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  1. I solved a puzzle cache tonight and planned to go and get it, and discovered it needs a wireless beacon. On reading this thread I see iphone has geobeacon. I use an Android phone that has ANT. Does anyone know if there is a app for android yet that will read or interact with the chirp? I'm going to have to file a DNF if I can't get one because I'm not getting a GPS device yet and I don't know anyone with a GPS, let alone whether it would be chirp enabled.

  2. I'm pretty new to geocaching still but I like the idea of dummy containers. It adds an extra spin and can make things a little more challenging. I suppose not everyone is going to be pleased but it seems a shame to change a cache just to keep some happy when so many others love it!


    I agree, I may be a new player too, but as the other cache was close by I think it would be interesting to find. It's like the multi-level puzzle caches, where there could be red herrings.

  3. As a player who has just planted their first couple of caches, this thread has been very interesting as I really didn't know what the story was with giving hints for a FTF. It won't be happening anymore now that I have read the above. I do give a public hint and will continue to do that from time of publishing but the email hints won't be happening until after FTF from now on unless it has been in the field for some time and not found. Thanks for all the interesting comments and opinions. This newbie has learnt a lot

  4. Toss in a curve...

    try <right><img src=thefullwebadressofyourphotogoeshere><left>Roses are Red<\b>Violets Are Blue<\b>Most Poems Rhyme</b>But this one doesn't</b></b>


    I used table and it worked a treat. It was uploading the photo to the web I was unsure of, and I found I could upload it to the cache page and then use the link to place in in the table and manipulate it

  5. I'm sure this is locally variable.


    I'm going to quote a log of Capaldo's on FTF. This from a some years back. One of my favorite logs, ever:


    I was happily caching all by my lonesome for nearly a year before I came across a real live cacher and that

    was too soon. Until then, other cachers were only messages in log books or tracks in cyberspace to be

    deciphered like so much bear scat.


    Finally, I encountered Loki and Methos at Horrors of Spider Island . I'd just scored FTF and the most coveted trade

    item to boot. When I emerged from a thicket of pepper trees, they were just landing their kayaks, flush with the

    excitement of the hunt.

    Then they saw the GPS in my one hand and the shiny prize in the other, and their expressions suddenly hardened.

    The words we exchanged were civil, but the clicking of cold mental calculations was almost audible as our eyes

    warily darted back and forth. Clearly, I could easily have taken Methos, but Loki would have been on my throat

    as quickly and viciously as a panther the moment I moved on her mate. We parted under an unspoken, tenuous truce,

    with the knowledge that our next encounter would end with at least one shallow grave and unmarked waypoint.


    That's how it was back in the day and it was good. And now we have a Disneyfied reenactment of a once noble pursuit.

    That's all I got to say about that.

    That was one cool log! Love it

  6. 4. The OP seems to be a 'regular' member, therefore no 'Ignore List'. :(

    Interesting, I didn't realize that not everyone had the ability to ignore caches.


    Yep. All those smartphone newbies have to look at multi-caches, even though they don't know how to put coordinates for the 2nd and + stages in the phone. :ph34r:


    Just kidding, it's always been a Premium Feature since the day it came out, very early 2005.


    4. The OP seems to be a 'regular' member, therefore no 'Ignore List'.


    The OP is a sock puppet, so I am guessing they do indeed have an ignore list. Note the date the account was created.


    Just like I predicted, we see about one sock puppet incident a week. :D

    We all have to start somewhere, and I believe you, too, were a newbie once. How do we learn if we don't have a go?

  7. Hi, I am preparing my first cache to hide and I want to put a photo beside a poem but I don't want to make it a background image and cover the whole page. How do I add it to the description of my cache please? I can't seem to find it in help but then, that could be my search skills needing tweeking. Could someone give me some suggestions please

  8. No, a new owner of a coin cannot just wipe clean the logbook of the coin.

    A trackable is the same as a cache.

    When someone has moved or just seen the coin or TB and noted the number to look it up on the geocaching pages and then made the effort to log it, the log should never be deleted.

    Unless a log is not conform rules of geocaching.com.

    You can look it up: guidelines on Log Deletion.

    If there is a reviewer, you can ask him to unarchive the logs.

    I know one: Dominus Youp. If you write him an e-mail thru his profile, he will get them all back.

    Thanks Ruud4d, that is really good to know. I only have a couple logged yet but I look forward to building up by logged coins and TBs. I know I would be very disappointed to have a log wiped off just because someone chose to start a new goal. I'm putting this info where I can find it again.

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