Eastern block countries - money well spent - your'e bound to return and it's great for route planning.

  2. Night Parrot - yes I forgot about OZIExplorer that's nice software as well. I went through same thought process considering the high end Garmin as well - I even ordered it once but as it was out of stock I cancelled. I'm glad I did the PDA flexibility is amazing. Memory-Map has altitude as standard - it doesn't have an actual compass - it's better. Click on go to waypoint and a arrow pops up on the screen telling you where to head with distance to go, ETA, heading etc. It'll give an altitude graph and speed trace. All very impressive.

  3. Is it really such bad form to ask for help :unsure: - when the cache is not identified - then all that's happening is answers to random physics questions.


    microtaz - you could always post your questions on an overseas section of the forum :laughing:


    Subsequently, looking at detailed maps of the area, I discovered that we intersected that road at the only possible place we could ever have seen it, as it looped around the point of a ridge. There were *no* other roads for miles in any direction that we could have walked to unless we backtracked.


    So, the net-net is that the GPS led us to where we wanted to be along the most interesting and convenient route, but it pays to know your GPS unit. It was only because I was familiar with the display of topo maps on the unit that I was able to discern a possible road from just another contour line.




    If I'm trekking off road I always use a PDA with detailed survey maps loaded - if you can get 1:50,000 scale or 1:25,000 even better. The level of definition means that you'll never :laughing: (?) get lost - but then again maybe you'll miss out on an interesting adventure. Pete.

  5. yooper - you could always go the PDA route - then customize your system exactly as you want it. You'll then be able to use all those SD's you've got. There's something very satisfying about being able to use the same memory cards across different platforms. I made my digital camera choice based on the fact I had lots of CF cards available. You'll quickly get to the point where you're buying 1Gb+ cards then the cost does look significant. Pete.

  6. As always it depends on how much lucre you want to spend and what you want to do with your kit. If you want to also use in a vehicle and out in the field I'd suggest a PocketPC the choice of mapping software is much wider. The screen clarity on something like an HP 4700 is superb coupled with a Bluetooth GPS you'll have a very fine setup. Shop around before you buy on eBay to make sure you know exactly what you want - good hunting. Pete.

  7. I'd second the GlobalSat BT338 option - very good at picking up sats even in buildings. It comes with a belt holder and a 19hr Li-Ion battery. It's WAAS enabled and works perfectly in the glove compartment of the car.


    I suspect your biggest choice is what software to use on the PDA - I can highly plug Memory-Map but Fugiwa comes a good second. PDA mapping software knocks the socks off anything that Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance have on their units and the cost of maps is far lower. You can run the software on your PC and download all the cache info then port via ActiveSync.


    You can trial the demo software before you buy - so you can make an informed choice. Best of luck. Pete.

  8. Hi guys,


    I don't want to come over as a cheeky newbie but at 100,000+ posts the UK part of Groundspeak.com rivals the total size of the US section, but IMHO doesn't have an appropriate structure that recognises that fact - apart from the sensible stickies up top. I merely posit the view that the UK section of Groundspeak.com is like an elephant in the bottom of a wardrobe - its size means it just cannot stay as it is. Let the debate begin ... does it need more structure, if so what?



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