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  1. No I have not. Did you get a new hairdo? Something looks different. New glasses. Thanks for noticing. See, this is why cats are superior. You never catch THEM wearing glasses...
  2. There's a simple enough solution. Just move the signs onto the bike path. Off to one side, so the bikes won't collide with them, and damage the cache. Problem solved! Neeeeeext?
  3. You should talk to some of the locals I know from that state. Dam fine decent people that'll have your back, sight unseen, and will openly and warmly welcome you to any event. But you're eastern, not central.
  4. Yeah, god help you if you are from out of state and try to get an FTF in that area of Iowa. Even if you get one, you'll get viciously attacked and cursed at. I stopped bothering to try to get FTF after that, pretty much anywhere. I generally try to avoid the area altogether, I groaned when I heard MOGA would be there next year. Somehow doubt I'll go. Oh, and my personal record for FTF in one day is 2... but they were both 300 miles from home.
  5. I don't frequent it myself, but has this been submitted to the feedback forum? It seems as though the lackeys pay more attention to issues raised there than here. Yes, it has. Link At this point I think it should be renamed completely. Perhaps AR, Attention Requested. Or perhaps RAR, Reviewer Attention Requested. Anything that won't be shortened to NA. That way it won't be as likely to be seen as just another way to say needs archived. Just don't make too big a ROAR (Reviewer Only Attention Required).
  6. This is fun. What are your thoughts on lawyers? Even better, on politicians?
  7. I went to MOGA. I didn't choose to compete this year, I was going to wait until next year. I think next year, I'd rather go out and actually find the caches, instead of punches. More fun that way. Looks like I won't be competing next year either.
  8. Sorry, the only thing you can do is go through the pockets and look for loose change...
  9. You muggled *AntelopeHunter*? Well done!
  10. Jeremy already declined it, too. I think this is a valid point, despite that. I'm surprised they can't see that.
  11. Who's the Puritan? ["muggler" instead of "muggle"] The word, "muggler" is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. It is the wrong word... nothing "puritan" about it. Let's not get into an argument about who is more puritaner than who.
  12. LOL. "Finally" - there is a GOOD "drug" out there with no harmful side-effects. Geocaching! (unless you count the increased risk of falling into creeks... *whistling* Not that I would know from personal experience or anything...) Welcome to the addiction! Be prepared to find places in your own area you never DREAMED existed.
  13. Psst... we authors like feedback. Of any kind! (And I'm as guilty as anyone at not feedbacking, I admit. Just saying.) Cheers!
  14. Awww - how is running an experiment to turn this hot topic into a hot topic off topic?? It's not cool?
  15. I call my Nuvi Claire. She has an Australian accent.
  16. There isn't anything out there now that threatens the dominance of GS. Nothing is even any where on the horizon. And I don't see anything that shows GS is fearing the end is near. Yeah, I sort of had a "huh, what?" reaction to that post as well. How is it "clear that GS is fearing that now?"
  17. Those of us who own cars with serious wanderlust are gonna have a very serious problem. One day caching trips of 250 miles roundtrip are not uncommon... were not uncommon... on any weekend that is remotely decent as far as weather. And I don't even want to THINK how much money I'll spend on gas going to MOGA.
  18. Well done! I'm glad to hear that it went all right. It's nice to have a flexible Super Nintendo to deal with, I bet. Enjoy your hike... I envy you!
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