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  1. Thank you for validating what I (and other "old timers") have been saying for the past couple years...the Micro Spew explosion has caused newcomers to think that "this is what the game is". So not only has it cheapened the stats (this thread's original intent), but it has also changed what was the original character of our game (which I've carped about on countless other threads). (edit: sp.) I hear ya. Just try to understand that all people who are new to this should not be labeled as cheating or pumping up their numbers, rather they are out there picking up the caches that they find listed. Maybe some like lots of micros - so what? I know you have found some, we all have. I don't hold it against you or anybody else - let them play the game. In the end, when you get home after a day of caching, your experience is what matters. I think THAT was the original intention of the game. To get people out to have fun, micros or not.
  2. I am also in agreement with WebLizard. I recently started caching. When going to my first event, I had no idea that pocket caches or temporary caches were not loggable! Since I signed a log book, I figured it was considered a find. Please remember, this hobby/sport/game whatever you want to call it is really getting a lot of publicity lately and there are a lot of new players. Our local TV weatherman has an ammo can in the woods and is running a special series on his weather segments about it and it is drawing a lot of newbies to it. Most, like me, were not around when the only thing to find was ammo boxes in the woods with a scenic view. We thought finding micros - in a Walmart parking lot or not - was just part of the game and so basically had nothing to compare it to. My first Walmart find I have to admit was a bit exciting trying not to be seen, etc... I just thought that was how everyone saw it and how the game was played. Not until I started reading the posts here did I realize that this game has changed in the last few years and that the older players that have been around for awhile may view it differently than those of us just starting up.
  3. Nope. Cause if they thought it was a problem, they would have changed the guidelines due to how many times it has been talked about ad nauseum.
  4. The value is in letting you know that we disagree with your assessment of the situation. Your "camp" is doing more than discussing the issue. You are advocating a radical change. I (and others) want you to know that we don't think that's ok. We don't need any reason. But for the record, although I do lament the proliferation of pointless caches, I'm not convinced that your "New Numbers Game" is the cause. I think people would be hiding bad caches even if there were no public stats. Believe me, I hate it too! I recently chased down an urban multi where the first stage was on a power transformer (or whatever those things are) in back of a strip mall. The final stage was... on another power transformer in back of a strip mall across the street! The point is, this cache wasn't about padding numbers. This cache would have been hidden even if stats weren't public. I like looking at my stats. I like looking at other people's stats. Numbers chasers are not altering the game for me. Hmmmmm..... guess I could have just posted that last paragraph and left it at that! I appreciate the above counterpoint, even though I don't happen to agree with it. As you read above in the terse "summary" post I made, I got frustrated with those who made a similar point but without a supporting argument...THAT was adding no value to the discussion. Your post, on the other hand, DID add value. I also agree that all the new people into this game will hide caches whereever there is a place left. In my particular community for example, there are not many park hides left, so people turn to other places - thereby making the amount of micros grow. I will agree with Drat that many of these do not take me to an interesting spot, have no educational value, etc... I will disagree that they are completely useless. Two reasons come to my mind. As I have stated before, they are an easier find for people who cannot trek through rough terrian or through swamps due to physical limitations to find an ammo can in the woods. Secondly, some people just like to find things, like a treasure hunt. Nothing more than that. It is just fun to find something that is hidden. Here in Wisconsin, I decided last week to find a "traditional cache" and went deep into the woods to get it. I got eaten alive by mosquitos, schelped my way through numerous patches of poison ivy and oak, and threw off a few wood ticks to get to it. I was so miserable by the time I got to it, I barely signed the log book to get out of there! Finding a micro hidden in a park tree at that point sounded a bit easier and a little more tempting! Is that wrong? Nope, just my personal preference for what I want to put myself through and what my idea of "fun" is. Thank you for considering my point of view.
  5. Drat, You asked for DISCUSSION, when people whose opinion is different than your agenda, you tell them that they are not adding any value to the discussion? Who did you want to discuss this with? Only people whose opinion is the same as yours? Would you listen anyways if people voiced their opinions on this? Your mind obviously cannot be changed so what is the point?
  6. I agree 100%. I'd agree more, if that were possible!! I have six hundred and whatever finds. I know they're all legitimate finds, and if someone wanted to track down all six hundred and whatever log books, they'd find my name in there (and the more recent ones would find my dog's name, logging her find, too!). edit: I know my finds are all good. I don't care at all how many finds anyone else claims - it in no way diminishes the fun I have caching! these guys are right play the game/hobby/sport the way you see fit. let the numbers and icon hoes have their fun while the rest of us go caching the way the game was designed in the first place. my competion is myself cause. i could careless what others counts are. what i get out of this sport is the hunt and thats the satisfaction for me. Yep, that about sums it up for me too! Edited to add: Cheshire frog, I love your coin - I want one! :-)
  7. I would agree with RK that if it is too close to the apartments you may get some people wondering what is going on. I have a cache in a park that borders a subdivision and had to go to tell several of the neighbors what was going on due to suspicious looks and phone calls to the police. As far as getting approval, to be on the safe side, I would get a manager/owners ok and put that in the reviewer notes with the name of the person that said it was ok.
  8. Is it just me or does Chesirefrog's avatar photo look just like Pat?
  9. Print them in PDA format, less ink (this is an option on the cache page, I pring with 10 logs so I get more info). Keep them in an accordian file with alphabetical tabs - my friends who are starting geocaching and don't have a PDA are borrowing all the ones I have already printed, and then putting them back for the next person. If you are a AAA member, go there and get free maps for just about anywhere.
  10. He is relentless in trying to find the Illudium Q36 Explosive Space Modulator - I am sure he could find those tough caches... Otherwise it would have to be Josh Holloway from Lost... Throw away the GPS! We would get lost and not much caching would get done - rrrrr!
  11. Drat! Thank you for the reflection back on some great old movies! Weren't those the classics! Banana tallies? LMAO! What was the topic again? oh yea... BE NICE TO THE NEWBIES. This is a place to come and learn about geocaching and I have learned some great stuff and reevaluated the way I cache. Fully agree with your sentiments that they should be placed in quality locations. Unfortunately, that is difficult at best. We just got a beautiful new hiking trail throughout two communities, an old railway. Perfect for someone in a wheelchair or with walking problems, but... still gotta bushwack. Can't put it right on the trail. From this standpoint, I think micros service somewhat of a purpose - even though I am growing tired of them and I only have less than 250 finds.
  12. People ought to just play the game. Just curious, does anyone here who is such a micro hater cache with a disabled person? Do you realize they have difficulty getting out and trekking into densly wooded areas with no trails? Some of the drive-ups or easier to get to micros may be more convenient for them. Because they are handicapped or physically challenged, they should not geocache??, says who? I am not a huge micro fan, I prefer a good ol' ammo box with goodies in it, but we have other people out there who are also doing this that by limits of their physical abilities play differently. So what? If you don't like micros, don't go get them, just don't fault the people who do. Regarding the title of this post, some of the people here need to learn to look at things from a different perspective some times rather than be just be stuck in their own mindset. The "tallywackers" who insist on counting everyone elses numbers, maybe need to consider there are other people out there maybe without the same physical abilities, skill level, etc... and lighten up a bit. Now on topic, this forum is a bit harsh on new people or people with new ideas or new ways to play the game. I listen to what people say and have changed my attitude based on some discussions here. It is nice when people can keep it positive and not attack anyone personally for their views.
  13. Glad to hear that some people really enjoy getting them. We will bring back a bunch, and cha-ching and rattle through the airport! The foreign coin exchange is a neat idea, so many geocoins go missing (at least around here) I would hope it would last - may consider that for a cache myself.
  14. That hillbilly cache had us (after a few glasses of wine) literally busting into tears with laughter! A great read and I wish I could go there. The Swedish Chef - my fav character - I will have to read up on that one next.
  15. Great! Sounds like I will be bringing back a pocketful of coins to spread around. Would love to find a Nicaraguan coin or a yen. I'm even happy when I find a Chuck E Cheese coin! That would really be fun to find a $10.00 or $20.00 bill. I bet that does not happen often, but it sure would be a nice surprise. P.S. Sean, thanks to you and the Mrs. for helping us keep our rear ends dry at the WGA event!
  16. Going to Cancun in 3 weeks, thought I would bring back some Mexican money and leave it in caches. Is this something that people would enjoy finding???? I have picked up coins before and I liked finding them, but not sure if anybody else would like them?
  17. I appreciate the clarification. Was not sure what the big difference was between the two. So for instance, if I live in the southeast portion of the state and want to go to the northern part to cache, will my GPS hold the entire state? What if I go to another state, do I delete WI from the GPS and start over?
  18. I have a micro hidden in a fake dog turd, nobody wanted to be #2 to sign the "log" I also set up a no trade, no log cache where people have to leave a fantasy find in the cache (or they can't log it) - have read about one like this before and the logs were hilarious. Some of the logs people have written already are really cute. I have been to one listed as a micro, but it was actually a giant barrel with a huge log book, giant pencil. Funny to read people's logs to keep the secret it is called "Super Sized". Another one I saw last weekend took you to a doorbell on a stump, push the button and listen for the doorbell to ring in the woods to find the cache.
  19. Going to Cancun myself in 3 weeks, would be interested to hear what you find there when you get back! Keep me in mind and if you get a chance I would love an e-mail!
  20. According to GPScity.com. This is the e-mail they sent to me regarding the price: For your immediate information, here is the pricing information you requested: Date: 23/05/06 8:00:22 Model: Garmin MapSource City Navigator North America DVD v8 (010-10474-00 v8) List Price: US$139.27 Todays Price: US$119.95 (Save $19.32!!) Prices are subject to change without notice. My questions, I have the new 76csx - does anyone know if this mapping will be available on a memory card or is it just the CD set? What is the difference between Topo maps and City Navigator (I have topo - and have not used map programs before) all a bit confusing Thanks for any help.
  21. Farm and Fleet, Fleet Farm whatever it is called in your city always has it in the hunting section!
  22. No, I would teach them to leave a snake alone! I am not fond of lame caches either! Some of the ideas, however, on the thread with cool hides are great, safe and don't scare the crap out of anybody. I use creative ideas in my hides too, but I would not get a thrill out of scaring kids or adults. I guess to each his own...
  23. Is it just me or are some of these just plain BAD ideas? Why would you put a fake snake in an spot like that? To scare people? Why? Is that funny? How do you teach children outdoor safety if you are poking at a fake snake with a stick? Why make a mouse trap that is camoed? Go ahead Johnny stick your fingers in there???? I guess there are so many other fun and safe ways to hide stuff - that I am not seeing the humor or fun in messing with things that could get kids or adults hurt? Am I the only one?
  24. The pill bottles have held up great so far, although mine have not been out a year yet. I think part of the reason is that they are made to withstand temperature changes, etc... due to the pills being inside??? They seem thicker. Not sure about that one - just a theory. I have heard the new plastic coffee cans and such are made to degrade in landfills and so those I would think are not as durable over the long haul.
  25. Starbrand, How do you get it off your cache page then if it is listed as a travel bug?
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