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  1. http://home.cinci.rr.com/creek/garmin.htm#1


    This is a fairly new site that gives step by step instructions on creating your own custom TOPO maps. the only drawback is the fact that in the process you have to download several programs to help you edit along the way. It has the option of downloading NED .3 arc second elevation data (10m resolution versus 30m for all the other DEM data sources i.e. 24K topos)! so if you don't mind doing a good bit of work, rather than paying for it, and you're somewhat computer savy, this would be the way to go.

  2. I got a shiny new Vista HCx to replace an ancient, original yellow eTrex. I love having the maps there when I'm hiking, but despite my initial excitement about having coverage of the entire US, I'm pretty disappointed with the detail on garmin's Topo USA maps. The only thing they've got with better detail is their national parks maps, but those cover very, very few places I'm likely to be hiking anytime soon.


    Are there any Garmin-compatible 3rd-party maps equivalent to something like the 1:24k topo maps?


    There is a way to create your own TOPOs for anywhere in the world, i just found this site, it's practically brand new, and they give step by step instructions on how to go about creating and editing and downloading topos to your GARMIN. following them is a long process, and requires the downloading and installation of several other programs, but in the end, I'll take 10m resolution over 30m anyday.



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