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  1. My guess is that so many people complained, that they got fed up with it. The reasons listed in the help center article makes perfect sense. I think it's a good thing that Groundspeak doesn't waste developer time supporting less than 0.003% of the world's active caches.
  2. If I park my car today, and don't drive it anywhere until 2030, it's still a car...
  3. thomfre

    New dashboard

    That is something you will have to report to GCVote.
  4. Considering the page is still an active work in progress by Groundspeak, with many changes and updates to be expected, significant and minor, it's not really feasible to make an official release to share; I'll likely be making just as many updates, more for technical curiosity than an attempt at keeping a working final script for propagation. We'll see what happens with the final result Groundspeak actually pushes to everyone when it becomes the default dashboard page (sounds like at least a couple of months down the road) I got inspired by this to play around a bit myself. This is my version of the dashboard. I added a search box that takes me directly to the map. That was easy to add, and a lot more useful than I first thought. Perhaps something like this this can be permanently added to the tool section?
  5. Thank you! And thank you for letting us know Now that would be awesome. But I think everyone understand that having 7 million users isn't easy. That's a lot of opinions... Yep! That is the plan for a future release this summer. We know that a lot of folks love mixing their photography hobby with their geocaching hobby and we want to provide a place for people to show off their pics in a prominent spot. We are also looking at it as another way for people to show a bit more of 'who they are' and offer a bit of personalization for the profile space. Awesome! I think geocaching and photography is a perfect match, so I look forward to this. It's a nice way to make the profile page more personal.
  6. This is a bit off topic, but illustrates very well why the minority shouldn't be ignored: what if car manufacturers started to move the seat belts and the turn signals to the trunk, since only about 2.4% use them anyway...
  7. Thanks for the feedback. We've heard a cry for larger images in the past. With that feedback in mind, we designed it with the balance of making the images larger, but bringing the most used links to the top of the page. We'll be paying attention to feedback like this and watching how folks use the page when we move forward with future changes. I like the larger image. Will we be able to change the header image on our own profile?
  8. I've noticed that you've done a lot differently already. You told us about this change in the last newsletter (perfect, that's the kind of news that you should give us!) And we got to see more details in the blog, before any change is actually happening. I also really appreciate that you participate in this thread, and answers questions. I hope this is the new way, and that you continue to notify us about changes ahead of time, provide answers in the forum and listen to our feedback (which it looks like you do). Huge thumbs up for making this opt in, and listening to feedback! I understand that you get a lot of feedback, and that it's (almost) impossible to please everyone. And I accept that I won't always agree with you on your decisions. That's a lot easier to accept when you actually keep us informed, and tell us the reasons for doing changes. Like you're doing now. Thanks! With that said, I really hope you can consider keeping the send email. I don't understand that a simple form can be that much to maintain And it is used, a lot. Some old earthcache and virtual cache owners only accept answers through email. I would hate to see them archive their caches. And the reviewers also only accept email. Will you be adding the message center to reviewer profiles, or will it be impossible to contact reviewers after this change? When I go to someones profile, the information I'm looking for is usually Bio/about, caches owned/found and statistics. In that order. And when someone view my profile, it's the information in the about tab that I want them to see first. Could you please consider keeping the about tab as default, or maybe allow me to select which tab is default on my profile? Or you could make it default for all profiles that have content in it, that would be the best.
  9. You can use this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSftPv_ptrr1vlCHRHyMwx61OXpJFJMFqh3elcWH0Xcq6ew4ww/viewform (the link was in the bottom of the blog post)
  10. I guess this doesn't apply to the API. I've backdated NM logs several times (yes, I did check the recent logs first)...
  11. Was going to log Will Attend now, and Attended was selected as default. The event is in June. I though Attended was removed until the day of the event. Am I remembering wrong, or was that app only? The event is a CITO event, if that makes any difference.
  12. What freightens me the most, is that there's no response from Groundspeak on the question if both website and API eventually will be limited to one picture per log. I tried emailing them as well, and were told they didn't share details like that. Please Groundspeak, don't take away the possibility to upload multiple photos! I'm willing to pay ten times the PM fee just to keep that functionality!
  13. And there is the problem. It used to work perfectly, now it's "just fine", for some use cases. I don't see why the website needs to be mobile only, when we already have the app. But, it does look like they listen to some feedback. So there's still hope
  14. We bring that device with us when caching around the world. And I haven't changed the settings since our last US trip. But yes, I am a bit weird
  15. Guss I need to show mine from both sides: It has plenty of room for tools of the trade etc, and I let people sign the (trackable) wall inside: The car might not be as nice as other cars in this thread, but at least it's well equipped for geocaching!
  16. Thank you for giving us the option to opt out Could you please let us know if it will be possible to add more than one picture in the future? (or at least that you won't be restricting the number sent when logging through the API) I regularly post pictures with my logs, and a lot of times I post several pictures. I would really hate to see that possibility disappear. Thank you! This is a nice improvement But I can't actually see it anywhere. I've checked trackables in my inventory, trackables I own and trackables I have recently discovrered. None of them show this.
  17. I'm not seeing that many preforms. I think that's because pill bottles are more accessible and much cheaper--mostly free. In Europe it's completely opposite. We see a lot of preforms, but almost no pill bottles.
  18. It's great that you make improvements. But can you please stop removing functionality? I would rather have the old site just like it is, without a single improvement, than loose even more functionality. You are removing stuff people use. And you have been doing that a lot lately. I understand that you have to make decisions, and I understand that we can't get everything right away. But if you at least could recognize our needs, and say that it will come some time in the not to far away future (like preview of markdown). Just saying that there's no plan to make it, does make it feel like our feedback isn't that important to you.
  19. More info here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=344002
  20. Can you please give this issue priority, and make a permanent fix? This is happening quite often now...
  21. Of course they have! They have the option to become premium members
  22. The biggest problem is the official app, and even the website. The few double logs I've experienced, was through GSAK. And then the API returned an error message saying the log wasn't saved (GSAK let you see the errors coming from the API). But it was... So the problem is not in the 3rd party apps.
  23. That's true. And the time zone change was the most important one anyway.
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