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  1. Morning GlobalRat - you're also up early!
  2. Congratulations to Colinaly and iNokia on their super achievements - well done!
  4. Congratulations Discombob - we are thrilled for you.
  5. Geocaching.com is quite specific in what they state about cache maintenance - one has to be able to check on the cache within a few weeks after it has had a DNF posted on it or someone has to have agreed to do this for the cache owner, before they will approve a cache. An Earth cache was recently approved at the start of the Fish River Canyon and one has been at the end for quite some time. The fact that there is a two year waiting list to walk the trail would make it very difficult for cachers to visit the cache, whether to do the cache itself or even maintain it. Not finding a cache after walking for four days would be awful! AND that has nothing to do with one's statistics either! The disappointment would be huge - after all the effort and cost one has gone to the actually get to the cache and then not to be rewarded with a find, imagine how you would feel! Maintaining another persons cache is something most of us do regularly without a second thought but actually replacing their cache is another thing entirely and we personally would never do it unless we have spoken to the cache owner and they have given us their permission to do so - after all co-ordinates are often out and we just might not be looking in the right place (which happens frequently to most of us too!)
  6. Morning Cincol - we see you!
  7. Our very best wishes and congratulations go to both Tomtwogates & CrystalFairy on their recent achievements. Very well done and continue enjoying finding plenty more caches.
  8. Lots of people up early this morning! Good morning to Wazat, Cincol, Geoff Ogden, Nish 4 and also Cownchicken!
  9. Congratulations to GS&Dogs on their super achievement - very well done!
  10. WOW! A really great coin - congratulations, Huskies, on a super design. Can't wait to have one in our paws!
  11. Anyone planning a trip out to South Africa? We would dearly love to set our eyes on one of those little red jeeps too, so feel free to bring one with you! PLEASE !!!!!!! We'd also like to meet you too!
  12. And I spy with my little eye .............. Wazat & Geoff Ogden! Good morning to you both - may you have a wonderful day
  13. And I spy ......... Rhino and Hedgehog!
  14. Super duper, GlobalRat! Congratulations!
  15. Very well done, Whostops! We are thrilled for you and hope you have lots of fun finding plenty more caches.
  16. Great stuff, Noddy! Very well done.
  17. Congratulations to Tigeroneten and Stormers on their recent milestones - very well done and may you find many more super caches.
  18. Here's a list of some super caches to tempt you, en route to Storms River Bridge: View from the Top Caledon Wild Flower *WC* Take a Break *WC* Herold's Bay View C4 eva Beautiful Buffalo Beach Cloud 9 - Sedgefield Fishermans friend Glentana Cave Kaart van Afrika Duiwerivier Secret Wings #1 - Terry's Garden TF2 Ben Blain Secret Wings #2 - Pigmy Trees and bumble bees Knysna Heads 1 Top Knysna Heads 2 Bottom Breakfast Climb *WC* Bloukrans River Bridge Storms Death Walk Elands Delight There are plenty more, including some really fantastic walks along the beaches, especially at Keurbooms Strand and Sedgefield. Also some super ones along the alternate routes in the area. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your time in South Africa - it is an amazing country.
  19. Great! Just not the last weekend of October please - it is the annual Rose Fair in Greyton which is a mad time in our lives!
  20. Thanks so much for the offer, Fish Eagle - we'll keep you posted.
  22. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes, we do appreciate it so much. We've had a wonderful time getting there and a big thank you must go to all those geocachers who have placed caches for us to find - without you we could never have done it. Geocaching has taken us to some of the most amazing places and we certainly have made some really special friends, too!
  23. Hi Windsockers! We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful part of the world - the Western Cape is truly magnificent and there are lots of caches to be found. There are also a number of Holiday Inns in the Cape Town area - please send us an exact address and your itinerary for the area and we will try our best to point you towards some caches close by. If your tour is taking you to Stellenbosch and the wine route, there are numerous caches to be found right there and Franschhoek also has lots to offer. Yes, South Africa does have a crime problem, but if you are careful and don't walk around flashing jewellery and such likes, you really should be fine and have a most amazing holiday, even in the middle of winter! Regards, Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  24. Our travel bug, Peter the Penguin, has been in the Nylsvley View cache (GCWY78) since September 2006. If anyone is going anywhere near by, we would really appreciate it if you could move the poor bird on!
  25. :laughing: Well done, GlobalRat!
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