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  1. BattleRat and PussyCat 1100 - congratulations! Well done!
  2. Well done, Trev! We are thrilled for you and hope you have great fun finding many more caches.
  3. Heartiest congratulations to two very special people on reaching 2000 finds - Cownchicken we are thrilled for you both and look forward to watching you log all your finds when you get back home!
  4. Our best kept secret is the small maglite torch that always accompanies us when we go out caching - it never lets us down! Other friends walk around with a pair of braai tongs for retrieving caches from under rocks and in dark crevices, but we've never tried that method! Small packets of Wet Ones are a great asset, too.
  5. Congratulations Mr Panda and Tomtwogates on your recent achievements - very well done and have lots of fun finding plenty more!
  6. Congratulations and best wishes to Littleclan on his special milestone - we wish you happiness always and many congrats too, on your 300th find.
  7. We think it is a black and yellow garden spider (argiope australis) which is a member of the orb-web spiders. They are a common garden spider throughout SA and are especially common in fynbos and places like Silvermine. They are harmless to man. The female is much larger than the male and has a typically scalloped yellow and black abdomen.
  8. We purchased one of these coins in August last year from Steve Moran - Hogwild Stuff. It has a giraffe on the front with the wording: "Stick your neck out and go caching!"and a map of Africa on the rear, surrounded by the maps from the different African countries - SA is right at the top, mid-centre, which is rather nice!
  9. Just a week to go - do hope to see lots of the Western Cape geocachers next Sunday!
  10. Rod, a very big welcome as our new reviewer and we wish you and Joan great success with it all. Thank you for all you will be doing for us and we look forward to getting to know you in the months ahead.
  11. Gosh, we leave the country for a few weeks and get back to all these changes......... Andy, you have done an amazing job and we both appreciate it all so very much. You were always there whenever we needed you and are going to be a very hard act to follow. But most of all, we thank you and Lindy for your great friendship and look forward to spending time together in the future - either down here in the Western Cape or in Nelspruit.
  12. Congratulations Henzz and Waynes World on your super milestones - very well done. A big thank you too, Henzz, for the fantastic log you wrote up on the Old English Fort - we laughed and laughed and enjoyed it thoroughly. Definitely the best log we've ever received!
  13. Registered too and will try and help rescue TB's whenever we can.
  14. Good Morning, Red Globe! Have a great day.
  15. Our congratulations to both CapeDoc and Henzz on their special milestones - 300 cache finds, CapeDoc, very well done! Hope you had a super birthday, Henzz, and don't worry - life does begin at 40!
  16. Our congratulations and best wishes go to Cownchicken on the safe arrival last night of their second granddaughter. We know that she is going to bring you just as much joy and happiness as little Carla does.
  17. And how that first cache changed so many lives!!
  18. This is the very first ever South African Geocoin, but is, unfortunately, not trackable. It was organized by Geocacher.co.za. There was initially some programme where one could log them, but we never found it to work too successfully. We purchased a number of them and have now attached travel bug tags to some of them, so that they can be tracked.
  19. Merry Christmas to all our geocaching friends. Have a wonderful time where ever you are and may 2010 be a happy, healthy and successful year for you all, with lots of special times and caching! Best wishes from us both, Vic & Gill
  20. We remember well our problems with telkomsa - it just doesn't work, no matter how often you contact them and they reassure you that they have the problem sorted Change your service provider and suddenly all will be wonderful
  21. Congratulations Besem! Well done on your 1000 finds - we are thrilled for you.
  22. Congratulations Malo Mystery! Your ability to find caches with out a GPS is quite amazing and we are most impressed that you have achieved a 100 finds - very well done!
  23. Cownchicken very quietly sneaked past 1700 yesterday ....... very well done!!
  24. Congratulations Wazat! Very well done!
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