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  1. I agree with Team Neos. You should e-mail the owner or someone who was there recently. If you went at a "questionable" time (late at night, holiday, etc.) you should go there during sometime that isn't "questionable".
  2. Yeah, I found out how. I just remembered to come here and say I got it. Thanks!
  3. How do I put pictures on my listing? I uploaded the pics I wanted but I don't know what to do from there. Thanks!
  4. Congrats! I like the "walking with a purpose" description the best .
  5. I have hidden 1 cache. I have never met anyone at a cache. I would like to though.
  6. Welcome! You can place your bug in any cache, whether you've found it or not. I like to get the TB and go find a new cache and put it there.
  7. And to think, all of this huge discussion started from this little post.
  8. I went out today and everything was fine. I found 3 of my 6 caches and it was all working fine.
  9. As said many, many times before, congrats! (I don't know if I should be saying this because I'm a noobie myself!) Don't even get me started on that Virginia letter Santa thingy. My teacher gave a lecture on that in 5th grade that literally took up a whole hour. Then we had to do a big project on it!
  10. What is the name of this cache?
  11. Oh. I thought National Forests were managed by the NPS too.....
  12. I have the Magellan eXplorist 200. I think they will have the same way of doing this, so here goes. You do not need to have a position fix to mark them. Go to the map screen. Move the arrow buttons in any direction until it says "Cursor" at the bottom. Push "Mark". It doesn't matter where the cursor is. When it gives you the screen to edit the settings of it, set the name, the description (if you want it) and you can change the lat. and long. there also. Highlight the area where the lat. and long. are listed, then press enter. Now you can edit the lat. and long. Edit it, then hit save. Then press Go to. Find that POI on your list, then hit enter. You now have the straight path to the cache (or whatever it was you marked:)). Good luck!
  13. Okay. Thanks. I'm just feeling really stupid right now . The ones I had put into my GPS there were 1 star. And I couldn't find them.
  14. There shouldn't be a cache in a National Forest.....
  15. So, which one is it?
  16. **EDIT** THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO GO RIGHT AFTER THE FIRST REPLY, BUT THOT GOT THERE FIRST Yes, I know that. When I first boot up my GPS, it will say "Finding Satellites Tracking #" Once it has located enough satellites to get my location and all that other info, it says either "2D Position Fix" or "3D Position Fix". Should I wait for it to say one of those two first? Or can I just punch in the coords? If it helps, I have a Magellan eXplorist 200.
  17. icefall5

    Gps Fix?

    Should I have a position fix on my GPS when entering waypoints? I have found a couple caches that I plotted with a fix, but I found some with an easy rating and I marked them without a fix, and I can't find them anywhere. That was a long sentence . So, shortly, should I have a position fix when I'm entering waypoints?
  18. I am a Boy Scout (Hudsonville Troop 146) and I think it would be great if there was a Geocaching MB or an Electronic Navigation MB.
  19. I have an account on another forum that is exactly like this. I went to change my avatar and my signature but it referred me to the profile page of gc.com. I could not find it on there. How do I change those?
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