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  1. You guys do realise thats illegal?


    The site isnt to ruin caching for anyone. It's for helping out people that are having trouble. There is a spoiler thing getting set up, and you can just get hints on how to solve the puzzles. If you want to figure it out all by yourself, then just don't use the site. Simple as that.

  2. A friend is working on a site, named GeoCheat. He is using a wiki so anyone can edit it. It's basically a site, where people can upload caches, mainly unknown and multi, and post the final co-ordinates, and how to solve the puzzle for puzzle caches.


    There are currently only about ten caches on GeoCheat.


    Is this legal? What do you guys think? Would any of you use a site like this? I know there are many times I've been stuck and wished that someone would point me in the right direction.



  3. So people will find it, silly! B)




    Seriously, I enjoy hiding as much as I do hunting.

    The Easter Bunny in me I guess. <_<


    I love to read the logs that people write, especially if the hide is a little bit out of the norm or has some creativity.

    I've got one micro lampost hide that isn't hid the way MOST LP hides are done.

    When people find it they are pleasantly surprized to NOT find a lame LP Micro.


    When I hide micros I try to use odd or creative containers, or depend on what people are used to finding to throw them off.

    So, when they do find it, it makes for an enjoyable find.

    YES, Even for a micro! B)


    And for my regular caches, I like to take people to a place that has some sort of historic meaning or a place with a nice view.


    D-man :D


  4. I would like a couple.... trade an LE for one of my upcoming LE's?

    I don't plan on making any LEs. Sorry. I might play around with other metals on another coin. Want to see how this one goes before complicating the process. <_<

    What's an LE ?

  5. Here's the pre-packaged message I got from the local admin:


    You are receiving this email because you are the owner of this listing.


    Location: Kentucky, United States

    KY Admin archived Crawlathon Geocaching Trail (Archived) (Not Published) (Event Cache) at 1/18/2006


    Log Date: 1/18/2006

    Greetings Kilted Cacher,


    I'm afraid I'm unable to list your event. The general rule for events is that they need to be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event date (as noted in the guidelines). At certain times, it may be a full 3 days before a reviewer is able to look at a cache submission. This, combined with the fact that new cache notices are only sent out once a week, means that it may be a full 10 days before the information about the event is distributed via email. And since a lot of people don't check their email every day, or only have access to email at work, the notification time frame can be even longer.


    Because of this, it's necessary for people to submit events in enough time to ensure that a significant number of people can be made aware of it. While it may be possible to directly notify a few people about it, events are meant to be open to everyone, so there needs to be enough time for people to find out about it through normal channels.


    It is great that you are representing Geocaching to the spelunkers, hope you have a good time.




    S-Gator - KY Admin

    Geocaching.com Volunteer Reviewer

    reply to: SubroGator@gmail.com

    refer to GCT2FX in your reply


    Here is a description of the event:


    Group get-together to help introduce geocaching to a new group of outdoor enthusiasts (Spelunkers).


    On Friday night around 8:30, a short 15 minute presentation will be given on Geocaching to a group of spelunkers who have never cached before. Then on Saturday morning, starting at 0830 hrs (8:30 a.m.) the first group of people will be heading out to do some caching along trails. Then every hour after that for about 6 hours a new group will leave to do caches. I would like to have several of us meet around 8:00 am at the main lodge to get organized and ready for the day's activities. There will be 12 caches placed throughout the park to find. Most of the people will probably not have their own GPSr, so if you have extra bring them. Just remember, this is an introduction to Geocaching, so nothing will be too difficult.


    This is a Caving weekend and not a geocaching weekend, so just remember that that will be their focus. We are there to offer an activity between their caving tours. Over the last few years, an average of 600-700 people attend this event each year. I am looking forward to this as a way of getting geocaching out to a new group of people.


    Crawlathon Website : (www.crawlathon.com)



    1. This event will happen whether gc.com approves or not. What I don't understand is that this will benefit gc.com by giving it exposure to a new large group of people.


    2. Is this a new guideline? I've seen several event caches, including mine, that were approved with less than two weeks until the event. If this was known, we would have tried to submit before the timeline.


    3. We just had a meeting with the officials running the Crawlathon on Saturday (which was two weeks exactly from the day of the event) to get the run-down of what we could do that weekend. Once we had the info and some of us sat down to talk about it, we submitted the cache for approval.


    4. I ask for someone to help out here and get this cache approved. I don't see a downside to not approving this cache.

    Just submit the cache, and say that the event wil be in 3 weeks ?

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