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  1. I like the look and feel of the new design. One suggestion for the ignore list - would it be possible to check a large number of caches to ignore at one time. Something similiar to the waypoint checkbox that appears on the search page. There is one cacher in my area who has strewn a couple of hundred annoying microcaches everywhere and I would like to ignore his caches without having to go into each and everyone and put it on the ignore list. Thanks.

  2. Check out the article on Bob and Dan's Amazing Race Application Video Travel Bug in the Travel Bug section of this month's Todays Cacher. (www.todayscacher.com) I think this video travel bug is the first of it's kind. Let me know what you think. Has there been another Travel Bug like this before?? Wish us luck. Thanks everyone! :unsure:


    P.S. - If you want to view this bug, the reference number is: TBG1K5

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