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  1. I'm pretty much with Briansnat. I'll leave a detailed log for a fun cache, but really, there's not much to write about a parking lot lamppost hide. How much detail can you really go into?


    "I saw her from across the parking lot. Just standing there, glistening in the hot summer sun. I knew at once I had to have her; she would be mine. Slowly I cruised over in my car, windows down, radio playing soft, romantic music. I pulled up next to her, got out of my car, but didn't say a word. I looked at her, and she just stood there, almost beckoning, taunting, teasing me. I knew what I wanted, and she had it. But would she give it away to a stranger? I was going to find out, regardless of the consequences. I began my approach, never taking my eyes off her. Slowly, but confidently I advanced. She didn't move an inch. It was as if she was saying "its all up to you, friend". Suddenly, I was beside her. I put one hand out, and touched her. She was hot, and smooth as a baby's bottom. I knew it was now or never, there was no turning back. I put my hands on her skirt, and pulled it straight up to see what was hidden beneath it. There it was, staring me in the face, only inches away. Slowly, cautiously, I reached out and grabbed it. Finally!! The cache was mine! Quickly signed the log, put the film can back under the skirt and was on my way. Thanks for the cache!"



    Wow. Just wow.

  2. What are the distance rules for... NOTE: All listed as "Stage of a multi" is other than stage 1.


    A)Stage of a multi to a traditional cache, if the traditional was there first?

    B)Traditional cache to stage of a multi, if the stage was there first?

    C)One stage of a multi to stage of a separate multi?

    D)One stage of a multi to another stage of the same multi?



  3. Sounds ok, but wouldnt it be simpler, to just write a Secret word on the cache container/box?


    or you could put 2 micro caches with co-ordinates to the official cache.

    1st micro, would contain the NORTH Co-ordiantes with a set of co-ordinates for the 2nd micro, that would contain the WEST co-ordinates.


    put the 2 together you have the co-ordinates for the actual cache.


    b e good to keep them all within 50-100 meters from each other type thing, same area.


    or do it your way...lmao


    Well the point is to get them to the second location. Emailing the word to me proves they went there. Putting the instructions in the cache allows me to put the cache in a safer location and meet the requirements of an actual box with log book. I guess it depends on what is the object of the whole thing. Ken


    Why not just do it this way, but add a code word in the two micros? For even more, you could also put a code word on the cache itself.


    But I really don't understand, like many above me, why you need the extra requirement. I think just signing the logbook should be enough, and if you're really that specific about it, take the logbook home every now and then and cross-check the signers of the logbook with those who logged a find. That should work just fine.


    But I also say whatever floats your boat. <_<

  4. I've been meaning to ask this for awhile, but I keep forgetting every time I come on.


    When I try to get a signal with my GPSr, some of the bars are hollow and some are solid. What is the difference?

  5. The smallest container I've seen was the stage of a multi, and that was this: (the one on the right, obviously)



    The smallest container with no trade items was this one:



    The smallest container with trade items was:



    These are all pictures from google images, not the exact cache. They were pretty fun, especially the first one, which was on a black bench in an almost impossible to reach place. :D

  6. ...And just so I'm on topic ... I always sign the log book and my online log always notes that. Sometimes, to mix things up, I note in the log book that I signed the log book....

    I like to do that too. Sometimes I even put in the logbook that I logged it online. :yikes:

  7. I love caching during the winter because the bugs, weeds, poison ivy, ticks, muggles, and anything we all hate to come across is gone. The downside around here is some caches can be covered in 5 feet of snow. Otherwise I also like fall because the leaf colors changes are very pretty.

    But it's so much fun when they're covered in snow! Then you get to bring a shovel along with you!


    Maybe the owners should disable them for the winter... It breaks the rule of being buried. :)

    Ok... That was lame. :P

  8. I'd have to agree with Summer. It's been depressing lately. But the time I get off of work, I only have maybe 2 hourse to geocache before it gets dark. Of course, all the parks close at dusk...sigh. I'm really missing the long Summer days where I can be out till after 9 before it got dark.

    Your parks close at dusk? :D Mine close at 10, regardless of season or light levels.


    That's why God invented the flashlight. Or was that Thomas Alva Einstein?

    You mean Thomas Alva Edison? Or was there a deeper hidden joke in there?

  9. What is your favorite season to go geocaching?


    Mine is winter, because it's fun to get out in the snow. It's nice to go into the woods in a park in the winter and be able to just sit and enjoy nature. There's usually not too many people there, and nature hold a spell over me. It's just so pristine.


    I love winter. :(

  10. Hmmm...if my college algebra is correct, one must use a "combination" to determine how many possible sets of 6 digits are available. To explain it simply, out of a possible 31 usable letters and numbers, and only 6 can be used for the waypoint, one has to calculate it using factorials, i.e., 31! over 6!. There are ways to eliminate duplicates, etc., but the end result is very different from what one might think is possible.


    We were taught "permutations" at the same time. A little different, but just as fun.


    ETA: I'm no brainiac, and I will welcome correction if needed.

    It would be 31! over 4!, because the GC is permanent. GC(****)= 4 digits.

  11. I know this has been talked about before, but I couldn't find any topics where it was.


    Some people have been saying they think the final waypoint name (GC****) will be given out around the end of October, but I don't think that's true.

    When I posted this, there were 322,449 active caches. Assuming I did my math correctly, we can still put out 1,357,167 caches before the last one is given out.


    My Math

    36x36x36x36 (36 possible digits [letters A-Z and numbers 0-9] in each of four spots)

    =1,679,616 possible caches.


    1,679,616 - the 322,449 active caches (when this was posted)

    =1,357,167 more caches before we run out of waypoints.



    I'm sure I did something wrong here, so please tell me. B)

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