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  1. A big congratulations to Trixxster who hit her 3000 mark in Yuma last weekend, and to Silver Horde who passed her 3000 finds yesterday in Mission Trails! Do I see some competition there?
  2. Thanks, Paul!! I was a little worried!! Glad all is well, and hope to join up for a hike or Jeep run!! I'm sorry to see you archiving your excellent puzzles! Some are really excellent and although they may not get visited often, I'm sure they could provide puzzling fun for future puzzlers... There are a half-dozen I haven't finished, maybe I'd better get them before it is too late! So glad to hear that everything is OK, Paul. I was just about to e-mail you myself when I spotted this post. We sure have missed you lately! I hope you'll reconsider archiving those puzzles - at least the ones that haven't been DNF'd. Some of us put a lot of work into solving them, and have just never gotten down your way to find them. I bet if you put a call out on the forums for someone to help you check on them, you'd get a bunch of volunteers!
  3. Woo Hoo! No more parking on the shoulder!
  4. WooooHooooooooo!!!! Congrats, Duncan! AWESOME numbers!
  5. Congratulations to waterlassie on 1100 finds! She gave blood on Black Mountain yesterday while getting there!
  6. being that there are no cattle grates (inside joke) nearby and no qualms made by local cachers I vote that this cache remains...but it's gonna be tough with two administrators putting their thumbs down...But who knows, maybe a kind gesture in light of a New Year dawning will turn the tide...good luck I agree with kwvers - it's definitely one of my favorites, and the final location is awesome! I wish we could have virtual caches again, as this would be a prime candidate.
  7. Mr. Negative, that's me! Speaking of being negative... ...just because you can't see the PO doesn't mean it can't get you. PO twigs, when they've dropped their leaves for the winter are very hard to recognize and yet, they are just loaded with urushiol. It's very easy to go through a thicket of PO without realizing it. I speak from experience. You see, a couple of years ago, right around this time, there was a big puzzle series released by some guy (I can't remember who it was, but his caching name was an arctic creature: NorthernWalrus or PolarNarwhal or something like that...) Anyway, in pursuit of one or more of the caches in this series, I got a nasty dose of PO that covered my entire body. My leg swelled up so badly that I had to go to Urgent Care. I went through three re-occurrences of the rash before I finally shook it off. And I never saw the PO that got me. I know the day, I know which of the series that I was searching for, but I do not know where it was that I ran into the PO. So, if you do search for these caches (or any caches in areas where PO is common e.g. Tecolote Canyon, Marion Bear Park, Penasquitos Canyon, etc. ) do not become complacent just because the PO is "less rampant" this time of year. If anything, you are more likely to have a nasty encounter because, without its leaves, you might not see it coming... Uh-oh! I know coming in contact with the stems is just as bad, and possibly worse than dealing with the plant in its full leafy glory, as you can't tell what is PO and what isn't. (Well, I can't!) Maybe I'll have to reconsider my previous post, especially in view of fact that I'm much closer to the ground than LLOT, and likely to make much more contact than him! Sorry to hear you had such a horrible experience, James! I think it would be awfully nice if Patrick would check on his caches and take a machete along with him to clear a path. Then I bet they'd get a lot more visits!
  8. Never thought I would see this thread again! Wow! I'd forgotten about these! This might be a better time of year to attempt them, with the PO somewhat less rampant. Are we allowed to ask for hints now, Patrick?
  9. Congratulations to Rod Swank on #1000 at the 5th Annual Christmas Lights Geowalk tonight!
  10. WooooHoooooooo!!!! Sometin tells me Harmon may be going up some blasted hill today!?!?! And a little down hill also Happy Birthday Harmon. Congrats, Harmon! You are an inspiration to us all!
  11. Congratulations!!!! Fabulous! Way to go! Congrats, Dave! Now you can concentrate on the next Geo-rally!
  12. WooooHoooooo!!! Way to go!!!! We love The Fat Cats! 6000!!!YooHoo! AWESOME! CONGRATS LADIES!!! That's great news! Congrats to you both!
  13. Congrats to everyone above, and also to: Trixxster - 2600 SilverHorde - 2500 luv2bake - 500
  14. Congrats to da beav on 500 finds! We all loved seeing you this last couple of weeks! Come back soon!
  15. Congrats Randy! We knew you could do it! Way to go Randy on 5,000 Great Job!!!! Well done, Randy! Congratulations!
  16. Never mind! They all just arrived!
  17. Same thing applies for me. I sent 3 different queries and I get the preview list, but my query page says they were never run.
  18. Same thing applies for me. I sent 3 different queries and I get the preview list, but my query page says they were never run.
  19. WooooooooHoooooooooo!!!! Congratulations, Bill!!! Great job, Bill! Congratulations!
  20. Congrats, Jim and Denice. Glad to see you guys haven't slowed down any!
  21. Congrats to Joe and Carol of The Simpson Clan on 5000! You guys rock! :D
  22. WoooooooooHooooooooooooooo!!! Great Job. You and Kvwers are amazing!!! BIG, HUGE numbers!!! Congratulations!! Congratulations, guys! I am completely in awe of you! How do you manage to find so many caches when you're so busy hiding them?
  23. Why to go Linda on 5,000 and 500 Congratulations to The Lost Clan!! 5000 finds is awesome, but 500 puzzles...that's really impressive!! WooooooHooooooooooo!!!! Congrats on getting your 5000th find on your 500th puzzle!!! Awesome!!! (and I'm glad you chose such a disgustingly fun cache to get there!) Thanks for the congrats, everybody! It was SO much fun getting there! Now I have to bring my number of hides up to 50 (which I should have done a while ago!)
  24. 8,000 , Now we're taking some big numbers here. It's so hard to keep up with all the milestone congrats... SD-Weiss on 1900, but already closer to 2000 than 1900 Big Dancin' D! on 11,000 OMG!!! SuperDuperDave! on 2500!! FlagMan on 8000! (but he's "not into the numbers" ) He and Randy found 235-ish this weekend in Ventura County!!! wHoo hoo!!! San Diego cachers are movin' and groovin'!!!! It's hard to keep up with this thread... Congrats everyone! Great work everyone, especially in this heat!!! Congrats to FlagMan and Thunder-4 on an epic weekend of caching!!! The milestones are the icing on the cake!!! A big Woo hoo to everybody! Congratulations!
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