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  1. I'll be on a short business trip to Albquerque week after next and I have a TB I want to drop off. Would like to find a cache for Haiku Duck and possibly one more.

    Suggestion please?


    Any other suggestions for caching while in the area would also be appreciated.



  2. Okay, I'm convenienced. I just took an extra iPhone peel-off and cut it down to size for the GPSr. Looks good with one real tiny bubble under the screen and ya know it is "exactly" in the middle of the compass pointer.


    Cloudy with fox this a.m. so I'm interested in seeing how the display appears in the sun nowo.

  3. Are screen protectors really necessary? I have just started using a Dakota 20 with touch screen and I'm a long time iPhone user. If you are somewhat careful I'm thinking additional protection is not necessary.


    So are GPS units any different from a cell phone in terms of really needing a screen protector?

  4. Don't mean to hijack this thread but I have a related issue.


    Just received my first Pocket Query. Unzipped and did copy paste to my Garmin Dakota directory ...garmin/gpx. It seems to show all of the caches so do I need to use a GPX viewer? I was expecting to see individual .gpx file for each cache so justed wanted to make sure I'm loading the file correctly.

  5. Yesterday was my first day out and with a new Dakota 20 also. Didn't find 3 of 4 attempts. Testing today in the yard and it seems to be 15-18 feet off. I am marking waypoints within a 3 acre area and when attempting to navigate back I'm 15-18 feet off.


    Is this also normal? Do I need to calibrate the compass?

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