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  1. Just wondering about the race .......... where does it officially start, how many pitstops do the bugs have to visit, etc? 2007 is almost here and we're busy trying to plan our travels - so we need some guidance as to where we need to visit!
  2. HELP! HELP! HELP! PLEASE could someone out there help our genetically modified mutant tortoise, Timothy? He is currently in Urban Tag#1 and desperately needs to get some more mileage and get himself to the final cache. We would greatly appreciate your help!
  3. Very well done, The Huskies - you must be having a wonderful time. Enjoy yourselves, we are all green with envy! Congratulations to QFC, too - glad you enjoyed your quick visit to the Fairest Cape!
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! A big welcome to your little son, Aaron & Taryn! We are so very thrilled for you both.
  5. Our love and best wishes to you both tonight - hoping to hear some news real soon.
  6. Well said, Cownchicken - we couldn't agree more! Placing caches is very important - we all want to be able to find lots of them, but making sure they stay up and running and in good nick for all to enjoy is just as important. So ....... roll on 2007 - we will do our very best to check on our caches frequently and keep them in pristine condition for you all to enjoy.
  7. Is there still a place for our T/B or have we missed the boat this time? If yes, we will get him/her/it to you, Noddy, within in the next week or so.
  8. It WAS fun and we enjoyed it, too Now we eagerly await the news of junior's arrival - you are both in our thoughts
  9. Congratulations Eric - we are proud to have you as our reviewer.
  10. Oh good - will eagerly await the coins arrival. Thanks a million!
  11. Will miss you both lots and will definitely be able to attend an event - just let us know where and when.
  12. CONGRATULATIONS AND CELEBRATIONS ........ Very well done, GlobalRat, we are thrilled for you.
  13. Congratulation, Discombob, very well done! Keep on going and have lots of fun finding plenty more.
  14. Most of our caches are not tooooo far from where we live, so we do check on them regularly. Of course, we're not talking about the top of Uitkyk or Abdol's Kop! We don't believe those will go anywhere, so those only get checked annually or there abouts. When one of our caches is reported missing, we do try to get there to check it out as soon as we can, or will post a note on it, if a visit is not possible immediately. Yesterday we drove out to check on Behind the B in Bonnievale - 2 cachers had not managed to find it in the last two weeks. Being one of those really tiny 'nano's' we were hopeful it would still be in it's hidey hole. But no, sure enough, it was gone. Before we could actually replace it though, we saw something lieing on the ground and there it was! Still with paper clip attached and log sheet and all! How it got there, we will never know, but we are just so pleased it is safe and sound.
  15. Fantastic news, Nick - we, in South Africa, were horrified by the whole incident and will no doubt be celebrating with you today and in the weeks ahead. Hope you will soon be out there again finding caches and placing them, too. Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  16. PLEASE, PLEASE, Pretty Please ........ Definitely the race cache for Timothy - we will be grateful forever! Many thanks to Globalrat, Vespax, the Non-Geocacher and Perdix for all their help AND Seeker Two for your help next weekend - we do so appreciate it.
  17. So very unfair ....... our loss is certainly their gain, that's for sure. We will miss you - just hurry back soon.
  18. Super to meet you, Brendan - come again and visit us soon. And a great time was had by us all.
  19. Are you coming to the New York Bagel on Sunday, Vespax?
  20. And what about us???? We'd love a Dutch geocoin, so do consider us and we're always happy to assist when ever we can.
  21. Mickey, as planned, will be there, but will be bringing along a guest (am looking after a friend's elderly Mom for the weekend) and am hoping to persuade Gen.Rick to come along too. Looking forward to meeting you F from QFC and seeing everyone else again, too.
  22. Breakfast sounds wonderful - Tricky Vicky will be out of the country, but Mickey will be there, at which ever venue you decide on.
  23. Congratulations to Larks on his 200th cache find - well done!
  24. Congratulations to the Hectic's on Ruben's safe arrival - we know he will bring you both lots of joy and happiness. Best wishes to you all. Vic & Gill
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