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  1. Great. Thanks for the confirmation. I just figured if it was my cache... (:
  2. I recently found a cache that had been muggled really badly. The smashed container had no lid to be seen and I managed to find the log book in the wind. I gathered what I could, including the log and container and knew that a rainstorm was on its way so I took everything with me, logged the find telling exactly what I did and emailed the cache owner. I figured he would rather have the log book and swag and the TB owners not have them lost than just leaving them all where they were. I was also concerned that if I didn't do anything that the next finder would blame me for it getting muggled. Did I do the right thing? This is the first time I've come across this. BTW, mods feel free to move this to the 'getting started' section if that's where it belongs...
  3. Strange enough for me, more often than not I get the question, "So, did you find it yet?"
  4. ha ha, I wouldn't be suprised if it was a joke. I know of a cache near me that is hidden in a hollow tree and has a string tied to a fake snake so it kind of lunges at you when you remove the cache.
  5. I've found a few pot pipes hidden in bushes. The glass always catches my eye as unusual and I think it may be the micro until I pull it out.
  6. Here is what I will be using in a multi of mine (: it is magnetized too so it will probably disappear quite well.
  7. Am I wrong, but I was informed by a moderator that pass-phrase caches were not allowed. A traditional cache must have a log book. No?
  8. just as a reply to the comments about just going through cache pages and solving puzzles to claim finds... I was meaning more along the lines of me living in Colorado and solving a puzzle cache in Chicago. Then I give the answer to a friend-cacher who lives in chicago to go and find it, then the friend is the only one who gets to claim the find? Even if there was more work in solving the puzzle than getting the park-n-grab result? I'm not arguing though, I like the idea of posting a note at least stating my contribution.
  9. Probably not, but I would like to ask anyway. I just posted a reply to another thread where someone was having problems solving a puzzle to find a cache. I didn't solve it yet, just replied... But anyway, it brought up a question. Hypothetically speaking (typing) if I were to solve a puzzle that enabled another cacher to find the cache do I get to count it as a find? Considering I did half the work (or more depending on the puzzle) and the person who 'found' it wouldn't have done so without my help, does that person get to claim the find simply because they were able to sign their name in the logbook? Its not like I'm desperate to get my numbers up or anything so don't start yelling, its just a question
  10. I'm currently taking a college physics course and could use the extra credit, email them my way and I'll do my best (if they aren't over my head) webmaster@higher-designs.com
  11. I am scavok aka starving-student so I didn't have the funds for a 60cs or anything but I thought my magellan worked fine and I count navigating to the cache (roads and everything) without a map as part of the fun. I went with the explorist 210 (has major road maps built in) and is the cheapest unit with a sync cable. I like it so far, I just have to remember to lock my car door now!
  12. An entrance to the rocky mountains via Boulder, CO at one of my favorite scenic overlooks. As cool as G.E. is, it doesn't do it justice
  13. I just had my first GPSr stolen from my car . I figured it was a good enough excuse to upgrade though . Just curious of those of you who have been doing this for years, how many GPSr's have you gone through?
  14. I only log the DNFs if I feel defeated. Maybe I'm wrong or just to new to know the difference. But if I go out and try to find a micro while its snowing at midnight and don't find it I won't log it. If I go out and search for half an hour for a tough cache and don't find it, then I log it. No?
  15. just thought I'd add my two cents I totally agree that I would be thrilled to see that rather than another hotwheel or bouncy-ball. It wouldn't be that hard to put the coin in a little baggy with a note explaining that it's simply a part of history with a valuble lesson, and not a supporter of a regime.
  16. I have permission from my local library to place micro caches within it, I just didn't know if it was allowed per geocaching.com? My idea was to have a magnetic micro hidden (yes I have good spots that wont be muggled) in the shelves and the seeker would have to look up specific passages in non circulatory books (ones that can't be checked out) in order to get clues as to where it is hidden. There would be a few of these micros hidden in the library, each with a clue in it to find a traditional cache via GPS in the library's backyard with swag and a log. Good idea, I think, but is it allowed?
  17. I would say that when you go to a cache site and the cache owner has posted bad coordinates but you find it anyway.
  18. Some friends took my wife and I out when they came to town. I didn't think much of it until we found a cache that I had pretty much stepped on a hundred times and didn't even know it existed. I was hooked at that point. I'm what you call a 'starving-student' and needed something fun to do that didn't require money, so $100 bucks for a GPSr and $5.00 for batteries every few days is awesome for a hobby that can keep me busy day in and day out. Plus, how much closer can a person get to real treasure hunting?
  19. Kovacs is my last name, Scavok is it spelled backward. Nice to meet you all (:
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