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  1. I recently became aware that OtisPug had achived all his caches, (nearly 100). A lot of these caches have been intoduced to us in the great NW by Niskibum. I have no Idea why it happened. Certainly one of the best and most origonal hiders anywhere. I wonder if he knows he's had a big effect on caches even up here? Maybe it wont be so hard to find 'bum caches now! Our loss. Thanks Otis
  2. But as long as there is a ammo can inside that old washing machine your good right?
  3. I disagree totally. That was not the purpose when they started and anyone who has been around here a year and a half or more knows it. They used to be just a diffrent type. Just like a micro or a multi or a traditional.
  4. If you prefer finding histoical places with your gps to finding tupperware and ammo boxes, there are other websites out there better suited to what you like. The two that come up the most are www.ecoscavenger.com and www.waypoint.org. Now, lots of people will say that those sites aren't as nice as this one. Well, then complain to them! This place has certain rules in place concerning what caches they will or will not list. If this place doesn't have what you want, find someplace that does, Being a car guy, I still think of all the people complaining that this site doesnt have what they want as akin to complaining your local Chevy dealer won't stock Fords. THATS totally nonsensical since they used to stock fords here. Understand. Its the bait and switch aspect that people complain about. And that HAS happened. Its a fact.
  5. Alan2 has the best analysis so far. In addition an electronic GPSr will automatically know what declination to adjust for if you go to diffrent parts of the country and although I have a nice silva and use it, I usually forget to bring my declination map when I travel. Even if I did bring the map, they are pretty crude. Also for cache hunting if you rely on a GPS compass bearing you never know when it loses signal and is trying to update. At least If I enter a bad coverage area and lose signal, with a electronic compass I have at least walked straight over caches many times.
  6. Thats fine if you are using a PDA GPS like an Ipaq but if your only talking going paperless then thats diffrent. Spinner does the WHOLE job. One move makes every cachepage into a Internet explorer webpage as well as a file you can put in your GPSr w/meaningful waypoints. If you have a treo of some other combo phone/PDA dialing up web pages can work, but if you really want to do some serious caching in a day use a PDA spinner Gpx and Garmin V combo. We have done 30-50 caches a day many many times. Also the new GPX Sonar for 2003 is a pretty good option. As to your title question though. A previous poster said the main diff in the 2 you specified is really a question of Palm or Pocket PC. I agree that is the main point with those 2 programs.
  7. Accepted discription of a VC is an oxymoron these days. Lazyboy pointed out one of a number of easy alternatives one could employ to photo visit a specific underwater location and if you happened to be there when the rays were, then so much the better. If you had read all the previous posts you would have understood that the refrence to the specificity of the discription was in response to the previous posts concerning potential cachers going there with all the time an expense and potentially finding no rays.
  8. Spinner beats both since it also converts those silly GC numbers to meaningful waypoint names and uses an existing program to run it. and its cheaper.
  9. His cache page would have been plenty specific. He said up front you had to rent a boat, buy a underwater camara and that the rays frequented the area. Seems like the fine folks at GC are trying to protect all us stupid people who cant think for our selves and understand simple english. I'm suprised they didnt call it commercial since you had to rent a boat ect. The only thing this one needs is a second type of verification that the rays you find or may not find, are from the area in question. I'm kind of suprised that the fact the rays might not be there every second wasnt hailed as a good thing since I hear the complaint frequently that, "When was the last time someone logged a DNF on a LC or VC."
  10. Well, there are a lot of people in Watts and Compton, but while I was down there this last weekend, I didn't see but a couple of caches in the area. Here is a map of L.A. The big empty area is Compton and Watts. I found it interesting. Draw your own conclusions. --Marky Those 2 areas are where GC.com is testing out their new "Has to pass the coffee table book" interest level on traditional caches
  11. Yes, Bloencustoms will now provide a link to a list of all the "Approved" Coffee Table books Its really a semi insane way to measure the value of a virt cache isnt it? Isnt a coffee table book a highly subjective measurement? Like they have MADE all the coffee table books that will EVER be made, but if you send the link to the book then its OK? I have half a mind (sometimes literally) to go and fine the most insane coffee table book I can and make a virt out of it!
  12. (In best actioneer voice) Ok, 2:00pm EST has the most votes now. Everyone agree? And just in case everyone does, someone post what the corresponding times will be for the diffrent time zones so I"LL know when to log in!!!!
  13. OK. After the input so far let me further refine the subject. How in the context of the 2 examples does a vacation cache fit in. If it is getting regular logs (per the second example) it would seem logical that it would lead out a semi normal lifespan. If it is up in Timbuktu and the effective hunting season is 1 month in the middle of the summer (per example 1) does logic suggest that simple lack of use implies a higher degree of abandonment?
  14. On another thread Geolitter was defined as a cache someone placed, who is not in close enough proximity to maintain it. Please give your 2 cents on these 2 examples. For the first example; Someone places a cache in a remote area that they frequent often. The cache goes a year with 1 find. Second example; Someone places a cache in an area they frequent 1 time a year. The cache has 67 finds in a year. Which one is truely geolitter? Since geocachers (most) see themselves as people who would help out their fellow cachers and carry spare plastic baggies, goodies, ect, doesnt cacher traffic count as a factor in maintainance?
  15. You can almost see the future. It lookes like a slow death spiral towards microcaches only since they dont even have a pencil.
  16. Dec 26 has the most votes now. Anyone want to start thinking of a time so we can all set up a reminder in outlook to remind us?
  17. So now we have 8 to 28 million less park visits.......... HUmmmmm I 'spose they will let up now on geocaching impact since they have that many less visitors!!! Maybe we can sell caching as a way the state can raise funds! HA Just dont tell them we all park outside the boundries.
  18. OK! Yeah! We apparently have an OK from as high as you can go here! The 26th is by far the most suggested date so far. What do you think of the time? The 26th is a Friday. What do we have 4 time zones in the contenental US? Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific? Would around noon work best or should we try for an evening thing?
  19. The 26th is sounding good for most people so far. We will continue to see the input from cachers, but also we would like some input from GC so we are sure there is no harm. I have a feeling there are those who would like to participate but as yet havent heard from the site webmasters to make sure everything is OK. If you have a date and time that works for you, please post it.
  20. We are not trying to crash the site, just log on for 5 min and watch the counter on the main board go up.
  21. How many of you have noticed the most people on the boards at 1 time so far, was 166? Since the holidays are comming up wouldnt it be cool if the Geocaching community had their own little online christmas event? In short, what we are looking for is sometime near the holidays we arrange to all be on the boards or at least logged into the forums at a certain time. Could you imagine beating the 166 record and setting a new one of say......500? Everyone has diffrent plans I know but it wouldnt have to be on Christmas day, just sometime where we could get the most people logged in. Tell us what Date and time would work for you.
  22. I have been told that UTM assumes a flat earth. So no special caclulations needed.
  23. Sort of a dyslexic cacher amnesia huh? Lame, but interesting?
  24. Yes, but I freely admit I enjoy a little more spirited debate than you might care for, so my posting here is not as diametrically opposed to my likes and dislikes as yours. Sorry to hear of your RC problems but maybe its for the best. Crashing a few hundred dollars of planes in an afternoon will give you way more of a blood pressure problem than reading these threads!
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