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  1. The summer presale items were shipped over the holidays so I wouldnt be suprised for delays especially to intl customers, the vast majority have received their orders so it may just be a bit of a wait. We've all experienced intl delays.


    Wenzel, Im waiting for paypal to respond to me. Sending a refund as a payment is against my TOS with them, and as fragile as it is for them to allow me to do presales I dont want to risk it, especially publicly now. I need them to open up the refund option on the original payment.


    The november presale is still in minting/production.


    I will be doing a stock-in-hand sale soon for some error finish tengwar coins that got minted instead of the TOL coins (the cause of the summer sale delay) and will probably be my last sale of coins. I dont plan on producing/minting anymore so as orders Ive already made come in they will be my last and will be sold on my website or ebay as traffic to scavok.com will slow.

  2. After a bit of a snafu with the mint they will be shipped out by the 14th or 15th. Just a week to go :)


    Any news on the last mystery version from last summer's presale? Would be interesting to know, when we can expect the coins to have in hand and by this solve the mystery about their design :)

  3. I hope everyone is out enjoying the weekend :) I just wanted to make a note that if anyone has any trackables looking for miles or a goal in the far east, I will be leaving for a trip to Beijing, China on Saturday. I live up in Northglenn and don't mind driving, so if anyone wants to meet up for a cache or lunch just send me a message :)

  4. (: I was blown away with how the mistake versions auctioned off, those numbers were not my intent and certainly not my expectation so I made these ones so the search term "geocoin" doesn't even pull them up. I was certainly hoping for more than 9.99 but hopefully they at least stay reasonable this time:)

  5. I'll check out the auction but probably can't afford them. What is your storefront name?

    I don't think I have an ebay store, but my seller name is scavokrj. This specific auction is HERE.


    Perhaps it's a good idea to make yet another new version, with red tree on silver background on the front ("error"), and silver shapes on red background on the back (correct)? :)


    Unfortunately the error versions are that way for a reason, the coloring inside the tree and designs on the back make it very prone to errors like uneven enameling (as we've seen above) due to the multiple levels of design. It also makes it difficult to discern a lot of the detail in the backgrounds when the enamel isn't there. I've worked up a couple new color schemes though that are pretty good looking :)

  6. There arent any available from me right now, but im sure the ePlace has a ton and people love trading :). I already have a couple dozen emails asking for another minting so I will probably do that toward the end of May. My Gaiascape coin should have samples up by then too so I need to decide which I will do first.


    And as an FYI if any others are interested; I am auctioning off a special set of TOL coins on ebay late tonight. Its a 3 coin set; one of each blue coin :) They are the last ones I have that arent promised into a trade or anything and I want them to go as a set with each other. I think it goes up at 8pm PST if by some chance i set the auction up correctly.


    I am going on a trip the beginning of June so I am scheduling the presale (the tol or gaiascape) to be done before that and shipping time for the Irish Dancing Dress (on presale now) to be done when I return. Though we all know how well thing go to plan :P .

  7. Yesterday I received a TOL Satin Gold on Silver and I just want to say how much I appreciate it. It's incredible. Thanks so much!


    I got an adequate pic for my keeper list but I hope Scavok or some other talented photographer will get some better shots of this version and share. From different angles or in different lights, it changes... It's like it's alive.


    It's an awesome work of art - Thank you.


    The just adequate shot:



    I will take some photos for sure!


    Got mine last week, so nice :)


    @scavok did you get my email some days ago?


    I did and replied, pm me if you didn't get it :)

  8. That is very strange and is the first I've seen like that, especially the first pic. The second I've seen a couple times but not to that extent, most of the time along the edges where the mint tries to rub off excess enamel and goes a little to far.


    As for the curious about the two blue on silver coins here is the comparison, the error is on the left and the correct trader version is on the right.


  9. I understand the enameling problem with the green IN gold - the tree was never meant to be colored so was a little more prone to unevenness (made for a high error rate on the mystery finish as I recall), but I checked them going out and none I saw were missing any enamel in any spots so I hope that isn't the case for you.


    For the green ON silver - some people have mentioned the apparent unevenness on the back in-between the designs but this was intentional and consistent (picture below). I'll wait to see your pic though, this would be new to me :)


    Glad you like the design anyway :)




    First, thanks for these designs so precious.


    I've received yesterday the TOL, Green ON Silver (not Green IN Silver), I've apreciated in this coin a couple of errors color in two zones, much more darker, almost black instead green -I'll post a pic later-, It seems a minting error.


    Also yesterday, I've received another envelope with two TOL, Green IN Gold, that I could find on the webshop in February 12.

    I Assumed that minting error only was the exchange between color and metal (background and tree), as we can see it in photo (post #335). But in these two, the green color does not cover well the tree.


    I don't like the error in the Silver ON Green coin.


    Although error in Gold IN Green coins is confusing, because the two coins are different -the color does not cover equally the tree in both coins-, but I still like this error minting.

  10. Thats right, 25 TO (light) blue on silver, 25 (light) blue on 2-tone and 10 of this dark blue on silver exist. The website numbers are old otherwise but will be revised when i have time to sort through all my mint orders :)


    FYI - more coins (this blue included) are going up on ebay tonight too. And the presales for the Irish dancing dress coin are right around the corner :)

  11. The number on the website is for the actual trader version. When I ordered these 10 they were suppoesed to be that trade only version but the wrong blue color was used and it came out too dark. They are quite nice but a very different color than was intended :)


    I'll put up a photo of the two versions tonight for comparison.




    Also, I have a number of rare scavok coins up for auction on eBay this evening. These are for the real collectors out there and include a dark blue on .925 silver minting error finish. It was supposed to be my trade-only version but the blue didn't come out quite right - it looks awesome though :)




    In your auctions it is stated "1 of 10", whereas at your website minting number is 25. How many of these coins were finally minted? BTW this version is really awesome!

  12. It seems most coin makers (myself included sometimes) use the term "silver" to describe the shiny nickel finish. This is the real silver plating and it comes in the plastic coin case rather than the vinyl flip to prevent tarnishing.

  13. Some have order quantity limits limits and some don't. I expect them to go quickly so head on over and see if there are any missing from your collection :)



    Also, I have a number of rare scavok coins up for auction on eBay this evening. These are for the real collectors out there and include a dark blue on .925 silver minting error finish. It was supposed to be my trade-only version but the blue didn't come out quite right - it looks awesome though :)




    These coins will be going up every few minutes later tonight so bookmark my seller page there:



  14. This is sort of a late announcement but ALL orders were shipped out over the weekend and into Monday. 3 of those big white post office tubs in all. There were a handful stragglers that didn't go out until today (couldn't make a PO trip on Tuesday). Sorry they went out later than expected, the corrected coins were supposed to be shipped directly to me from the manufacturers since time was of the essence, but they still shipped them to C&P who had to forward them to me. All is well now though, everyone gets their coins :D


    I will be sending out an email to subscribers of my website in a few days announcing a sale of random in-hand coins of various types (TOL, tengwar, N&D) and finishes. And my Jeep is now going through more clutch fluid than gasoline so I'll be ebaying a handful of rarer coins too (I hate doing it but its either that or my dog needs to get a job). Just to keep you all interested - it includes another "mistake" color I hadn't mentioned that even made me say "wow" with how nice it looks :)

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