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  1. I'd be in for a few of these. The design looks great!
  2. When I saw the post title, I was expecting a geocoin welded to a jeep with the tracking number facing out. But the attached jeep is a cool idea.
  3. When I got into geocaching and found out about geocoins, I wanted to collect most of them, being a coin collector. As time has worn on, I've only been collecting ones with really cool designs. I often try to get coins that are more universal coin wise and don't have writing that relates to a specific user or event. I only get one of each coin unless it's super duper cool (like the ROT13 coin), and never get more than one of a series, except in the case of the AT coins, which I have to collect, being an AT maintainer and all. -hybridgeek
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I'll place the cache in some other way. I'll also be sure to check if there are any special rules for the state park I'm leaving it in.
  5. I still need to get the forms to gain approval to place the cache. But that's a good point, it may not be because of that.
  6. Hey folks, I'm planning to place my first cache, and have an idea that I notice is technically is against the rules for placing caches. Before I begin, the rule I'm referring to is: Now, my idea is to dig a hole into a decently steep hillside (not steep enough kids can't walk down it) deep enough for an ammo box. The hole will be deep enough that the ammo box can be slid into the passage and be completely under the hill (with the front of the box being at the very front of the opening... not like 3 feet in from the opening or anything). I will build a wooden box (without one side for the access) just large enough to put the ammo box (and have some room for it to move around), and place it into the hill to hold up the ground around the box, and prevent it from caving in. I then figure I can pile up some rocks over the entrance, or perhaps lay a log (fallen tree... not a cache log ) across it and have a section cut out so you'd only have to move a tiny peice to actually get to the cache. This cache would not require any tools or digging of any kind to get to it. The opening could be covered by any number of means, including a leaf blanket if stones or a log seems too much. This comes about because the area close to my house in the State Park I want to place the cache is frequented by high school skippers, delinquents, druggies, etc. The local high school backs to the woods, and often times I find high schoolers down there in the middle of the day doing [insert bad things]. I'm pretty sure they would take the contents, or scatter the contents and take the box if they found it, and would like to provide a little more security since I am going to use an ammo box (a bit more costly than a tupperware container). I think a cache hidden like this would protect it from muggles, protect the cache itself from weather, and be easier to hide back again. This cache would possibly make it really easy to get to in the winter as well, since only the opening has to be uncovered (and the box would be cozy inside). Let me know what you all think of this, and if you think it would be ok to do this. If so, I'll contact Groundspeak with the plan (unless someone from Groundspeak is hanging around here??). Thanks! Hybridgeek
  7. It wouldn't surprise me if I go out caching today (day off, whoo!) and come back to find them all sold out...
  8. crake, I love this coin (as I do all of your coins) and will definitely pick up at least 2 sets! Thanks for coming up with such great coins (you're not helping my addiction however )! Keep up the good work! -hybridgeek
  9. Hey all, I've got a small question concerning the new TB tags, and Travel bugs in general. The first TB I got and released was one of the old style ones, and it was obvious the COPY tag was intended to be kept. With the new tags, the chain they include is attached to the COPY tag, and no chain is attached to the normal tag. It makes sense to me that the chain would be on the normal tag for attaching things and leaving it in a cache. Are the COPY tags supposed to be released now? Or did they just have something else in mind when attaching the chains? I know this is nothing really big or anything, and the chain can be easily moved, but I want to make sure I'm doing it right before I send out the next four bugs I got. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. I got one of the normal gold ones and love it! I wish I could get another, but it would seem the posting of the pre-release URL sold them all out fast as can be. Perhaps people can obide by the request of geoswag and not release their pre-order URL. If the coin isn't sold out by the people that buy tons at a time, then it will appear for normal sale in good time. My rant is done... normal conversations can now proceed.
  11. I tossed in my order earlier! Thanks for offering this brave new idea at a great price!
  12. I'm a bit confused, you say the coin stamped COPY is to be released into the wild, and mention it in relation to travel bugs... With travel bugs, isn't the COPY the tag that is kept? If not, I messed up big time... In any case, count me in for a set. I'll definitely release it into the wild as designed. Like another poster, I think I'd like the silver coin as the keeper though (silver coins rock). Add me to your list! -Brian P.S. Please note, I changed my GC.com name from bacall213 to hybridgeek a while ago, and the forum account name just transferred over and is showing up sometimes as one, other times as the other.
  13. I think it would be totally awesome if this coin was minted. The idea for a bolt that would go into it would be so killer!!! I'll keep an eye out here. You can count on me buying at least 2. Brian
  14. Sent an email for one set! Great job! Brian
  15. I think this is an absolutely beautiful coin, but having some heritage in the Isle of Man, I really think the logo side should have the three leg pinwheel icon that most often symbolizes the Isle of Man. I know nothing can be done about it now, but if anyone wanted to set out and make a new Isle of Man coin with the three leg pinhweel icon and maybe something a little more creative on the back, I assure you I'd buy a ton! If anyone is interested in doing so and wants someone to do a little research, or find images of the logo to use, let me know! Thanks, Brian
  16. I've love to pre-order one if they're still available, but the link isn't working. Are there any still available???
  17. RabidJack, Thanks for the information. It's very helpful. If I can't get through to Magellan again about them simply replacing it, I may try to return it; I bought it from Newegg a few months ago, so I'm not sure that's possible. Twister, Thanks also for letting me know you didn't have any problems. That lets me know that some are good, and that the problems may just be manufacturing defects. Thanks! Anyone else with experiences with the Ex600 are welcome to chime in!! Brian
  18. Hey all, I bought a Megallan Explorist 600 just recently and received it with a few problems. It has a super bright spot at the bottom of the screen with a slightly darker spot above that, and then lighter again at the very top. Then on the map screen, the mile marker that shows the scale, doesn't show the left edge marker, like the screen is shifted over one pixel. The joystick is also a bit sluggish. So.... I sent it back to Magellan and they "repaired" it free, but it is the same unit (as far as I can tell, same problems, and the detailed map I had before, which was linked to the previous serial number, still works), and with absolutely no fixes at all!!! I was wondering, what do you all think about Magellan service? Do you think I should send it back? My other question is whether or not anyone else out there has any of these same problems with their Ex600's or perhaps Ex500's? The bright spot is very annoying, and I am planning on complaining, but I'd like to know if perhaps they had a major manufacturing error in all their units. Any advice/help/support/comments would be greatly appreciated! Brian
  19. Hi all, I have a bit of confusion on the latest firmware update for the Explorist 600. On the Magellan Explorist 600 update site, the link for the firmware update is to a file, eX500v2_03.exe, which is the same firmware update file as the Explorist 500. Is the firmware the same for both the 500 and the 600? Thanks, Brian
  20. That is all very excellent news! Thank you all for such promising news! I'm a hiker (as opposed to a driving GPS user), so I don't intend to use the GPS for road routing at all (I heard the smaller units aren't that great anyway for routing). The backlight and screen was my major concern, but it's really good to know now that it is very easily read and whatnot. Thank you all again for you help. Brian
  21. Hi all, I recently received an Explorist 400 for Christmas from my parents as my first GPS, but had to return it because I couldn't distinguish the topographical features no the grayscale screen. I upgraded instead to a Explorist 600 (from newegg.com + buymagellan.com). I haven't received it yet, but I'm looking for a bit of forward advice and expertise. I note the screen on the Vista C is supposidly daylight visible (and I know some LCDs are, but some aren't, despite advertising), is this true? The Explorist 500 and 600 is advertised as being visible in all lighting conditions, but not explicitly daylight visible, nor have I seen anyones take on it. Also, how would you all rate the Vista C compared to the Explorist 600? I was originally looking at the Vista C before I received a Magellan, but after working with the screens and especially the keypad on the Magellans, I'm not sure I could use that left handed positioned joystick on the Garmins. How about the screen brightness? I have heard the 600 needs to be on low all the time, and it lasts the 17 hours on that settings, but is it usable on that setting? I guess what I'm looking for is a little heads up for what to expect from the color display here. I'm seeing that the more expensive ones are 256 color at least, and the Explorists are 16 color. Unfortunately my Christmas present only covered $200 in cost, and the package I put together for my first GPS package consisted of the unit, basic case, Topo 3D USA, and 1 GB SD card; to say the least, I was trying to minimize costs, stick with Magellan and a package that stays pretty cheap (first unit...). If anyone can give me any heads up here, and/or any additional information for my first unit, please feel free to share Thanks, Brian
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