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  1. My thoughts. OGA is in it's infancy. Great steps have been taken to date. Good progress has been made. Kudos to BQ for taking on the leadership role with such professionalism. The weekly discussions have been great. The website is coming along nicely. ----------- My comments. It makes perfect sense, first and foremost, that the OGA gets its feet wet dealing with the government at a local level. Sheesh. OGA is brand new. Don't expect miracles in the first week. Colin can perform his miracles later. I think it would benefit us all if we could exchange thoughts with other provincial Geocaching organizations. A Canada-wide association? Why? I don't personally think that local chapters are needed at this early stage. If it does become necessary in the future, I would expect any number of seasoned, experienced geocachers to step right up. As it stands, we already have a number of regional representative positions. Some of these positions are vacant. Want to make a difference? Offer to handle an area. Um... there have already been many province-wide cache events for all to enjoy. Four GAG events (in Ontario). Two GAGAFAP events. Two Cupids Cache events. More of each are scheduled. Plus a plethora of restaurant based events. It's not up to the OGA to run all these events. It's up to individual geocachers to do the organizing. You want to run an event? Great! Set it up. You can expect anywhere from 50 to 100+ attendees. I'm sure your event would be approved for listing on the OGA website too! Not a single pub night to date has been an OGA event. The fact that there has been a lot of OGA organization discussion at these events simply speaks to the interest on the part of the Geocachers that have attended the events. I don't believe we've had a single event where kids wouldn't be welcomed. If the fact that some of the folks are having a beer or two bothers you, then by all means, stay away. If you want to host your own event, go ahead. Pick a venue and a date! -TT- The further I travel, the more I learn. Ad nauseum forum posting won't get you any closer to geocaching. Get out and have some fun.
  2. OGA Logo Rev 6e is FINAL FINAL !
  3. For what it's worth, the logo was designed for application on a light colour. It looks terrible on medium-dark and dark colours. -TT-
  4. Cleaning up the image for 5B. Will send it to Keith asap for incorporation into the site. Final design should not be altered (other than resizing for various uses) from what was agreed upon on Wednesday. edit: oops... forgot the logo!
  5. Based on some of the suggestions I've made some revisions... Moved the compass rose to the centre and placed the trillium inside OGA_Logo_Rev3a_300x300.jpg Same image, no trillium OGA_Logo_Rev3b_300x300.jpg If you want to see some more revisions in "real time", I'd be happy to entertain ideas during the chat tomorrow night.
  6. Cachengrab and Hard Oiler were working from a very old version of the logo. I had altered the direction of the compass rose to reflect a truer orientation. (I think ) -TT-
  7. If you decide to keep the trillium, keep in mind that I can set the transparency at any value at all. I only provided the two samples to illustrate what could be done. For that matter, I can make the trillium bigger, smaller, and rotate it as well. What you see in my last post is just my own preference. -TT-
  8. For those that were waiting for the updated OGA logo... First of all, I wasn't pleased with any of the maple leaf designs... didn't seem really appropriate for an Ontario group. So I didn't upload any of them. The final Trillium logo is presented here in two formats... The first, with the trillium design quite prominent. The second, with the trillium design at a 10% transparency value...almost like a watermark. OGA_Logo_Rev2a_300x300 OGA_Logo_Rev2b_300x300 -TT-
  9. I'm working on two concepts at the moment... One with a trillium, another with a maple leaf. Each will be inserted into the background of the logo, and will be scaled back. It will ultimately be a similar effect as we had on the gc.com logo.
  10. I've removed the gc.com logo. As per suggestions, I'll try a few other ideas over the weekend. I think a trillium would be a great choice... we'll see how it looks.
  11. Ditto on the price match guarantee. I've saved a ton of money by taking advantage of the guarantee. For those who aren't familiar... Let's say you want a Garmin Legend. Canadian Tire is selling for $300. Say Radio Shack has the unit on sale for $230. Bring proof of the Radio Shack price, and here's the deal you get... Price match on the Garmin Legend: $230 Rebate in Canadian Tire Money: $23 (10% of the lower price) In effect, you get the unit for $207. Long live our beloved Canadian institution!
  12. Umm...I've already changed my Outlook rules. Was just wondering. Sheesh.
  13. Some of my pocket queries are now delivered with the following Subject: [GEO] Files For: MyQueryName And some are delivered with a different form: [GEO] Pocket Query: MyQueryName The second type just began showing up. I use an Outlook rule to automatically strip the GPX zip from the message, based on the subject line. Should I be revising my rules to allow for BOTH subject forms, or is one of them going to be adopted permanently?
  14. I emailed the event organizer yesterday hoping for a status update. Hoping to hear something soon.
  15. Hey P38manCdn, just wondering how the event planning is going? I notice there is no event cache posted for Feb 14th yet. Any updates you can provide us with would be great! -TT-
  16. Still wanna do this B.Q??? lol! The S.O.G.A. name and logo was simply my first kick at getting something on paper (or, more correctly, on pixels). I'm by no means married to the name, or the logo. In fact, I think an Ontario-wide organization is much more appropriate. Easy to modify the logo at any rate. Easy to trash it too. Makes absolutely no difference to me. My own Bozznet forums are open to the public. Unfortunately, the hosting server has been undergoing some reconfiguration headaches and isn't available at present. Doesn't matter really. Bozznet is just my own personal space. THIS is the proper *forum* for these discussions. I think it's terrific that cache-tech has taken up the cause with the Parks folks. Keep up the good work, and please, keep us informed of your progress. Most of us appreciate it. As an *official* gc.com representative you at least have a viable organization behind you. And that's what this is mostly about... getting our own viable organization. The INITIAL discussions about organizing a group were, in fact, more centred around a Golden Horseshoe group. Not Ontario. Not Southern Ontario. One of the main functions of this group was going to be to help organize some of our local events (pub nights, picnics etc.). Not much more was planned. Those discussion grew. The scope grew. The geographic area grew. To the point where we expanded the discussion to include anybody at all who cares to take part. This isn't about a *power play* by one or two individuals. Think about it... how could that possibly work? For those individual cachers who don't care to take part, that's just fine. The *organization* isn't going to be able to dictate what those folks can or cannot do! Anyway, I support the idea of an Ontario wide group. I think it would be a great way to get more of us together for picnics and other events. It would also give us a tangible voice in any future *geo-political* matters that may impact our hobby. For what it's worth, I also support B.Q. in an organizational role. He didn't originally volunteer to be President and Grand Pubah. He simply offered to get the ball rolling. -TT- I now return you to your regularly schedule diatribe from that other guy.
  17. I agree with B.Q and the others. It's time to get our own ball rolling. We've had this "Let's get something going" discussion quite a few times... at Pub Nights, picnics, in my own forums (which are temporarily down), and on these forums. Our previous discussions have revolved mainly around who is going to take the reins. Well, I'm nominating Blue Quasar. He has a good insight into S.Ontario geocaching, has shown interest in the position, throws a decent Pub Night, and, well heck, he's just a likeable guy. Any seconder's? Any other nominees?
  18. Now you've done it Annie! If Flick ever lays his eyes on your post I'll be dateless for sure! Hmmm... maybe a trio. (And for whomever is about to make a giggly *threesome* comment, just cut it out! )
  19. The spot you had the physical cache is nothing short of breathtaking. Moving the cache to a different location somewhere along the trail would mean that many cache hunters may never experience the awe inspiring view of what nature has provided us with at this site. This is, and has always been one of my favourite cache locations. I know I'm not alone in this opinion. In my opinion, you did the absolute best you could in placing the micro cache where you did. There is nowhere nearby for a normal cache. If the Hamilton authorities want it moved, then I would hope that the GC.com approvers should allow this to be converted into a virtual. It fits all the criteria.
  20. I've sent a note with a link to this topic to many of the s.Ontario cachers that get together on a regular basis for pub nights and the like. I things go the way I expect, you're going to have a HUGE crowd for your event this year. My plan is to follow up the event with an extended pub night, although I'm not sure that Bogey's Grill is a large enough venue. Looking forward to the event. -TT-
  21. Looking forward to getting the quilt. Dx has the names of all the signers, so the drawing for a winner should go without a hitch! Will post the winner name here, along with a couple of quilt pics from the picnic on the 27th. TrimblesTrek
  22. Hmmmm... looks like a bug! TrimblesTrek
  23. I went to the PQ page. Clicked on each of my PQ's and just resubmitted them all. Got my PQ's for the day awhile later. Tomorrow? Who knows?! TrimblesTrek
  24. Same boat... nothing since Wednesday! Any comments on this problem from TPTB?? TrimblesTrek
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