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  1. The park management is very aware of sensitive areas and asked that all caches be placed in areas that are safe to hike on. The naturalist for the park talked to the group after the days events and was very impressed with everyone's respect for the park. If you are just a visitor to the park, you still would have to obey the sensitive areas signs anyways. With respect to logging those finds, the point of the topic (to my understanding) is to find a way to make these logs appear as their own entity and not be logged under an "attended" icon. There have been some really great suggestions on how to do this, I just hope that the big dogs are listening...


    Let's take the example of Treasure Hunting's Family. They cache with a disabled son. I am sure this young man is not after high numbers, but he probably gets a real kick out of logging his finds and getting a smiley for them rather than just a note. I know this may be the exception and yes there are people out there with multiple attended logs, but if you take the ability to log those finds away from one you take away from all. Personally, if this kid or other big kids at heart have fun watching that smiley count grow, it sure isn't hurting me and more power to 'em for getting out there with their families and having a good time. Until they find a better system, that is the only way to do it right now. Great that it is being discussed here.

  2. Mary & Dave:


    I completely agree with your last paragraph.


    However, I have seen some teams find 100 caches and have a blast! They literally RAN to try to get them all, in the pouring rain, and had a great time, it was a real achievement for their family. I know it may not be everybody's cup of tea, but ya know what, some people DO like to do that. Right now, looking for a cache in a mosquito infested swamp is not getting me out there... different strokes for different folks! Even if people go for numbers - so what? If they are broken down on the stat page specifically by listing them as temp. event caches, everybody would know and the squabbling over numbers could finally stop. Listing them online would be a total waste of time and bandwith since these caches need to be removed before the event is over so that is a nonissue. Rather, the event page could list - "Event will have 20 event caches to find" and no one could log them more than once a piece. The events I have been at, they have all been numbered and/or named so you log them that way and it can only be once.

  3. John Bender: Hey, Cherry. Do you do pocket caches?

    Claire Standish: That's a fake cache.

    John Bender: So?

    Claire Standish: So pocket cache's aren't the same as other kinds of caches.

    John Bender: Ah... but to dorks like him, they are. What do you guys do in your pocket caches?

    Brian Johnson: Well, in pocket caches we... we talk about pockets , properties of pockets.

    John Bender: So it's sorta social, demented and sad, but social. Right?



    my apologies to John Hughes and " The Breakfast Club but this is how it sounds to me, all this pocket cache business. I just enjoy finding the caches.




    I can see you're well qualified to call cachers you've never met demented and sad. :blink:


    Go to a few events <snip> (the rest of what I have to say isn't worth the effort to type.)

    I did pocket caches at a previous event. The ones we did, however, were hidden in the lodge and surrounding areas, not in someone's pocket. I agree, using name calling here about something you have not done is really unfair to some people, some of whom may have been attending their first event.

  4. Suppose there were no find count and no smileys. When you find a cache you can log it online but it counts only as a log. The same as if you logged a DNF or a note. Would we be having debates over whether it is OK to write a separate log for each temporary cache you find at an event or if the only acceptable way is to write one log for the event where you list each temporary cache you found? Look at the people inflating their log counts by logging multiple notes on the event :wacko:


    I think you've got it.


    Further improvements to the system could still include a "Found It" at events for temporary caches. A "Return Visit" log-type to indicate a return trip to a cache where we use notes today but updates a "Last Visited" date in place of the "Last Found." (A logical disconnect in today's scheme.)

    I completely agree with a series of new categories and have all along. I don't understand some of the posters here who don't get a few of the key parts of this discussion.



    "If you want to submit a real cache with real smilies and web logs, there's nothing stopping you from creating one at the event location. I think the chances are good that you'll at least find someone at the event who lives closeby and is willing to maintain it. Personally, I've found lots of these at events. They were there the day after the event too. If you're already going to the trouble of creating a 'real' cache with a printout page and all, why not go one step further to have it approved?" Yes there is, many times these events are in state parks, you cannot leave temp caches in state parks. You have your event, many of the event attendees go back at the end of the day and clean them all up. I also agree that many of the local parks, etc... are already saturated with caches that many of the locals have already done. These event caches are something fun and new to try and find.


    "... an event cache should not be set up for the sole purpose of drawing together cachers for an organized hunt of another cache or caches. Such group hunts are best organized using the forums or an email distribution list." True according to the guidelines now, but we are requesting a change. Why can't an event have these finds? We cache, we have fun doing that, this is part of it - why can't we meet for a social gathering AND hunt caches? What EXACTLY is wrong with that? :blink:


    3. Fears voiced by some that these will not be quality caches and need to have approval first. At the events I have attended, all were well thought out and placed within the parks boundries and rules. In a way, it is kind of a challenge to the cache placer to impress his friends and make good hides - to do something nobody has seen before. We saw so many creative hides at the recent outing in Door County. I think the event planners and cache hiders are very concientious about this and proud of how the hides are done.


    4. I hope all of the people who are debating this issue have been to at least one event and had an opportunity to experience this. If you are worried that you live in CA and can't come to find temp caches in WI, hey hold your own event! :anicute:


    To further break down the stats would be a great improvement. For everyone looking at other people's stats - the debate would then be off. You can see how many of each I got (if you really want to spend time counting my finds) :anicute: And all the numbers are kept separate, even though they have smilies, you can still get out your calculator and figure it out if that is what you really have time to do...

  5. Mustang,


    I couldn't agree with you more.


    Let the tallywackers have their fun and count my stats. I don't care. sheesh.


    Ferreter - I agree it is "silly", unfortunately there is no other way to do it. Can you suggest a way? I did, but nobody seems to want to do that - and I can't understand why. How do I get some of those coins listed on your page by the way?


    Edited to add: Vagabond - could you please refer me to the exact rule that states that? The guidelines read that the temporary caches may not be listed, not that they are not ALLOWED.

  6. Yes, each was find was logged once, by those who logged them as attended (only way right now to log these finds). (I did not log them due to my recent discussions here and hoping to find a more "correct" way to keep track of them). This particular event had about 100 temp finds, in a state park, where they allowed the event ONLY because they knew that all caches would be removed at the end of the weekend. Not only did I not see ONE gumwrapper lying around, but the cachers that we saw were especially respectful of the park and sensitive areas. The naturalist that runs the park even talked to the group about it along with some interesting history. All participants, old, young, handicapped and avid and more adventurous cachers had a great time. I just want to keep a log someplace to journal what I have done during this experience. Keep the numbers separate, I don't care. If I want, I can add the two columns together - big deal.

  7. As a follow-up question... If folks are getting "credit" for finding temporary caches, should the hider of temporary caches get "credit" for hiding them?


    Just trying to look at this subject from some new angles.

    :blink: Again, what is the SPECIFIC problem you would have with a cache hidden at an event and then logged in a SEPARATE category aside from your regular stats?


    Edited to ask: How do I get one of your geocoins that you have listed?

  8. From the cache listing guidelines on event caches...


    In addition, an event cache should not be set up for the sole purpose of drawing together cachers for an organized hunt of another cache or caches. Such group hunts are best organized using the forums or an email distribution list.

    Just wondering... ...if this is explicitly the case, they why would it be okay to hold an event and provide a slew of temporary caches for people to find and log against the event listing?


    Not taking sides, just wondering how the guideline on events and the practice of logging temporary event caches jibe.


    Please don't focus on the guideline wording "...another cache or caches." It's the spirit of the guideline I'm wondering about, not mincing the words. That phrase could be argued back and forth endlessly as to whether the temporary caches are indeed "another cache or caches."


    Hoping for some insight.

    I'll try from my perspective. It would not be "against the event listing", but rather a way to keep track of caches that you found that day. One event cache smiley, x-number of Event Cache Hides icons. I think event planners put the temporary caches there cause, well, that's what we do and what we are interested in! It is great to socialize and grill a few brats, but even more fun to go off and do what we do best - hunt for well hidden plastic tupperware boxes in the woods. I would rather find temp caches than say - play poker at a geocacher event, know what I mean? If I went to an event for Harleys I would not pull up on my kids 3 wheeler trike. These temp caches also are not just thrown out there without any thought. Many are really creative and give other cachers ideas on how to apply them where they live, they are not just put out with no thought put into them. I guess the bottom line to me is, if this was made separate category, you could log them apart from your other stats, they are removed from the park when the event is over (this would be after GC.com says that they would provide the means to do this), what's the problem???? :blink:

  9. Am I the only one confused by the "the website allows it" statement?


    I'm not confused by it. I just accept it as flawed reasoning. It isn't any more valid than saying that a house with an unlocked front door means it is ok to move in there.


    At least with this "functionality" they don't have to jump through hoops and backdoor their way in, like, say, logging members only caches when you're not one - a practice that the website "allows" and you have publicly commented on.


    As far as multiple logs go, there isn't even a hint that the practice is "frowned upon". In fact, newbies or even people who have been caching a while that never read the forums might have no idea that it IS frowned upon. Maybe they think it's perfectly normal to revisit a cache every week and post a "Found It" log every week. There's really no guidance on the issue one way or the other.

    This was very much my scenerio. Having never been to an event or these forums, had no idea it was such a problem. I simply got there, got out my GPS, loaded the coordinates, found the caches, went home and because there was no EVENT CACHE but only attended and not attended listed, logged under attended - there was no other way to do it. We spent 10 hours in the rain and cold by the way finding these and they were creative and well thought out, better than some I have been to. I think they should be considered as legitimate in some way in the future if gc.com can come up with a way, it would please most everybody on both sides - at least I think it would.... i hope...

  10. Such a simple fix, yet TPTB or anyone else won't fix it. Jeremy can you please address for me? Thanx.


    Change the way that these are logged on the page to:


    EVENT CACHE FOUND. Would not add to your "regular stats" and would allow you to keep a journal of ALL of your finds. If ya are really into stats, then just add them together if you want. :blink:


    I know, temp caches aren't allowed right? Wrong, they are not specifically forbidden by the site (if they are I STILL want to read the specific rule), it just says they won't be PUBLISHED. All temps are removed after the event anyways, WI does not permit permanent caches in state parks (unless previously archived). Everybody wants to see and enjoy these parks and they are where many events are held. This gives cachers the opportunity to:

    enjoy the parks while caching

    help CITO from an event

    meet other cachers

    learn new hiding techniques

    allow disabled participants some caches that are more handicap friendly

    allows the caches to removed after the event and not trash up the park


    I hope they consider an EVENT CACHE icon - hey if that happens, we will all have to find something else to fight about! :ph34r::P

  11. I think your onto something here, although I believe you should not have to be a premium member to use this feature either way. I personally am glad you are looking to ways for the game to evolve and trying to find ways to make it all work.

  12. Is there a site where I could log finds, no matter what kind - permanent, temporary, pocket, blah blah rather than using gc.com?


    Yes for caches found with a GPS, even though temporary (some are in state parks and cannot be left there).


    No for pocket caches (people here have changed my opinion on this - thank you) even though I logged some at the last event since I did not know any better. l plan change them to notes as soon as I can figure out which ones were which.


    Don't know enough about it, have not followed the events much.

  13. . On the other hand, I feel that if you have been on ground speak for 3 to 5 years and still are under 100 caches, you are not really a cacher. (my opinion) I






    Could you explain further your reasoning for this opinion? I'm just curious as to how you arrived at it.





    Me too :laughing: My other family members who cache with us have less than 100 finds and they are better at finding stuff than me, don't understand your reasoning.

  14. You'd better not cache here in Wisconsin with that getup, the ticks and skeeters will climb up there and... :):unsure: not to mention the winds we get - what do they wear under that kilt anyways??? :rolleyes:

    Does Wisconsin even have elevations above 6000 feet? That's where I do almost all of my hiking :D

    Heck no! I just "climbed" a ski hill the other day and got to the mightly elevation of 1,800, huffing and puffing at that high altitude. Hey, ya never did answer the question? (what DO the Irishmen wear under that kilt????) inquiring minds need to know. (My husband is Irish and he won't tell me either!) ;)

  15. :laughing: I definitely prefer the cooler temperatures for caching. I started this past fall also and right now I feel like a tick buffet and I am also few quarts low on blood due to the heavy mosquitos in my area. The poison ivy is also fierce and I am especially sensitive to it. :) I am going to avoid wooded areas until fall... unfortunately, unless I wrap myself in mosquito netting :huh:
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