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  1. I cant enter the waypoints or coordinates. I have read through this section and followed the instructions, and here is what happens. Each time I try to put in a coordinate like Latitude....33.6543166666667 it will only let me put in... 33. and then the number will not move up to a six. It gets to 5 and then turns to zero again. Also, it will not allow that many numbers to be entered, only 4 numbers past the decimal. What am I doing wrong here??? Thanks, Chuck
  2. Thanks, I see how its done. I am still having a problem with the buttons and joy stick but will get better with practice, maybe. I am in the house and is said something about warning 2d fix, so I will wait until tomorrow to try again. Chuck
  3. I just got an Explorist 200 and do not understand how to install coordinates to a cache. I read the manual and it says nothing about how to do this. Any help? Thanks, Chuck
  4. Thanks Blake, thats what I was hoping to hear! I cant wait to get my unit and start doing some short trips!!! Thanks again for the reply!! Chuckwagon
  5. I have a chance to get this unit in the next week or so. Will this be a good unit for geocaching? Thanks, Chuckwagon
  6. I am a newbie and am considering this GPS. Explorist 200 by Magellan Would this be an ok choice? Can you see any reason to buy or not to buy? The price is in my budget...125 dollars. Thanks for any info. Chuckwagon
  7. Can you name me a brand and model for under 200 that would be ok?
  8. I just got interested in geocaching but dont know what to buy. I would like something VERY REASONABLE, but one that will not frustrate me! I looked at some units for around 100 dollars, will they work ok or should I save my money and buy a more expensive model. I have 120 dollars right now to spend. Thanks for any suggestions! Chuckwagon
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