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  1. What if I'm too short to reach it, but can see it. Do I get a smiley?
  2. Well, it would have to be my husband of course. And if he doesn't read the forums, it would be Bond, James Bond. All those cool gadgets, they would certainly help find some great caches! And not so hard on the eyes either!
  3. Thanks everyone for the useful information. I haven't seen anymore since the original post. When we cache I tend to be constantly looking at my legs for ticks. It has been hot here and I wore shorts last week. I have a mole mid shin that is about the same shape, size and color of a tick. Well, you can bet that faked me out many times throughout the day! We have been using DEET and doing tick checks frequently, but even though nothing is there, I still feel creepy crawly things here and there. I usually jump up, shake and look, only to find nothing. The mind plays some evil tricks sometimes. < <
  4. I really don't like blue frownies, but if I came across this cache, and the option was to shoo away the bees and sign the log, or take the frownie, the frownie would win hands down! In fact, I'd probably be running back to the van and call it a day! I DON'T like bees. Probably from an unfortunate incident that involved a sting in my nose when I was a kid. Shudder.
  5. haha I live sort of close to you about 2 to 4 hours depending on how fast you drive. I am a tick magnet ticks in my area are getting a little bad im finding alot more of the smaller ones then the bigger ones though. I have been bitten a couple times and no matter what it always leaves a scar. Usually what I will have to do after a I get back from a hike is strip wash your clothes right away and and take a shower 3 or 4 times you may still find one floating around somewhere. After.... everytime you have an itch on your arm you will end up thinking it's a tick. Also when going out try to where light colored clothes so you can see them better when they crawl on you. But most important when you get back get out of the clothes and get them in the wash cause you might miss one and it may drop when you get in the house. Just becareful when walking through brush I try to avoid it and find an alternate route if you can't find one run like a little school girl to area waving your hands in the air to a more clear area. Lately I have been also seeing a few of these in my area, I have never seen one in the 18 years I lived in this house and just one day I was sitting in my house and I see this huge brown thing flying thing in my house so I caught it. They are HUGE this one was close to about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. I don't know what they are but I do know they hurt though when you get bitten by one. I probably wouldn't like to see that flying at me either. I remember visiting Pennsylvania when I was a kid and being bitten by deer flies. They really hurt too! I guess I don't like any creepy crawly things in the house, or on me. That's why we have the Venus Fly Trap, to get rid of anything that shouldn't be here. It's pretty healthy, and my daughter loves seeing it eat!
  6. Yesterday evening about 7 pm we found a cache near a local business. We had to walk about 10 feet through knee high grass to find the cache. No problem, signed log, traded TB's and were on our way. Had a good evening and went to bed about 11. At midnight I was woken up by something crawling near my leg. I tried to shake it off and go back to sleep. I felt it again, and jumped out of bed and turned on the light, expecting to find a spider. When I threw back the (luckily yellow) sheets, my husband saw a tick walking around. IN MY BED!!! So, I let it crawl on a piece a paper and fed it to the Venus Flytrap in the kitchen and then TRIED to go back to sleep. I laid there for an hour and a half waiting... I knew if there was one, there may be others. And where in the heck was that thing hiding for the last five hours? No bites on anyone, but ugghh! I finally fell asleep and dreamed about ticks all night. Today the sheets get a wash in hot water. Here is my question. Are the ticks worse this year? Or is it that we are new to geocaching? We've walked through the woods with the girl scouts, boy scouts and just the family before, and never had a problem. Now we walk 10 feet through grass by a business and gets ticks in the bed. This is our fourth tick encounter this spring, even using DEET sometimes. Are there superticks in Sacramento? Do I have to put off geocaching until it's cold? Help! Signed, Sleepless in Sacramento
  7. I'm still trying to figure out TOTT. I see it in logs around here and I think it is some sort of reaching or grabbing device. Anybody know that one? Took Out The Trash? Just guessing though.
  8. I loved this book, and think about it often, especially when tempted to eat a Snickers bar in the woods!
  9. I checked my calendar for August 3, 2035 and I'm free. Count me in!
  10. Hi, I don't have an avatar, but like the ones I see here. I was wondering if you could make one for me? I like the G stick figure, and since I am a nurse, I thought a stick G with feet (kind of running) and a nurse hat (although I don't wear one) with a GPS in one hand and a syringe in the other. I don't know if this is possible, but I work to pay for my caching habit, so it seems appropriate to have both in my hands! Thanks in advance, rnlorna
  11. We just spent a week geocaching in Oregon and although we didn't find this cache, GCRQ68 I did notice it was close by. I can't post a link, but the name of it is PECKER. Something to do with woodpeckers, I suppose.
  12. Mirrors are useful in searching for some of the caches around here, you can get some small handheld mirrors pretty cheap, and if they are unbreakable, even better! I would love to come across your cache. A cache for cachers. Pretty cool idea. Of course, my daughter would wonder where the McToy is.
  13. I guess you are going to have very tiny sandwiches in your lunch for the next several years.
  14. Oh, you can close this, I just read the thread halfway down the page. Sorry
  15. I was caching today and it started raining, hey just a little sprinkle, no problem. Then bigger drops, I'll stand under this tree for a bit till it clears up. Then hail, well I'll start the half mile back to my van. Then when the thunder and lightning started and I was on a bridge, I started to get worried. Happy to report, I am now warm and dry and alive. Ready for my next caching adventure!
  16. I just got an email from Zoomerang: From : Geocaching Survey <survey@geocaching.com> Reply-To : survey@geocaching.com Sent : Tuesday, March 28, 2006 11:18 AM To : edited here for my email address Subject : Geocaching Survey Invite | | Junk E-Mail | Inbox We've identified this mail as junk. Please tell us if we were right or wrong by clicking Junk or Not Junk You are invited to participate in this brief 5 – 7 minute survey regarding your use and satisfaction with geocaching.com. All responses will remain confidential and used in accordance with Groundspeak’s privacy policy. View Privacy Policy This survey link will be active until April 14th. We value your feedback and look forward to learning how we can better serve the entire geocaching community. Thank you, The Groundspeak Team http://www.zoomerang.com/survey.zgi?p=U24JSTU9X2H6 Is this from geocaching? Or that other N****cache site, spying on geocaching members? It asked questions about my age, education, income, etc. Is this legit? Has anyone else received this email. I did fill it out, but did not give any overly personal information.
  17. Wal Mart, I got 100 bags for 97 cents, plus tax. They are in the craft/fabric section.
  18. That line show up on everyone's log when they look at a cache page from their own account. Mine says it too. That's so you can edit for spelling errors, wrong date etc. The image part is for when you want to load a picture you took during your caching adventure. (Not the cache or hiding place, that would be giving away too much information). However, if you happen to see something special on the way, or have a good shot of your family, or are celebrating a special find, you are free to upload it for others to view. You can look at the pictures other people too also. Welcome to geocaching, it will change your life!
  19. Yes, mine does too! Three, all placed by the same hider. Sheesh.
  20. This log is from the Be My Valentine? cache GCTAJ5. This is the wife of the cacher who hid the cache. I'll bet he was hoping she would hurry up and go find the cache! I don't know if I'd be as brave as he was. February 4 by Mc5 (827 found) FTL! (I missed FTF by mere minutes!) Jeo told me "Hurry up honey - there's a new cache you're really gonna like" so I looked at the page, got the coords, looked for "valentine" rocks to trade, grabbed my coat and was out the door. Quickly got to the cache site but had to wait a long time for muggles to leave. Then I went for the cache and there were 2 tins hidden - so I grabbed them both and got back in the (warm) car to check them out and sign the log. The little one was labeled "For Mc5"!! (so now I know why he was hurrying me up) Inside, DIAMOND EARRINGS! I was feeling pretty confident when I opened the other one to sign the log, and what did I see there at the top - Trakd was here already! (the cache had only been approved for a few minutes!!!!) So I signed the log, left a few valentiny things and some girly rocks, took DIAMOND EARRINGS. Thanx for the cache, Jeo! [view this log on a separate page]
  21. I just heard on the news that a package was left near the White House and they have called in the bomb squad. You don't think this could be a geocache, do you?
  22. Thanks, that will work even better! I've seen clear stickers with bar codes on them and the lat long numbers underneath. They sure look professional (like they are supposed to be there) and I was wondering how I was going to make that. This will be SO much easier! Now, to do the camo for stage 2. Thanks!
  23. Twice now, I have solved mystery cache puzzles that clearly stated "The cache is not at the posted coordinates." I solved the puzzle, wrote down the correct coords and went out caching. I forgot to input the corrected coords into the GPSr and wound up wandering around pricker bushes for a while before remembering (and hitting myself in the forehead) that I have a set of coords that will actually work! Once I started following the correct coords, it was much easier to find the cache! You'd think I would have learned after the first time....
  24. Hi everyone, I've found 175 caches, and now I think I'm ready to hide one. I would like to do a 2 part multi with the coords for the cache on a pedestrian overcrossing. I would put a sticker somewhere in the middle of the overpass. This is just for foot traffic, but it does go over the interstate. It is a fun place to stand and watch the traffic below. I did a search and didn't see this particular question. Thanks in advance,
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