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  1. I had City Navigator for my OLD garmin 76csx. That unit does not work. Went and bought the same exact unit yesterday. Came home to upload City Navigator. Here is the problem.


    I changed the serial number. I then unlocked the maps with my maps code and got the message that my maps were unlocked. I highlighted in pink the areas to transfer. As soon as I checked transfer maps, the error white screen says "maps for oshkosh, fondulac ,etc... are not unlocked, press ok to transfer anyway or cancel to abort." I push ok, looks like it transfers and even get a blurb that says "information transferred sucessfully." The GPS screen however, gets a red box that says "can't unload maps and ENTER." :);) I then took my original certificate to try to get a second code, which I did not think I have used because it is not listed and it won't let me get a second unlock.


    Any suggestions on what is going on? Is it not recognizing the "new" GPS because it is the same model? I had no problems sending to the old one. I tried switching the memory cards hoping that would help - nope.

  2. This has been most helpful - I appreciate it and will use the links provided.


    I find it reassuring that I am not the only one who pulls my hair out with these. I burned through two pencil erasers already today... :(

  3. Is there an easy way to solve these? :laughing: I heard about a grid, but it did not help me much. Any puzzle wizards out there with suggestions?


    P.S. I HATED THESE in school and I STILL HATE THEM :unsure: , but more of them are popping up lately.

  4. 1. A pathtag

    2. lapel pins

    3. keychains

    4. Signature items

    5. Off wipes

    5. Extra batteries


    Sorry anything else would not interest me.


    Pathtags are metal tags that you can log like a geocoin, but you get to keep them. www.pathtags.com


    Becoming very popular - I have two designs myself.

  5. BY U2 - had it on my phone for awhile:


    I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For lyrics


    I have climbed highest mountain

    I have run through the fields

    Only to be with you

    Only to be with you


    I have run

    I have crawled

    I have scaled these city walls

    These city walls

    Only to be with you


    But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

    But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

  6. :laughing: My friends' dog is Tupper (not a cacher), but I heard it and thought it would be an awesome geocaching dog name if I ever got another dog.


    Have you decided or gotten any ideas from this thread yet?

  7. Some caching friends of mine who met while geocaching, just had a geocaching wedding - yep they got married in camo, even her veil was a pale green! GC1CCGT


    Anyways, I put their gift in an ammo box which was painted with their pathtag design and other caching pictures. I wrapped it in a black plastic bag with tons of duct tape and a duct tape bow and hid it in a large tree. I made a geocaching puzzle that they had to do to figure out the coordinates to find their gift. They were thrilled! We have another cache near hear called "will you marry me" a couple did what you are inquiring about - he wrapped her diamond ring in black tape and proposed to her at the tree where the cache is now. GC1GJP9 Very sweet! :)5a67eafb-6220-44ab-a1a7-2942a2e4bdae.jpg

  8. :lol: How about taking a "shortcut" to a cache while the weather was minus 10 degrees at a public hunting ground? Surely the ground is frozen right? Drive a little farther in, save a few steps, easy. Yep, until my 2 week old car sinks up to the door frames in black muck. Had to call a 30 ton wrecker to pull me out. He says, "lady, what are you doing with your car in the hunting area?" I replied, "I am hiking," he took a drag off his cigar and said, "well you should be walking then..." yeah... :) Well at least he felt sorry for me and only charged me 90 bucks instead of 250.00, maybe my frozen tears helped. :(


    Edited to add: I am not the only one who has had trouble with this black pit of muck, read on... GCYNN9

  9. How about putting one container inside another? Then the FTF can take the container and set a new cache whilst leaving the original cache in place for others to find. There have been "Breeder" caches set which require finders to also place another cache in the area in order to log the find.

    You can no longer require a new cache be hidden to fulfill a requirement for your cache.

    People are still doing that around here. Is this a new guideline? I hate it when they make me hide a new cache, cause usually they are micros. :)

  10. My coworkers keep stuffing my mailbox with things they think would make great cache containers too. :) Some, um no - others better than I would have thought of!


    Now don't drive by the local recycling center k? They use front end loaders in those places and you maybe hard to spot up to your neck in plastic... :D

  11. I like them, but I hate when people make them so hard - that it takes hours to figure out or not get it at all. Look at Appleton, WI 54913 for instance, we call it puzzletown there. Many, many puzzles, quite a few with only minimal finds which take up lots of "valuable" real estate. I would pick a puzzle you like to do, like logic puzzles, crosswords, whatever and then use that idea. I am trying to come up with one too, but one that is fun and challenging but not with one that is so difficulty nobody bothers to do it. One of my favorites I just did this past weekend. Someone took a map of a park, converted it to look like a spiderweb on the cache page and you had to use the lines on the web to find the cache. Hydes Web. Very cool. Good luck!

  12. You know.

    I've seen many bug/coin pages themselves actually post the secret tracking number right on the page. And those coins/bugs are not 'deactivated', aren't the police watching for thin kind of thing LOL?


    It's a matter of whether or not the tracking number is being used against guidelines. Then it has to be reported/discovered.

    :( So I just wonder, is it okay then to discover a coin if it is seen on a TB page like this one? I would like to discover it myself with the owner's permission. Not different really than when owners send out "fake" coins with just a picture attached to the tracking number.

  13. :) Soopa,


    You have just as much right to ask a question on these forum as any of these other cachers do and NOT get your head bit off by some people who only want to play the game one way. THE WAY THEY PLAY. :( They THINK they are the majority by stating that all micros are lame and stats are lame, etc... ad nauseum. Don't let it deter you from coming to the forums to ask a question, I hope you can get a respectful answer from someone to help you out.

  14. Richard, those are awesome. How did you make them? May I make one suggestion (we do this) we print out a batch of labels and put them on the INSIDE of the small baggie so people know who they are from. You should take credit for such a nice sig item you are leaving!

  15. :D Here are a few I have used:

    I Got My Game On - Trace Adkins

    Diggin' Up Some Bones - Randy Travis

    Couldn't Be Done - Tim Finn

    Carry On Our Wayward Son - Kansas

    Beating Around the Bush - AC/DC


    My two favs:

    I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2

    Backwoods Barbie - Dolly Parton (for ladies, unless you are a guy who likes heels! ;):DB) )

  16. They are great. :) In all seriousness, I think there would be a market for geocaching cards, of all kinds. I went to find or make my own Christmas ones this year and they were lame. :D Somebody will eventually jump on this and make a few bucks! I would love to find them in a cache. Just be sure to put them in caches that would tend to stay "drier" and are up off the ground and hidden under something so they have less chance of getting ruined.

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