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  1. Wow! That's quite an achievement! Cool coin too! Congratulations, Rob!
  2. Congrats to everyone on some great milestones!!!
  3. Congrats to Skillet for 4000 finds...all before 8am!!! Way to go SKILLET! You sure deserve that Yrium card!
  4. I got diagnosed with kidney failure five months ago but it feels like it's been much longer. It's been a strange journey with many ups and downs. I only have 2 months to go on dialysis. My brother Dustin was the closest match and has been chosen to donate a kidney to me. He passed all tests with flying colors. Our surgery will be on October 21st at Sharp Memorial Hospital. I expect to be in the hospital for about a week. I'll be out of work for at least 8 weeks. My brother is expected to be in the hospital for 2 days and his recovery is 2 weeks. The transplant, if successful will give me a better quality of life but I will have challenges for the rest of my life. I will not need dialysis anymore, but I will have a compromised immune system so I don't reject the new kidney. I still have a lot to learn but I do know that with a compromised immune system, a common cold could possibly send to to ICU. Hmm, I wonder what my chances are to make it to 5000 finds by this date? Randy, I should have invited you on our Ojai trip. You can easily do 200 caches in a day up there without breaking a sweat. I know you guys will do fine. Cya, D! Hey Randy - that's less than 10 a day. Piece of cake!
  5. Congratulations Harmon!!! Huh? ... who me? How did that happen? Back when I was a boy we didn't have no milestones. Best we could do in the olden days was headstones and gallstones. I'm right proud t' know that I've had a milestone before I have a headstone. Thanks for noticing. T' be honest about it, having a milestone makes my feet hurt. Life is good. Great job, Harmon. And looking at all your pictures, lots of hiking - no wonder your feet hurt!
  6. Wow - you guys sure have been busy! Congrats!
  7. Chuy!, I've lost dogs during my life and so know very well what such a loss is for you and yours. In time Mocha will fill some of the void but never replace the memories. If I may and if you have the original of that photo I would be pleased to Photoshop it for you ... kind of my tribute to dear old Ginger!. I count it one of my fond memories that Ginger! once honored me with a good tongue-lickin'. Simply said, she was a beautiful dog with an enviable enthusiasm for life. Say, who has that Yrium uDesignit card anyway? I was wondering the same thing. Ginger would definitely make a great candidate!
  8. I'm so sorry to hear that. Ginger was the best geodog ever. We'll all miss her.
  9. Yay! We got there before they were all gone! We grabbed 4 traditional cards, and 8 different misprints. We're keeping a traditional, the Signature Cowboy Hat, and the Tunnel of Love (thought this was maybe from Carl Jr's 500th, but it's from a similar one that we've solved but haven't yet found) The other 3 traditionals are for kwvers!, boysnbarrie, and The Lost Clan, plus they'll each get two different misprints. I wish I'd recognized the PUD cake card, so I could grab one for Barrie...hopefully she'll be able to trade with someone for one! Boy, you go out of town for a week and look what happens! Fat Cats, thank you SO much for grabbing some Harmon cards for me! It's also great to see such renewed interest in the series, although I guess that means more competition for us collectors!
  10. WooooooHooooooooooo!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 5000 way to go Congratulations, Nick and Sharon!
  11. I picked up a regular and a misprint Princess Toadstool #20 card, and zeber picked up a Dr Boggis #007 card from Where Do You Call Home? (GCNA2N) today. The cache hadn't been found in almost 2 years!
  12. Some more milestones for the lady cachers! Congrats to Trixxster on 2200 and Silver Horde on 2000!
  13. And to Jukalimi's daughter, Happy Cacher, for 500; both accomplished at Rebirth. We have been out of town for a few weeks and John got older and look at Page 84!!!! Congrats to all on your milestones! Lots of awesome memories, huh! Just wanted to give a congrats to The Fat Cats who have logged 5000 finds! They are amazing cachers who have recently taken their caching to another level! Long hikes,challenging terrains,Puzzles galore...We are honored to be their friends! June 13 by The Fat Cats (5000 found) Arrrgh, mateys! Pegleg Pete has been rescued! The journey was long an' arduous, but led by our fearless Cap'n and Quartermaster, we succeeded! They're better storytellers, so we'll let them tell our tale... Thanks for a very memorable find #5000! It's an adventure we're not likely to forget! DAK Girls Rule!!! Took the geocoin, Left a geocoin and a gold pathtag [view this log] Our 5000th Find!!! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...a7-a8bd316111f0 Congrats!! You gals are AMAZING!!! Wow!!! Congrats!!!!!! You Ladies rock! Congrats, Sue and Pat! Here's to the next 5000!
  14. Great choice for the big 5000!!! Congratulations! Way to go, James! Congratulations!
  15. HONK! Must be from Smyrna, Georgia ... how's about wewilldo7? Bill and Laurie, is that really you? I agree with Harmon, that's wewilldo7. Splashette Hey everybody, look, Janie agrees with me! Wow! I think that's the first time I ever saw you guys when you weren't smiling! We miss you!
  16. Update We are ironing out some placement issues with the reviewers, and it is going to take a little time. Therefore, this series will not be going live tomorrow as planned. We are shooting for next weekend, but we'll have to see. I'll post again later in the week with another update. Thanks for the interest! -Tony Bummer...we were all excited. Itsounds like you have some puzzles to solve...need any help? Hey, next Sunday is Mother's Day. What a great way to celebrate it!
  17. WoooooooHooooooooooo!!!! I'll add my W******H****** here too! (since I missed the amnesty event I have to be carefull) Ditto what habu! said, as we unfortunately missed the event, too. Congratulations, ladies!!!! Congratulations to all of you, including Connor and Cameron! Here's to many more milestones!
  18. Prayers going up! I'm sure that all that know Dick are geared up and ready for action to help in any way we can. Thanks for the 411 Yes, we are... Standing by for whatever is most appropriate... Most bummed to hear this news this evening. Hoping to hear good news soon... I am also bummed to hear this too. My thoughts and prayers are with Dick and his family... So sorry to hear about this. I'm praying for a full and speedy recovery.
  19. Congrats, everyone! San Diego cachers are just zooming through those numbers!
  20. Silver Horde and I came by Max's this morning and got the last 2 TNG #8 cards. Apologies to the folks for whom I usually pick one up! There were lots of 7 and 7.5 ones left.
  21. Wow! That CITO snake was much bigger than I thought, once it stretched itself out! I guess the refresher course did the trick!
  22. Many congrats to Fisnjack and devhead and to LLOT who hit 4700 today. He hasn't slowed down one little bit!
  23. My Butt is SORE!!! After reading this, I have decided to not go caching with Unknown2U or at least let him bend over to grab the cache first. ROTFLMAO!!! Yep, Geo humor at it's best!! LMAO also!! Took me a while!
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