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  1. Hey, I love The Princess Bride, was this some kind of ruse to get us to read the rules? (By the way, I did.)
  2. My husband and I have separate accounts, we thought that best since he caches on his lunch hour and I cache after work. We both cache together on the weekend. When we find a cache together, we both log it online, and I like reading his logs. I think the owners of the caches like reading the logs to see who's been there, and also to read about each person's experience. When I read my husband's logs, I get to see my experience from his eyes, and it's usually different from what I expected. Mars, Venus, etc.
  3. Welcome to Geocaching! What fun is in store for you and your family. That you can all share in the adventure is great. Yes, you can all trade as long as you each remember to trade even or trade up. It would be really tough on the kids to only have one choose at each cache. When we first started it was really cool and fun to see what was in the cache and trade, however many caches don't really have great stuff. My husband and I just sign the log now, but our 9 year old daughter can usually find something she wants. Unless it's a micro I leave a beaded bookmark that I make for my signature item. But we hardly ever take anything anymore, unless we see something we just have to have! Have fun caching and welcome to the addiction! Edited for clarity
  4. Sounds interesting, what's the name of that cache anyway? Seeking After Signs… by Bob & Seanette Blaylock [profile] N 38° 36.090 W 121° 25.643 UTM: 10S E 636940 N 4273728 SW 7.4mi from your home coordinates. or convert to NAD27 at Jeeep.com Click icon to download: Read about waypoint downloads In California, United States [view map] Hidden: 2/26/2005 Use waypoint: GCMY28 (what's this?) Sorry, I don't know how to make it a link. This was quite a tricky cache, but very fun and I felt like I accomplished something when I figured it out. One of those Aha! moments.
  5. I found a mystery cache once that had stage 1 right in the middle of a mall. It was difficult to get to using the GPSr, but a very fun cache, I had to use my wits to find it. I don't know about all the rules, but if they say yes, I say go for it, it sounds like fun!
  6. Hmmm, maybe that's why my 18 year old got a fix it ticket.
  7. I saw them at WinCo, but I just bought a box of 14 different sizes (28 piece set) at Costco for about 20 bucks. Great deal, some I'll use for the kitchen, and some for caches. Good luck!
  8. My husband parked his car at the local lightrail station, only to find his window broken and his Garmin gone. It was on a windshield mount. That's all they took, just the garmin. I thought it must have looked like a big neon light, "Come get me!" He looked for it on Craigslist for a while, but it never appeared there. He still uses a windshield mount with his new GPSr, but takes the garmin with him when he leaves the car. He has never been pulled over for having it on his windshield though. My 18 year old son got a fix-it ticket for having his graduation tassle hanging from his rearview mirror. I don't have a front license plate and two of my sons took their driving test in my van, never had a problem, and I've never been pulled over for it either. But I'm waiting for the day....
  9. I guess it's safe to say this cache got muggled.
  10. I don't know what your coins look like, and I imagine there are people who collect WWII memorabilia, but if I came across something with a swastika on it in a cache, I would be highly offended. There must be a place that wants them, an exhibit of some sort, or museum. I came back from a trip to China recently and had extra yuan coins. I have left those, they are fun to find and cheap (about 12 cents each) and small. Nazi coins though, what does everyone else think?
  11. There's one around here called Clue. You have to find all six single caches before you can get to the final cache. Then you know who did what with what in what room. Unfortunately a few of the caches are temporarily disabled, so I don't want to start the series until they are all up and running. But for those doing it for the numbers, you can do this one over time and get 7 cache finds for doing it. Since they are not all in one park, but spread out over several miles, you can take your time and click them off one at a time.
  12. Try this: Go to one of the caches you found, and halfway down the page, you will see "Find all nearby caches". Click on that, and it will show you all the caches radiating out, in order of distance. Assuming the cache was near the ones you did find, seeing the title of the cache might jog your memory as to which it was. Good luck!
  13. There are a couple of multi's in our area that have the first stage on the back or side of a stop sign, about 6 feet off the ground. The clear sticker is a bar code with the numbers underneath being the coords for the next stage. The first one was very tricky, looked like it should be there. I looked at it several times before I realized it was stage 1. The second also had a barcode and coords, but also a code for a combination lock that was keeping the cache safe. If you forgot to write the combination down, you had to go back to stage 1 before you could open the cache. Very clever also. Now that I know what I'm looking for, those are easier. Some cache hiders can make thier hides look very official. Good luck!
  14. Yes, I have to add my name to the constantly list. My husband is starting to say, "I'm glad you're into this, but I'm afraid there are some things that are being neglected elsewhere." I tell him I take our daughter with me. It's only because I have more finds than him and he wants me to settle down so he can catch up! I dream about it too. Last night I had a dream (that seemed to go on for hours) that I was caching and I could see the cache, but couldn't get to it no matter how hard I tried. Woke up and thought, "Thank goodness that was only a dream!"
  15. Sorry to be naive, but what is a mime?
  16. There is one near us called Hogan's Cache, I believe. There are red herrings around and you are warned they are there. I found one, and there was a note inside saying, "Nope, keep looking." When we did find the real one, it was pretty clever.
  17. I like seeing the numbers. I'm not in competition with anyone else, but if I can't find a cache and I see someone else has logged a DNF also, and they have 1095 finds, I feel better that maybe the cache is gone. If someone logs a DNF and has 5 finds, I think maybe I might have missed something and need to go back. I have only been doing this a few months but I am finding it to be a pet peeve of mine that I search for a non-existant cache that hasn't been found for months. At least I know that if experienced eyes haven't been able to find it, it probably isn't there anymore.
  18. We don't get snow in Sacramento, but I have seen lots of trails leading to a bare spot in the ivy, around a tree trunk, etc. My family calls this a geopath and my 9 year old daughter wants to follow ALL trails we see, thinking they might lead to a cache. Yes, a big blinking arrow with a megaphone saying "THE CACHE IS HERE!!"
  19. Last weekend, while searching for a cache, we accidently found stage 2 of a multi very close to the cache we were searching for. On the cache page, the owner of the regular cache states their cache is close to stage 2 of a multi and they didn't know it when they planted their cache. We never went back for stage 1, we'll just find stage 3. Does that mean we will only get 2/3 of a smiley?
  20. We went on a night cache recently (one that could only be done at night, set up with reflectors in the woods) and it was the BEST cache fun we've had. Kind of spooky with beavers splashing nearby and a full moon. Can't wait to do another like that. We have also night cached for ordinary caches, and I always feel wierd looking through bushes with a flashlight, people drive by slowly, presumably to write down our license plate numbers. It is easier during the day, you can see more and the cache usually stands out more, but caching at night is fun. There were a few that I wouldn't want to do at night, along cliffs, etc. I guess what I'm really trying to say is: If you hide it, I will come find it.
  21. As everyone else said, it takes a bit of time. There are very clever hides out there, and although I have only found 115 (compared to some cachers around here that have found thousands) my geosenses are kicking in and I can spot them much more easily now. The first day we logged a few DNF's and I was a bit frustrated. Then, as we found more and more, we got our confidence up. We are still logging DNF's, when the cache is right in front of us, but not so often. Sometimes we can walk up and say, "There it is", and others well.... Every day we cache, we find a new and unique way of hiding a cache. As someone else in another post said, it's pitting your life skills of finding things against someone else's life skills of hiding things, and seeing who can out think the other. Sometimes we have found a cache by standing back and looking at the scene, and wondering where we would hide a cache there if we were the hiders. That has helped in the past also. Good luck and welcome to the addicting world of geocaching.
  22. Today my husband, daughter and I spent the day geocaching. He said about halfway through that this is making our marriage stronger. It's something we both love to do together, he is more of the techo guy and I love the search and find part. But we both love finding new places, new parks we never knew existed, exploring landmarks that we've only driven by at 60 mph, and slowing down and enjoying each others company. We do find a lot of crap in caches, but we hardly ever take anything. I leave something in every cache that's not a micro, something fun and useful for the next person. We also like to cache in and trash out, we feel like we are giving something back to the place that gave us enjoyment. If we had stayed at home today, he would have watched TV most of the day, and I would have flipped through boring magazines, talked to friends on the phone about nothing, and instead, we had a wonderful day of family time and found 18 caches to boot! We live in California and we even got hailed on today, and liked it! Also, I like figuring out the puzzle of it, and solving the riddle or second stage of a multi. Keeps Alzheimers away. Geocaching is not for everyone, but I love it, and I hope you can enjoy it after you get a few more under your belt. If not, and you want to sell your GPSr cheap, let me know.
  23. Thanks everyone, Some of these look great! My husband does the PQ GSAK thing, so I'll have him look into it. Thanks for all of your ideas, I might run into you caching one night!
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