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  1. My vote is Kerry Park Viewpoint. A recent thread in the Northwest forums involved a guy who was comming to Seattle for a few daqys and wanted to know the must do caches. The only one with multiple votes was Kerry Viewpoint. To put icing on the cake it was planted by a guy on vacation and you can find the answer on the net. Hows that for Ironic?
  2. I dont know the 176 well enough to comment but I do have a 60CS on order.
  3. I'm waiting for the CS. The poster who said who you bought from was important because those dealers who commited to larger initial orders from garmin will have more to sell in the first wave. My dealer has arranged to have mine drop shipped from the distribution center rather than wait for it to be in their stock. If it works, it should save some time! I guess i'll see about that.
  4. I realize your comment is said in jest, but some people run out of caches in their area. Are they supposed to stop posting in the forums unless they can afford to travel long distances to keep finding caches? [/color] ah......YES
  5. This stuff wouldnt happen if there were not so heinous a restriction on virtuals. But as far as approval goes its a closed issue falling on deaf ears. The situation makes its self worse when some cant seperate the arguement from the attitude. As to the question at hand....The forums are mostly.......a silly place... They can be hostile. The issue of finds verses experience came up in the aforementioned thread too. The semi experienced thread starter was unaware of the whole approver account thing. A better experience index in the forums would be find count divided by post count!
  6. This is the best advice of the whole thread. DO it if you feel you need to.
  7. The machine you went on would be more in line with what a person might do semi easily on his own. We have done 30-40 in a day a few times ourselves. Not in DC either! I agree the planning aspect has a lot to do with it. Actually planning our hunts is one thing that I enjoy. Making little goals for yourselves. For example we are going to Hawaii in mid Mar. I would like to try and get every cache on Maui in 9 days here and there with out ticking Isha off to much. It looks like its totally doable except for 2 which the car we are renting wont get there and 1 other is scuba.
  8. I know of specific caches that say on the cache page, "No cache machines please" These have been respected. There has been an evolution to them. I went on a Yakima area hunt just after the cache machine went through. There was some damage which is to be expected as 70 people search an area. I dont mean damage as in broken shrubs flower beds ect. I mean more of a herd of cattle concentrating in an area of brush or even weeds. We didnt need a gps for a few of them because we just followed the trail. It made a lot of the caches easier to find when you can read the trail sign. I havent been on one. The community aspects of them would seem to be a blast, but the padding of the numbers is a concern for me since comming from a cache poor area we have had to work hard for all our finds. The logical test is this: If you only find the first 5 enmass and the rest are in regular small groups then why have none of these people ever done 65 caches a day on their own? The fact is that many eyes find caches quick and everyone logs. Historically cache machines were offered the final coords to multicaches, (which were declined by travis) a short lunch stop was even worth a cache, getting together the night before a cache machine was a cache, ect. GC has reined this in with allowing only 1 event cache for the machine which they envision as the Red Robin party afterward. (If I am not mistaken) I wish there was a way of having the group experience with out the other stuff. I believe I have found it. The Champoeg 2004 Trilla in yurtvilla event weekend. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=34493 It is a weekend event with community hunts, activities, and from what I have read, some of the most intricate once in a lifetime caches ever. Its growing to be a legend from what I hear. To each his own
  9. I ordered my 60CS here. http://www.jollyannsales.com/GPS/garmin_gpsmap_60cs.htm 417.99 delivered to my door. Now I suppose someone is going to find it for 399.99 right? Anyway this is the lastest word I recieved today.
  10. The "Locals" pretty much know all the local areas, thats what makes them local. When you place new caches in old territory the hook changes. Diffrent puzzle, diffrent theme, diffrent offset ect. New places are cool and we do like that aspect but not all places are cool. We go quite a while these days without finding a cache as unique as when we were wide eyed newbies, but thats to be expected. We are always looking for ways to keep it fresh and fun but these days it seems like everythings going micros and the needle in the haystack hide. Boreing, tedious and unimaginitive. Even the imaginitive can be Boreing and tedious since they are getting harder and harder.
  11. Convert a gpx with babel into a straight CSV file open it with notepad and save it as a text file. Import it into Topo through the draw tab, file button, then import button.
  12. How many of those caches can you get to in the 3 months of winter and 1+ months of spring when they are covered by 4+ feet of snow in Montana? Same here. We have already gotten all the ones in the surrounding area except 2-3 that snuck in at the end of the year. A effecient cacher gets the ones with seasonal restrictions first and then whats left over the winter/spring? Nothing. That is why more year around accessable caches are important. Thats why rotating out the old caches is important around here. Check the logs for recent finds in a 10 mile radius around say.... Old Blewett Pass cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...4-30916289A989} for recent log entries. you'll find maybe 1-2 entries made in late Oct or the first Nov. and those are right off the highway. We ski at mission ridge till early April so thats what.....nearly 5-5 1/2 months depending on the year and snowpack? If we all lived in Seattle we could pack them in 500' apart and cache all year long. edit=sp
  13. WOW! Navdog!! If you can knock these designs out so fast and easy, I see a big future in designing coins for the rest of us. We dont have the program or skills to do it. Nicely done! Seriously we have thought about doing this but the whole MS paint thing is not even close. edit=sp
  14. We have seen this dynamic here in the Wenatchee area. We few planted all the caches, we found them all and now we have cache density but none we can find ourselves. I and others are now archiving most of them so we can use our parks and viewpoints in new and diffrent ways. At the point where its hard to put more caches and yet you have found them all, you are forced to clean house or give up. Having tons of caches only visitors to the area havent found puts a damper on active cachers interest levels. That said, I have seen every type of reason to stop caching. Some unmentionable. Some people were interested as long as the competitive aspect with their friends was close, but when their friends left them in the dust they kind of gave up. Never under estimate the value of find counts as a factor in the fun or interest level in caching. Other people have quit in favor of other interests or hobbies.
  15. I have been doing this on my Garmin V already. I like meaningful waypoint names so I use spinner. If the cache name is short it also adds terrain. I'm looking forward to 2 and 1/2 times more map space and twice as many waypoints on the Garmin 60CS.
  16. It took us 760 some caches but we have come across million dollar bills a couple times. We never bought anything with them. We put them in caches, we figured easy come easy go......maby if criminal found a few more caches he could run across some too
  17. other peoples archived caches show up if you have logged them. If they simply disappeared so would your find for that cache. At least that is how I understand it.
  18. Isha is great! She was into it more, but a few 50 cache days kind of made it like work for her. She loves to drive and get the ones with no bushwhacking. As long as it is non marathon she is a great caching partner. See our tag line.
  19. his delusions made him jab his eye with a fork.
  20. The innovation used to be what made caching great. Now its all restrictions of one type or another. Its cool to think of a new aspect to add increased interest. Thanks for the mental exercise Bloencustoms! Keep it up!
  21. Maybe.... How about your cell phone number written in chalk nearby and have to phone for the FTF? That would add some zip to a virt, heck I may even start to give a **** about FTF.
  22. Or any of your event caches, but we dont hear you trying to get them restricted. edit=sp
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