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  1. Any event, anytime, anyplace. Won't be able to help, other than with advice. I'll be busy all summer with plans for GHAGAGFAP IV on September 17. We'll be there though, wherever and whenever you hold the event. Count us in for 3.
  2. Hey P38Man You might want to get an official cache page up for your event. Most of the crowd on the online chat tonight have never heard about it. -TT-
  3. Way to go Nozz! Found it even without coordinates! No wonder you're #1 !!! Glad you got your PDA back Annie. I think we've got the greatest bunch of cachers around! -TT-
  4. Yikes! Annie... you've caught my Ranting disease... be aware.. there is no cure... once you begin to Rant, there's no turning back! I agree with the THD certificate suggestion... makes a great FTF prize. In the past I've made some special First Finder certificates... kinda cheezy, but they do stand out as something unique... I've also put in FTF prizes that are worth more than the regular dollar store stuff... nothing ever more than $10. I think one of the most important things to do with a brand new cache is to make sure it's filled with brand new stuff, all in the original packaging. My motive here is to shame those who normally leave McJunk into leaving something at least as good as they have left. Unforunately, the cache all too often degrades into a useless pile of crappola, meaning I have to go back for a maintenance visit to relieve the cache of all its flotsam and jetsam and replenish the good stuff. Honestly, we all spend a pile of dough on gas for our little hobby. A weekly visit to the dollar store isn't gonna kill anybody. If your kid wants to trade his old junk for something new from the cache...just say no (and fill his pockets with some new dollar store stuff). I leave you with a copy of the stickers I use in all my new caches... -TT-
  5. Any word on getting this approved as a regular cache event?
  6. TrimblesTrek wishes to make it know that TT, MrsTT and tt pass along their heartiest congratulations to Keith Watson (aka Keith Watson) on the occasion of his 400th cache find. Into the halls of tupperware infamy we wander...
  7. Hey P38ManCdn What news??????
  8. 1queenand4jokers Well spoken.. my thoughts exactly.
  9. When I need a THD fix, I just use my 60C and route to it.
  10. Haven't heard a word so I guess I won the same thing that was in their huge white buckets... nothin'
  11. Ottawa, Port Huron, Cleveland, Queenston. None of these were too far away to travel too for an event. Barrie is a breeze! We'll be there!
  12. This is very exciting. Two years ago, I teamed up with Flick and we were a scorching duo. (Although we did have a spat about who would wear the dress.) Last year, Flick pleaded with me to be his date once again. Dateless also, Amazon Annie joined us and we had the best threesome Geocaching has ever seen! I'm looking forward to this one again this year. Count me in.
  13. Linda and I wanted a chance to try and thank everyone all at once. We cannot repay you all for your many kind words, and for the thoughts and prayers on our behalf. It's in the most troubling times that friendship shines through. The flowers that were delivered were a wonderful thought. Having a very personal touch like this helped to ease the sorrow of losing Linda's mom. Thank you. After many months, our lives should begin to return to normal. And for us, this means getting back onto the trails and enjoying ourselves. We look forward to seeing you out there! Larry, Linda and Benjamin... TrimblesTrek
  14. :D Annie and me did our #400's together back on May 22 in Sarnia. Since then, she has managed to sneak ahead of me by a little bit. Annie is now over 1000. Me? Well, I'm still on my way to 600. Annie is an inspiring cacher, and an incredible friend. Congratulations Annie. I hope I can make it to your 2000 party! (I'd post more smiley's, but apparently there is a limit of 20)
  15. Please pardon my inablilty to respond en francais. I guess I really should have listened to my mother when she said "You'll be sorry some day! ----- How many Quebec cachers in total? ------ The mind is terrible thing to .... um.... I forget...
  16. Twelve grades? When did they change that? What happened to Grade 13? Were we dumber than the kids today? Don't answer that! Where are ya gonna learn about Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll if ya don't get to go to Grade 13? How can we send pimply 17 year olds to University? Good God, we're turning into Americans! (I have nothing to say about Murals or Welland, other than stating that there is a man living there who will eat you if you steal his cache ideas!)
  17. As far as I know, GC.com have never really created a definition for what an event is, or is not. Since there are no guidelines, pretty much anything goes. I've never attended a limited attendance event like you are proposing. I have no problems with this sort of event... some venues simply can't accommodate larege throngs of rowdy cachers. Like some of the others, I can see a few problems with the "Take a ticket" idea. If there are 50 tickets in the cache, these could potentially be taken by the first 10 finders. Now you've got an empty cache, with folks still hunting it to try and get a ticket. All this could happen on the first day the cache is available. Some folks who grab a handful of tickets may or may not be able to give them away. If they can't, should they return them to the cache? I think if I were to hold an event at an "attendance limited" venue, I think I would run it by personal invitation only. I think I'd also be tempted to NOT even post it as a GC.com event. This way, it becomes more of a personal "party" type event. Sure, some folks may feel left out if they aren't on the invitation list, but then again, many folks would never even know about it. Of course, this is a bit of a problem now, because anyone watching the forums already knows! My two cents.
  18. Stop caching in the winter? Bite your tongue!!! There are plenty of different ways of hiding a winter friendly cache. Just think outside of the box a little... - camouflage the cache and hide it above ground... in a tree, velcroed to a branch or fencepost, magnetically attached. - hide the cache in a protected area, like under a bridge - hide a few creative micro caches. These can be in plain sight, only to be found by the most discerning cachers eye. Lots of fun! - unless you are in an area that gets very little snow, make sure the cache is above ground (or snow) level. Your idea of indicating the "winter friendly" status of the cache is a good one. Many of us have been wishing for this type of information from gc.com for a long, long time. Kid friendly, dog friendly, underwater cache, cache and dash.... the list goes on and on. Nothing's been done yet... maybe some day. Have a fun winter!
  19. I've used 2003, and 2004. I'll likely get 2005 as well. For truly automatic rerouting, I rely on the Garmin 60C. Make a wrong turn? No worries... it automatically recalculates on the fly. I love this feature... I wish they had built it into S&T. Maybe 2006?
  20. Hmmm.... you left out Friday 11pm to Sat 7am. This is the best possible caching time!
  21. They aren't telling you your cache isn't good enough. "Good enough" will be decided subjectively by those that eventually find it. If your cache wasn't approved, it simply means that it doesn't meet the guidelines for hiding a cache. I'm sure the cache approver was very clear on this. Read the cache hiding rules. Surely you don't actually believe this... Stop complaining about cache approvers and start thanking them once in awhile. Don't sink to the depths of some of the others in these forums.
  22. When you are posting your log for the cache you dropped the bug in, at the bottom of the log entry page where it says "Dropped off any Travel Bugs?" ... you'll se a listbox there. Just select the travelbug from the listbox, then submit your log entry.
  23. I believe there used to be a cache within the Metro Zoo but it must have been removed due to the private property/no permission rule. There are plenty of good caches in and around Toronto. Personally, I'd stick with the non-downtown caches. If you DO find yourself in downtown Toronto, don't miss the Old City Hall virtual. A Monumental Quest is a great multi..part virtual, part standard. (this one is more up-town than downtown though) The only decent "traditional" cache downtown was Tarot Reading Cache but is got pillaged after only a very short lifespan. There are plenty of soggy-log-crushed-and-dirty micros if those kind of caches turn your crank! There are a bunch of easy virtuals too. Enjoy your trip!
  24. The original post in this thread was nothing more than a personal, planned attack on a cache approver... someone who volunteers their time to try to make our collective hobby more enjoyable. Not at all fair or mature. Calling someone names ("pseudo-approver", liar, "mock approver") isn't going to do anything to help the poster's situation, or reputation. In fact, it's going to paint him/her as a troublemaker from the outset. Perhaps a better approach may have been to ask the rest of the Geocaching community about their own thoughts on so-called "vacation" caches, rather then using the forum as a place to vent. After all, these forums were created, and are maintained, for the purpose of legitimate information exchange by and for the Geocaching community. If someone has a problem with the way they have been treated by a specific approver, these forums certainly aren't going to futher your cause any... The proper approach would be to first, try to work out the problem with the approver (maturely, reasonably, and without personal attacks). If that doesn't work, go through the proper channels at GC.com One of the final thoughts in the initial post was that the poster was "poised to leave" the hobby. After reading the remainder of the thread, I have to say that this would be the very best thing that could happen to the rest of the well-behaved Geocaching community! Anyone else who found themselves slinging arrows of vitriole at one another ought to think twice about why they are here as well. Weren't we all taught (and don't we teach our children) the Golden Rule to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? It seems to me that today, some folks are living by the Tarnished Rule... "I'll do it to you before you get the chance to do it to me, and if you do it to me, I'll poke you in the eye!" For what it's worth, I think the approvers do a great job. Their time is unpaid. Their own caching time is severely limited by the amount of "approver" work they have. They are always willing to listen to a calm and reasonable explaination if you have some kind of issue with your cache. I feel sorry that the cache approvers are forced to hide behind a "nom-de-plume" to protect their "real" caching personalities. As for the life being sucked out of this game, as the original poster believes? Bah... the poster just isn't looking in the right places! There's plenty of fun in Geocaching! You just need to stop moaning whenever a cloud croses your sky! Happy as a clam...
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