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  1. We disagree that night caching in cemeteries is a good idea. In our state, many cemeteries are closed dusk to dawn. Night time is when much cemetery vandalism occurs. We don't allow caching at night on our series, which now includes over 600 caches, mostly in rural pioneer graveyards. We believe we may have been instrumental in inspiring Indiana Reviewers to request that cemetery caches in our state preclude night caching and so state on the cache page... If you are in a Texas cemetery at night, you can expect a quick visit by a unit or two of uniformed officers driving those vehicles with the flashing bubble-gum machines on top!! Like Indiana says, vandalism is high in cemeteries in most places and nightime is the time these vandals work. Many cemeteries have dedicated "watchers" that will call the cops quicker than a nightlight can drain a two cell Magellan! Believe it!
  2. I take my two granddaughters and 1 grandson caching. The few times we have been in secluded territory, I have had a concealed gun. Nothing has ever happened that I had to use the gun. If a situation came up where I needed to protect my grandkids and myself, I would be glad to have that .38 snub-nose Ruger nestled in my custom DeSantis underarm holster. I suppose I could try poking a daisy into the lapel of a bad guy but......nahhhhhhhh, I don't think that would work. I'm just not a "flowerchild" kind of guy.
  3. Since you represent the frog here, may I just say again ? Are you saying that reviewers are now to determine what is and isn't lame as well as cache quality before publishing a cache and whether or not a cacher is fit to maintain it? I don't envy your job if that is how things are going. Please clarify. I can't be reading this right. Maybe it's all the cold medicine I'm taking. Seriously, I have a bad cold. Several people have missed parts of this discussion, at first my cache did have it as a requirement, Then I changed it and still it was shoot down. Here is some of what I was told. Please read carefully. "I'm sure you mean this to be encouraging, but this tactic tends to backfire. We have found that the end result tends to be carelessly placed and haphazardly maintained caches, not the high quality caches that you want to encourage. There is no "proper" hide-to-find ratio in geocaching. Some people are ready to hide a cache after they have found four -- some are not ready or willing until they have found forty or four hundred. "Giving back" to the sport does not necessarily require hiding caches, although most people eventually do hide a cache. We have found that good things do not result by holding a find hostage until someone hides another cache. Some of those who find your cache may not only be unwilling to hide, but unable -- what about out-of-towners who find the cache on a trip? What about the disabled (I notice this is a 1-star-terrain cache and therefore handicap accessible)? What about the chronically overworked and busy person who occasionally geocaches, but has no desire to hide a cache? Shouldn't caches be placed by those who are eager to do it? Don't you want to seek out caches placed by people who enjoy it and not those who are under duress to place a cache? I know this is probably more than you ever wanted to read, but I wanted you to understand my position (and Groundspeak's instructions) as fully as I can explain them. You may invite people to hide a cache; you may strongly suggest it; you may even encrypt their log if they don't; but you may not REQUIRE the placement of another cache in order to log yours. Remember that geocaching is an evolving sport. You may have seen (or even found) other caches with this requirement. However, the guidelines state, "there is no precedent for placing caches. This means that the past listing of a similar cache in and of itself is not a valid justification for the listing of a new cache. If a cache has been published and violates any guidelines listed below, you are encouraged to report it. However, if the cache was placed prior to the date when a guideline was issued or updated the cache is likely to be “grandfathered” and allowed to stand as is." A couple of key points here; 1. If this would have been a written rule, (not one they pick and choose to enforce) I would not even be here. 2. I changed initial cache and made it voluntary to hide another. (It was then still shoot down) 3. I as told that this leads to "haphazardly maintained caches, not the high quality caches that you want to encourage.” This was not me saying this. 4 I was also told that “If a cache has been published and violates any guidelines listed below, you are encouraged to report it.” So I will do just this, Seeing as mine was killed even after I changed it for suggesting some one to place a cache, I will hunt down any that perpetuate this un written rule until something is done about it. Soogaans, I hate it for your ODS cache idea. It was a great idea, and any cache placed before this new rule can stand and be hunted, BUT any cache placed now that mention it in the description ( even one to promote ODS) or anything about placing, "haphazardly maintained caches, not the high quality caches that you want to encourage.” Are illegal, the rules apply to all new caches not some. Only the one placed before “prior to the date when a guideline was issued or updated the cache is likely to be “grandfathered” and allowed to stand as is." New caches are just that and can not promote this or any agenda. In Short GS has set a precedence already by forcing a change or archiving, already published caches with a rule that no one other then themselves has seen. This leaves only 2 choices, 1. It means that any and all caches, since this rule was put in place, that suggest a cache be placed will have to be changed or archived. No exceptions. 2. Continue to allow caches that only suggests hiding a cache. You got me lost, Man! All these "he said"....."then I said"......"they did this"....."why does Leroy get to do it?"....etc. etc. Here is some great advice! Put a PERIOD and MOVE ON! You will probably appreciate a great peace of mind when you do it! Think......Henry David Thoreau! Think "Walden"! Best of luck to you!
  4. ***Voice of Ape Commander in "Planet of the Apes"*** "The only GOOD cache.....is a BIG PILE OF STICKS cache!" ***Huzzas and cheering from hundreds of minions!***
  5. *Hurry and beat them to the cache! *Grab the "good" stuff and make the trade! *Sign the log and skeedaddle to the next cache! Orrrrrrrrrr....you could follow the advice of previous posters which seems a lot more PC, cultured and civilized!
  6. If a cache has a Big Field, a Big Tree, and a BIG PILE OF STICKS!.......what more could you ask for??
  7. HEY! He is just playing the game the way HE wants to play the game! What's the harm? He may ACTUALLY be a very FAST dude and REALLY on his way to becoming a .........CONTENDER! Actually, this type of cacher makes up only a small portion of the caching public and should not interfere in the fun and thrill of YOUR caching! This cacher is not taking anything away from you as a cacher. Is he costing you money? Sneaking out with your wifey? Eating your grits and gravy? No, he is not. Think of a vanilla ice cream cone. If you had another flavor that..........well, I forgot how that goes, but you get my drift!! I would never post a bogus find to some exotic place......I have trouble just finding my way from the trailer park down to the 7-11..!!! But if I did post a lot of bogus armchair posts.........I might someday gain some respect with thousands of caches and become.................A CONTENDER! All Hail To The Mighty Pile Of Sticks!
  8. Maybe s/he is just "playing the game like they want to play it"! Maybe s/he just "travels real fast" in a jet or something! Shouldn't we give our fellow cachers the benefit of a doubt!? Maybe this person has a LazyBoy armchair recliner, model # B-O-Gus 13, Series 4! Maybe they are just trying out some new wrist and forarm moves for locating caches! It could HAPPEN!!! Actually, these types of posts constitute only a small portion of the geocache world! There is nothing to be gained if this person is truly trying to post bogus logs. At any rate, it should not affect how you or millions of others play the game or your personal satisfaction from the game! Peace out! ****Please disregard the above..I have changed my mind! Delete that sucker and plow salt into the area around the cache so that it can NEVER grow timber large enough to build a BIG PILE OF STICKS ever again!
  9. In my book, just because someone else "got to the area first" does not give them the privilege of exclusivity. We are talking SWAG here!! Thaaaaaaaat's Right! If there is a big pile of sticks out yonder somewhere, we are going to start looking. Sitting around, wringing our hands and waiting while we "honor" your hitting all the traffic lights just right is not on our schedule! Now, you have a nice day!
  10. Geocaching with a woman is a lot like fishing: "Here, Baby Doll....let me thread that old GPS hook with the wiggling, squishy coords!" "Ohhhh Thank Kewwwww! You are sooooo strong! And they are soooooooo ICKY!" "That's whut I'm here for, Doll Face! Now, just take this over there....read that romance novel and I will call you when I need something." "Ohhhhhhh, Thank Kewwww! You are so considerate! And big and strong!" "Yeah, it's just the way us HE-MEN cachers ARE! We don't want you worrying your pretty little heads about FTF, logging etiquette, decimal coords and such. We like to look out for our women folk!" "Ohhhhhhh, Thank Kewwww! You are so helpful! Do you want me to make a big pot roast dinner with all the trimmings for you tonight? With maybe a "special" I-love-you dessert?" "Well, we will see about that. I MIGHT let you. But you gotta stop yammering so much! You are throwing my coords off and scaring the satellite signals!" "Yes Dear." This example of a geocaching household may or may not be typical of the average geocaching family!
  11. Yeah, it's always been that way. "OLGA! Get my SUPPER woman! I'm POWERFUL hongry after rustling up all those geocaches!" "Coming right up dear! You want me to sew up those briar-torn britches where you last hunted down that dreadful travel bug?" "NAW! Naw I don't want you messing with my lucky pants! Just get them vittles on the table so I can get right back out before GeoKid beats me to that prime spot down by the dump!" "Yes dear." Geocaching may or MAY NOT be this way at your house!!
  12. Can't we just "let him play the game the way he wants to play the game?" Different strokes for different folks??? Actually, cachers like this make up a VERY small percentage of the caching public sooooooooooooooo .............what's the harm? Ok....let's compare this to ice cream cones. Say the ice cream cone was............OOOPS! I forget how that goes!! I change my mind!! Delete that sucker and tell him he has to do penance by arranging a BIG PILE OF STICKS into the shape of a micro!!
  13. I think the reason so many cachers place micros is because.......... .........................................THEY ARE ALLERGIC TO A BIG PILE OF STICKS!!
  14. I think that if I was a premium member...........And I decided to hide a cache................I would make it a Premium Members only cache! This way, it would cut out all those "riff-raff" cachers that are just looking for a BIG Field, a BIG Tree and a BIG Pile of Sticks!! LET THE GOOD TIMES.........ROLL!!
  15. Does....does.....does.....GULP!....(I'm getting all giddy here!)...does this "arbitrary" word mean that I can ZOOM from my measly 30 catches....all the way....GULP! ....up to 1000 caches using the old "armchair" method and get me one them fine, gold ammo boxes? I can be a............CONTENDER! Even if it is a bit.......arbitrary!! Goodby shoeleather........HELLO LAZY-BOY!!!
  16. Our Texas chiggers can whip all of your little pests.....and give you change in return!
  17. Cherokee, I TOTALLY sympathize with you. If I even brush against ONE blade of grass growing out of a parking lot, I get covered with chiggers. A specialist told me it had to do with blood chemical makeup. My wife is UNAFFECTED!! I don't know of anything that really stops the itching for very long. Night is the worst for me when I get a bunch of bites. I'm sure you have used Calomel and other lotions. Hang in there and know that nothing lasts forever. (thank goodness this is true especially for chigger bites!) Next time remember the OFF or a good dusting of sulfur powder......or both!
  18. From what I understand about this situation from reading previous posts, there is nothing to be gained by this individual for logging bogus finds! All of the prestige from all those smilies is just so much PSSSSFT! Nothing. Nada. Also, the percentage of cachers that do this is so small, as to be almost negligble. And another point was made that maybe this is just the way this particular cacher is....."playing the game". You can erase his log if you want or just forget about it and enjoy life! There are cachers that will support both of these options. As for being normal, you will get a lot of feedback on what is "normal"! Some serial killers profess to be normal! LOL! But seriously, and I use that word loosely.....very loosely.....just follow your heart!
  19. That's why ya don't see many people logging DNFs! Who needs that extra pain in their life! To many cachers, nothing says LOOOOOOOOOOOZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR like a DNF! Quips come up like......."Are ya BLIND!?? It's right under the Big Pile of Sticks!!"............or..."Diddy want thumb-body to help little baby look for that mean old cache?".....or......"Have you ever thought about switching to crochet? That's a nice, easy thing for you to do!"......... Of course not all cachers think in terms of the above....only the warped, misguided individuals that do not appreciate the TRUE VALUE of the DNF! Now excuse me! I have to go log a DNF!
  20. It's NOT me Roy!!! If it is a BIG PILE OF STICKS when I find it....... then it's a BIG PILE OF STICKS when I leave it! The key for me is.........well, you can figure it out!
  21. I don't mind following your rules for leaving craft items at your cache! However.......................................................................................................................................................... I have one rule of my own that YOU must follow before I can come hunt your cache! Ya gotta have a big field.....a BIG tree......and a BIG PILE OF STICKS! Without that, I am considering your cache off-limits! Have a happy cache time!
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