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  1. Wow! Thanks you all so much. We are so thrilled to be here in Edinburgh visiting our children and are having a wonderful time doing caches and seeing even better sights than one normally does when visiting a country! We will be here for quite a few weeks. But..... do keep placing those caches and doing lots of them. We will be home again soon! Happy caching and thanks again for all the good wishes, Vic & Gill - the Tricky Vicky & Mickey Duo!
  2. Keep smiling guys! They only logged 21 caches two days ago and nine the day before that and 7 five days ago .......! Mind blowing stuff! If we manage three in a day we think we're good! Been doing some rough calculations - we've done about 60 a year since we started caching, so all going well, we should manage to catch up in about 250 years time!
  3. Sad to report that Frodo goes to Michigan travel bug has been stolen - in fact the whole Greyton Koppie Cache has been raided. We have emailed his owner accordingly and have archived the cache temporarily. Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  4. Picked up Ant Travel Bug this morning from the Boesmans Kloof Trail cache, while on our way to do the Vrolijkheid cache - will place him in another cache soon. Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  5. Hi there! Although we've been active geocachers for ages, we only recently discovered the forum site. Didn't have a clue about SA Geocoins. When you do receive your next lot, we really would love to purchase some. Five would be fantastic, but don't want to be greedy, so will settle for whatever you can spare. Please do let us know the cost involved and how and when we need to pay. Thanks a million! Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  6. Hi there! Just a question - we have noticed that when we log a cache, we get the 1 point for caching that day, but lose it again the next day when we do not cache. The one is actually subtracted from the previous days total, so we are wondering if this is correct and if so, what is the point of getting the one in the first instance? You really have done a fantastic job with this site and we check it daily. What is really nice is that we can now see how others are doing too - like Brick getting to his 100 two days ago - and it has certainly raised the level of competition amongst us all! Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  7. We rather liked the idea of the Duckworth-Lewis system ........... may be we could get some extra points for geocaching in this icy cold and rainy Western Cape weather!
  8. We have an unactivated travel bug that would love to be part of the race, so do count us in, please.
  9. Congratulations on a fantastic idea - do please include us on your list. By the way, we do not live in Cape Town, but we are very active, winter or not!
  10. The number of geocaches in the Western Cape continues to increase rapidly .....! Eat your hearts out, Gautengers!
  11. Hi there! Just wondering if you will be driving down to the Cape, because there are some really super caches along the Garden Route, which we are sure you would enjoy doing. The Otter Trail Ramble is fairly quick and the one at Nature's Valley - Valley View - is absolutely spectacular. Not too far away from there is also the Port Elizabeth - Cape St Francis one. There are also quite a few in the Caledon and Greyton area. A new one in Cape Town that we did recently, is the Noon Gun on Signal Hill, which is very well hidden. Looking forward to the event cache next month and meeting up with everyone.
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