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  1. Removed the geo coin no as asked!! I have collected the coin and will hide it without putting the location Regards from a newbie x
  2. Hi looking , For large cashe in warwickshire, B955hz Is the oostcode where we will be in the new few days, Please help so i can move a found geo 250 coin on its travells Regards Paul / Cathy
  3. Hi there is there a way to trace the owner and log the founf 250 geo coin i found today. I will move it as requestered , but would love to say hi The geo coin no is
  4. Hi , to the geo casher who left the 250 GEO coin in ledbury, I found it today in (LEDBURY HUNT) I will move it to warwickshire in the next few days Regards paul vp uk Gloucester uk
  5. is there a local pub meet or coffee meet,weekend meet etc anywhere in gloucestershire uk. cheers from the new old boy lol
  6. well finally getting hang of this.- went to ledbury this weekend found five by varoius parts of town, another evening at home , cant go out twisted my knee, being a man its major hurt LOL anyway off to devon tomm for overnight , will c if i find any down there in between work stops. still looking for any other casheres out there who would like a bit of like minded company,. cheers from this old boy. paul vp gloucester uk
  7. 9.00 glouceser uk . sunday pooring down here , sat here waiting for a break in the weather. i dont know what these folks who live in areas where the weather is so bad do all day, ok we know they are couples lol. but really stranded in your home not watching tv, boring any geo folks in gloucester want to meet for a coffee somewhere ,,,? paul 58 male,
  8. Happy for any geo hunting invites at the weekends or evenins. cheers for now paul
  9. well as i am a virgin geo nutt , only done 8 so far, i have ordered some geo cards to leave in the med and larger finds . 250 from vista print £7 . just learning so i have allready twigged you need plasters wet wipes in van for buttie time towel etc. carring pen and pencil gps on i phone and my old garmin i used for off roading (landrover days) i few years ago looking forward to meeting a few local cashers soon ,,,? cheers paul
  10. I keep mine in my hand. LOL. Obviously I ment, when i'm not using it. ;-) And my little stick of Blackpool rock.
  11. MY name is paul , i live in gloucester uk. only just joined after a nice person showed me the way. love doing the hunting , any of you geo nutters live near me say hello, not been to any meets yet but the weather looks friendly and even if its not i got a coat and wellys. cheers hope to meet a few of you soon , any good un's near me? cheers paul
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