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  1. My daughter works at a pharmacy and gets me giant size pill bottles with screw off lids that are awesome for caches. They are watertight and FREE. Just ask your pharmacist to save you some, they get their bulk pills in them. The last one I got was 10x6 (approx) with a 4" opening in the lid.

  2. I also clean as I go and swap up. I will sometimes leave 2 or 3 items because there is really nothing good left in there. I have found things such as broken sunglasses (this past weekend), a tube of half used Chap Stick, a wad of hair (I am not kidding - someone thought that was good thing to leave with a ribbon tied on it ;) ), candy wrappers, a chewed pencil, and plenty of broken toys. I also throw away things with an agenda or stuff that kids should not see or take such as lighters, knives, etc... I have only found a little over 200 and sometimes I can't believe the cra* people put in there. I also think there is a group of cachers who put nothing in and take something. I have found this with the caches I have placed and have a good idea who they are... ;)

  3. Name it "Bring Your Own AA Batteries" then it is clear :ph34r: As for how long you are anticipating it to take, I would probably not try it just based on your description, my frustration tolerance is low! Others may differ though. I am also considering a battery operated device. Just saw it recently. Door bell on a dead stump, rings a remote doorbell someplace in the woods where you have to follow the bell to find the cache. :wub:

  4. Dollar store is great for Swap With Another Geocacher stuff - SWAG.


    I have bought a 10 pack of dice and put them 2 to a bag.

    mini kleenex packs

    small boxes of crayons

    AA batteries


    I went to the Hobby Lobby and bought some small individual bags which I put my stuff in - like the batteries. I used these small bags to make up mini emergency kits which I put in a bandaid, rubberband, paper clips, some safety pins, alcohol wipe and a hand santizer. These only cost me pennies each. The bags are sold approximately 2x2 or 2x4 roughly and work great. This way the stuff you leave stays extra dry. :ph34r:


    I usually try personally to leave stuff more for adults as there always seems to be plenty in the caches for kids. Grownups need to have fun too! I also have some signature items and those are well liked too. I bought some dove lapel pins on line. With your name and the word Hope in it, I bet you could find some nice stuff. Oriental Trading Company also sells loads of things sometimes by the GROSS.

  5. I used my new 76CSX this weekend in a heavily wooded state park. At some points, I looked like the Pied Piper with people following me who had lost signal. NOT ONCE did I lose a signal in very dense tree cover - it is awesome! I was concerned about the larger size of the 76 versus the 60 and thought it would be cumbersome, but for me it was ok. One tip though, I was using in rainy conditions and I noticed that when there was water on the top of the unit it kept telling me to hold level. I would wipe it off and that would go away (for a few seconds anyways). Overall, i love it so far.

  6. Okay, as for a perspective here is possibly a new look on this already talked about topic of temporary caches (I am referring to temporary cache hides, not pocket caches). There are people who argue here stating they should not be allowed, even though there is no specific rule against it on GC.com. This past weekend while attending an event two instances came to mind where GC.com perhaps should relook at these caches.


    1. Many of the temporary caches were clos"er" together than typical cache locations, this made it very easy for the several handicapped people attending the event to enjoy geocaching as well, one of whom was wheelchair bound. The first event I went to, I also saw 2 cars with disabled plates that were participating in the events. I could see how it would be much easier to do these for a physically challenged person rather than reloading a wheelchair in a car, etc...


    2. In Wisconsin (not sure if it is the same in other states), state park hides are not currently allowed unless they have been grandfathered in. This was an awesome opportunity to see the parks - through many different types of terrian that normally most people would not do or even go to see. By WI having the rule of no permanent caches in these beautiful locations, it also preserves the environment from caches which are not maintained. After the event, they are cleaned up and gone.


    3. If someone really wants to know how many caches were temporary or "real" finds, simply go one page past the events page (it will show how many events) and it lists regular caches (with a smilie) versus attended an event. A new category here would help define things a bit better.


    I hope this adds a little thought for those who are maybe thinking a little bit too "inside the box" no pun intended, about how finds are logged and that there are other people who's needs are perhaps not the same as yours (elderly, handicapped, parents with very small children) :(

  7. Yep, no digging allowed per GC.com:


    "Caches may be quickly archived if we see the following (which is not inclusive):


    Caches that are buried. If a shovel, trowel or other “pointy” object is used to dig, whether in order to hide or to find the cache, then it is not appropriate.

    Caches that deface public or private property, whether a natural or man-made object, in order to provide a clue or a logging method. "


    Rather than dig a hole, can you find a pile of rocks to place it in? Some people hate rock pile hides, others love 'em. :(

  8. Love this idea! Can you please tell me what firetacks are? Where do you get them? How many people showed up for your event and do you live in a small, medium or larger city - to judge what kind of turnout would be anticipated for this?


    I just went and checked out the cache page - very impressive. (how do you get the background on a cache page by the way). May try to do this one myself.

  9. I left work and was eager to purchase City Navigator, but, nobody sells it by me! I really wanted it for this weekend. At least I figured out how to get the waypoints on it, at first I was having problems with that. Nightstalker, I almost bought that unit, but it was not much cheaper than the 76CSX. So far, it seems like a nice GPS, I just have to figure out all the fancy details.

  10. <_< They are bad in Wisconsin too. Pulled a couple off of me LAST month - so early and the guy that found the cache after me said he should have had "tick buffet" sign on his back - got 13 of the little buggers off. I hate 'em. Funny how you fed them to your flytrap, handy plant to have around eigh? <_<
  11. Thank you! Is my MapSource maps CD that came with my first GPS (Legend), not useful for city maps for my state? I am not kidding, I have no clue how to use this and really want to learn. I think City Nav is another hundred bucks or so? I would buy it if that is what I need, I was just hoping to use the MapSource CDs I already have.

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