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  1. Geocaching........ This is what it should be! A beautiful sunny day with with grandkids rushing towards a big pile of sticks under a grand Oak tree in a field bursting with flowers! Watching said grandkids "discover" the cache and sort through the treasures. Feeling pride when grandkids leave better trade items than they take , or sweeten the cache with swag and take nothing for themselves. But ALAS! Grandkids grow up and drift away. Some cachers don't have grandkids. Is it all about the smilies? Maybe it is about smiles from days gone by.
  2. I have noticed that some member profiles have greatly detailed data concerning all the caches they have found or placed. Things such as: closest cache, oldest cache, most caches in a day, etc. etc. etc. Is this something that comes automatically with premium membership or is it something you have to DO extra in order to have this feature. I have noticed that not all premium member profiles have such comprehensive data with their profile. Thanks! Chuckwagon
  3. Bravo! Heck, any schmoo can hide an ammo can! All you gotta do is find an inspired location and let 'er go. Hiding a film can, on the other hand, takes a heck of a lot of thought. I've known several cache hiders who found themselves in brain lock, 'cuz they couldn't decide which Wally World lamp post kilt to raise. It's tough, I tell ya! Not to mention the fact that we are running out of spots for them. Gaia knows this lil' blue marble we share is fraught with waterfalls, scenic vistas, natural springs, et. al., but we are mighty low on overpriced coffee shops. There have been cases documented where folks have had to actually drive more than a mile just to find a Starbucks for their next hide. Bless you, lrosell, for bringing this issue to the forefront, where it belongs. LOL! LOL! LOL! Now that right there.......that's funny!!!!
  4. ****VOICE OF APE COMMANDER IN "PLANET OF THE APES"****** "The only GOOD micro.........is a MUGGLED micro!!" *****Thousands of Ape Minions cheering loudly!*****
  5. Now that, that right THERE......is FUNNY!
  6. Swag! It's the swag!! Numbers....smumbers! Just give me .......SWAG! Figuring out a puzzle? Going through 3 or more hesitation stops before I get to the loot?? NO WAY! Just give me the lone tree in the middle of the field.....nice pile of sticks at the base....lotsa Swag in that watertight can......and a McToy or two for the kids! Yep! It's all about the SWAG!
  7. Upgrade that little dude with a WW2 hand grenade! Defused of course! Attach the micro to a spring loaded switch that "buzzes" when messed with! SHAZZZAMMMM!! You will endear yourself to all fellow cachers with this idea! Be sure to leave instructions on how to get in contact with you.....up close and personal!! LOL!
  8. Texas DOES have nettles, particularly central TX around Killean, Waco, Fort Hood area. And it looks nearly the same as the species that grows here in Minnesota.. although we have several species, the base characteristics are all the same. Not grass-like.. but I know that is not the implication. I can tell you for a fact that northern Texas has plenty of stinging nettles! I can recall many times hunting, camping, exploring and caching that I have ran into them. They can be intertwined in other plants and grasses and you will not even know they are there until you "experience" them! OUCH!!!
  9. I heard that if you try to take a 6 volt battery apart.........HAIR will grow in your PALM!! That's what I heard. On the NET!
  10. It COULD have been my EX!! She has been known to roam around that area. In fact, one time she..............................JUST KIDDING! DayyyyyyyYummmmmmm! (I hope she doesn't see this!)
  11. I lost a Sears Stockmans 3 blade pocket knife. Must have lost it while doing a heroic leap over a barbed wire fence on a bushwhacking mission. Sad part is.....after the bushwhack I found the easiest trail in the WORLD from the parking area to the cache. I'm just a "straight line" sort of guy!
  12. A big reason....... . .All the "big pile of stick" caches in the area have been found!
  13. If you don't hide a well-stocked ammo can under a BIG pile of sticks, then..........YOU HATE BABY JESUS!!
  15. ***Voice of Ape Commander in "Planet of The Apes": . "The only GOOD muggle.........is a MUGGLED muggle!" ***Cheering and loud agreement from the crowd!**
  16. This is sooooo true! An example: **What a junky place for a cache! The dogs on the other side of the cemetery were barking their fool heads off! That crazy lunatic of a single-wide dweller looked like he was into "AX MURDER 101". Lame cache.....LAME, I say! **What an interesting cache! We had fun making friends with the dogs! The owner said the big Lab is due pups in a month and we can have one if we like! Great! After telling him what we were doing in the cemetery and getting better acquainted, found out he is from our home state, North Carolina! Small world! TFTC! Took carabinder....left military compass. It is truely all in how we perceive.
  17. Thanks, Hubert! (When in Rome ... ) You're welcome!
  18. Nope, no sarcasm here. Just trying to offer you the benefit of the doubt. Those smilies get misused and abused all the time, and I wanted to be careful. I didn't want to automatically assume the worst about your post, which is why I gave two responses in order to cover both possibilities. Sounds like you are confirming your negativity, however. You have now clarified your intended point: You're saying you have never actually hunted a lamp post hide in a parking lot, yet not only are you already convinced you won’t like them – you also feel the need to mockingly and insultingly criticize those who DO enjoy them. Thanks for your input. Not really the way I intended the message Hubert, but you can read it any way you want. Good luck and happy hunting of all caches!
  19. Either: You are being serious, in which case I agree with you -- a person with a positive attitude can find something to enjoy about any cache hide ... or ... You are being sarcastic, in which case I am truly sorry that you do not enjoy the same mental defect which allows me to enjoy this game more (apparently) than you, a defect which has prevented me from ever learning how to properly despise bland caches. Either you didn't see the big at the end of my post or............................ . .You are just being sarcastic!
  20. Although I have never looked for a LPC, I can see where they COULD be very alluring! **If located in a mall area or Walmart.....that's some GREAT shopping right there! **If it's a Walmart, and the Walmart has a McDonalds.....well.....a McToy can't be far off! **If you have a flat tire or something, there is usually a place of assistance close by. **If you are a tad hungry...well....there's the Walmart or other stores to satisfy that craving! Yes, LPCs could be a real satisfying experience!
  21. A good rule of thumb to apply in a climbing situation: "Never climb any higher than you are willing to fall." If you follow that rule, you will be a better person and have to answer to no one but yourself.
  22. Your problem is......you ran outta McToys! Just gitttt-yuhhh a bunch-uhhhh McToys and ................VOILA!
  23. ***Deep, resonating, officious voice*** "It is my opinion that there are multiple reasons for the decline in enthusiasm of a cacher, namely....... *Less and less McToys *Greatly diminished "big piles of sticks" *Players hiding caches wayyyyy up on hills and mountains and such, with no fast-food places within MILES These are some of the reasons......there could be more.
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