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  1. Sounds like it could be interesting whether you have to change it to get it passed or as a virt. So many of the multicaches these days are just busy work. Project a wp here, now go to there....bla...bla. The secret is to make each stage as good as the final, or a thematic buildup to the final.
  2. Not being into the whole FTF thing I havent thought about that aspect. For those who are, I'm sure a twist might be added for the first finder. And...let me know when you do!!!
  3. Elitest is expecting everyone else to enjoy your historical marker as much as you do so much to the point that you must force them to read the marker instead of placing a cache nearby hoping they will also read the marker while they are there. So your point is you are confused and unable to read a cache page that says its a virt and is about a historical monument? No one expects you to enjoy it, infact someone might not even care if you hunted it. As far as forcing someone to find anything...that is too silly to repond to.
  4. I like the way you think Virtuals account for less than 1% of our finds. Not because of any obhorence we have of them, but because thats how it turned out, and some people act like they are a rampant plague. In our experience, we have seen a 1000% more traditional caches with 0% wow factor, and yet some think tupperware at a tree trunk somehow puts them higher on the food chain. Virts account for a fraction of the caches in areas we have cached in. Many of you seem to have a density of virts on a par with D.C. It seems more like some people cant be happy knowing other people like stuff that might be diffrent than them, and yet they are the ones with a choice. Hunt them or dont. But that isnt good enough for them. They want to restrict something that they themselves have no interest in. How elitist is that?
  5. Nothing about virtual caches has to violate what you like any more than a traditional cache in a walmart parking lot fits the reasons you cache. This site works hard to make the virtuals that do get approved meet the quality citeria that you mention. Because of that new virtuals should actually give you a 'better WOW experience' that the traditionals that are being approved. Of cours some people just don't like virtuals and I have a sneaking suspicion that you are one of them. Eloquently put. I shall defer to your well said explanation.
  6. Perhaps the middle ground lies in finding ways to place easily maintained physical caches nearby. That way folks get to see your Cool Thing, whatever it is, and the folks who want physical caches get what they want as well. JohnnyVegas claimed that "In most cities there may not be a place for a regular cache to work." I know you know better than that. You've hidden some killer caches yourself, so why not encourage others to do the same? Too often this debate revolves around 'why won't they approve my virtual?' when we might equally ask 'why won't you hide a physical cache nearby?' That would be one argument if one was inclined to believe that a physical cache has some karmatic virtue in finding one, relative to a virtual. Until recently virts had a 3 year history of being just a diffrent type, and now some are saying that they are somehow enherently inferior because 2 of the submited caches were about road kill and tennis shoes. (I generalize) Can you defend restricting 90% of the virtuals because some of them were not up to what any one person would consider WOW?
  7. Your design is wonderful. Superior to your first one. Excellent.
  8. The idea is the same one as you see posted in lunch rooms across the country. "The beatings will continue until moral improves?" Have you seen that one before? Same thing. The idea is the person, (employee in this case), has a loss or penalty, (in this saying, a beating, in the case of GC, 99% of virts restricted). Thankya massa, conveys the message from your point of view that when this happens we arent supposed to be unhappy about it or do anything but count our blessings like Pollyanna. The other option you gave us as choice #3, I summerized as "stomp away mad". I ask the question again, where is the middle ground?
  9. You really have only been here a few months havent you? Do some research on the "moritorium" on locationless caches, how long has that been? Check out the time it took for the maps to work again. So there is no middle ground huh? Either, let someone take something away from you that you already had for a couple years and say "thankya massa" for it...or Stomp away mad? What ever happened to a little discussion about it and GC proving to its members what all the "evil" is that made the changes imperitive? If you had checked our profile you might have seen what newbies we are. edit=sp
  10. They used to say it had to pass the coffee table book test. Last time I was in hastings I looked at those books. Evidently hastings has more confidence in peoples diverse intrests than GC does. I had fleeting thoughts of finding the most inane boaring one I could find, scanning the cover pic and putting it on the web page as proof that it was coffee table book certified and that the location was in total keeping with the book. Check out the Northwest forums. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=62123 A guy was going to be in Seattle and was looking for the best caches. The only one that had multiple recommendations was Kerry Park Viewpoint. AND GUESS WHAT???? You can find the answer on the net, and it was placed as a vacation cache! If numbers arent an issue then so what if the answers are on the net? As to a vacation cache its a virtual that has been there since the early 70s and the park since what 1923? If the vacationer didnt put one there someone else would have. The only losers at Kerry Park Viewpoint are the ones who DONT actually go there!
  11. I always forget to bring my RC airplane with its onboard camara to this one. If any of you have a RC plane and an extra channel you can pick up a unit that holds a disposable camara for a few bucks.
  12. I happen to agree in principal with Duane. He posts about a fundamental ingredient in geocaching an CO Admin killed it after 1 reply. CO.... If your so worried about a harmless thread wasting forum bandwidth why didnt you shut down this one? Its degenerated into drivel. Thread starters have their own close topic button. Whatever happened to communication. You could have expressed your concerns and made a reasonable attempt to justify your opinion but you drew so fast you shot yourself in the foot.
  13. To drive one you would need a CDL or a chaufers lisc. in Washington. Dont know about Canada.
  14. Same company owns Mission Ridge, Stevens Pass and Schweitzer dont they? The should have some info on Mission at Schweitzer. Cool part is if you have a seasons pass at any place they own, lift tickets are what, half price at their other ski areas? Mission Ridge is a bowl with lots of vertical. You can check the stats for your self. Lots of off trail steeps as well as on trail. These days they groom the snot out of anything they can and the stuff they cant groom, the boarders wreck with their 2 turns and a 50' skid. Hard to find decent moguls anymore. That pretty much leaves the off trail. Mission could use an infusion of money. They have alot of excellent terrain that is unserviced by lifts. There are lots of people willing to do some hiking/sidehilling to access that terrain. Much diffrent than Schweitzer where they have 3 chairs running up the same hillside basically 1000'-1500' apart. We are pretty spoiled. Its 13 miles from downtown and many years in the spring we have gone skiing in the morning and waterskiing in the afternoon. In short I'd say for a 1/2 price ticket you cant lose.
  15. Hey just plant some on the mountain. There are 2 planted on Mission Ridge in Wenatchee. You might as well put some on Schwitzer or where ever you go. Maybe try mission ridge over here and get those 2 on our local mountain!
  16. I've done a bunch over there for someone who lives 200+ miles away. The one that still amazes me and I remember most is Kerry Viewpoint Park. Its a virt but if you see it at night it will blow your mind. Has to be one of the worlds best view properties.
  17. Stay on the meds that the psychiatrist prescribed...please. Thats a good one! Great sense of humor
  18. Contact Patudles. She may have time.
  19. Arghh, So its the pirats life fer ye 'eh?
  20. Its the voices........the voices..........they say...............Mopar............MOOOparrr......... Defender of the imaculate conception of geocaching.......Champion of the company line........brown noser extrordinaire...........
  21. I have seen too many times discussion of the Virtual problem usually getting framed by someone giving the example of the decaying rodent, tennis shoe, ect. As I read the forums here, on policy issues, I see maybe 25% of the discussion on issues and 75% on the illogic and inconsistancy of the policies. Whether its the virt discussion, the 528' rule or whatever. These could be solved easily at a 10% restriction level. In other words, 99% of all cachers would agree the decaying rodent or tennis shoe virt is un-approvable. The problem where the rubber meets the road is that a 90%+ restriction is given as the solution to the 10% problem. In other words, restricting virts to the level that 99% of all cachers would approve. This is too high a level. Also from those I have seen argueing in favor of this 90%restriction level, I see illogical anomosity of virts and yet no problem what so ever in the lamest of all cache catagories "Event Caches" the very "combined" definition of the arguements they make against LC, VC and temp caches. There is no inherent virtue in finding plastic boxes behind a tree. Live with it.
  22. So I suppose all those event "Caches" you have logged keep you up at night, dont they? After all: 1. They need no GPS to find them. 2. There is no cache 3. They are the very definition of temporary cache. Sounds like an amalgamation of Locationless, Virtual and Halloween caches to me But slowly progress is being made. At least GC has restricted them now thanks to the cache machines.
  23. There is 2 caches in Newcastle Beach. 1 is a traditional. Someone else placed a micro multi waypoint 2' from his cache. There is another example of this not 5 miles away where there are 2 micros. One a trad. and the other a multi waypoint on each end of a concrete grandstand 20' apart. We got really confused when that happened. 100-150' apart is certainly far enough apart for a multi waypoint since it is a distance out of the expected accuracy of a GPSr (hence no chance for confusion like I experienced in the other examples) and also because the endpoint is WELL beyond 528'. I have heard the rational for the 528' rule is so you cant simply go and pick them up like pinecones in the forest. I did a cache in Post falls that was a multi and it was about 70+ miles as I remember. But it ended in the same park as it started. For discussions sake lets say the beginning and end caches were 100' apart. Explain the rational for having waypoints 528' apart when I have just traveled 70+ miles on all the other waypoints.
  24. We spent a day in Vancouver on their rememberance day. From Quincy the first one we got was Iron horse on Snoqualme. We went up the back way through carnation and then up 5 to Vancouver. Spent a day in Vancouver, Imax, Spagetti Factory Stanley Park ect. We only got caches that were at or on the way to places we were already going. Then the next day cached back down the Washington coast to Yani's greek resturant in green lake. About 50 some caches and 457 miles! On the Victoria caches. Parking...Super Bad. Especially Stanley park. And expect to pay for it too. Point Grey road has got hardly any parking and many times you are forced to park where you can and then hike back a couple blocks to the beach. There are a ton of multis and puzzle caches. I was suprised the tradionals we not more dense. Many of the caches look like they are in areas that are either undeveloped or parks but suprisingly there is MUCH more city there than you would think. It depends where you plan to start or where you are staying. We drove through the SE section of your cache map on the way up and we decided to do most of our caching on the coast. There are a good bunch near the beach at White rock. But you may want to hit those on your way up. The key will be parking and targeting the parks. You can get 2-3 in some parks. Youll have to walk more but at least you'll have a place to park. Also many of the ones we did were vandelized or missing. Make sure the ones you hunt are there.
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