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  1. Same problem. Cannot download pocket queries or even do simple search anymore on Original iPhone os 3.1


    The new release seems to have rendered version 3.1 inoperable fro finding caches. It reports "No Results." I need version 3.1 because it lets me zoom in on almost any text and make it really big, which I need for my vision problem. Any ideas, as updating to the latest version is nearly useless to me.



  2. Garmin had promised Mac support by Christmas 06 since their usb drivers do not work with Mac even with Virtual PC Windows on Mac. But just got this reply from Garmin:


    " To follow up, as far as I know, corporate is planning on making a

    statement on this support. I know this much, Garmin will be supporting our

    Fitness devices and its software on the Mac Platform very soon; Spring '07

    at the latest. At this time, we will be announcing a forecast on when our

    Outdoor and Automotive units will be available to interface with Mac, and I

    hoping it will not take the full '07 fiscal year. I am hoping late spring

    at the latest."


    Travelinterrriers :(

  3. Thank. I will see if I can figure out how to set my Streetpilot 2610 and 60csx units to Virtual Disk Mode.

    I also use MacGPSPro to load waypoints. It works great and their topo maps are good too, but cannot be loaded on Garmin units. John



    I've got a PowerBook G4. I use GPSBabel+ to load gpx files to my Garmin GPSMap 60csx. I also use the Garmin Mapsource software in Virtual PC to load maps. Like TravelinTerriers said, you can't use the Garmin drivers to connect the GPS to Virtual PC, but I've been able to put the GPS in Virtual Disk Mode so it shows up like a USB thumb drive. That way you can use Mapsource to load and retrieve maps from the GPS. Unfortunatley, you can't transfer waypoints or tracks that way. Just maps. And it's VERY slow. I will usually start the transfer and walk away for a while.


    Even with these inconveniences, I would never give up my mac or my 60 CSX!

  4. One item to add. With Garmin gps they are not Mac friendly at all. I have Virtual PC on Mac and can operate the Map Source software but the USB drivers Garmin uses will NOT connect a Mac to a Garmin gps even with Virtual PC. They promise Mac help by Christmas if you believe in Santa Clause. I had to buy a cheap PC to download maps, routes, waypoints etc. :laughing: John

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