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  1. For me it is not that much of a hassle. Most of the local post office staff buys things from my place of work and the office is a couple miles from there so taking a few minutes drive before or after work is no big deal for me. I know others that have to make a special trip to make it to the post office, but I have always been lucky to have situations for the past 14 years where they have been close by. Heck, I even shared a drive with them for the house I lived in while in East Lansing, MI. As for having my ducks in a row. I was taking classes to become an accountant, so record keeping and all has made me a small time pack rat sad to say. I print-out and keep most everything for 5-7 yrs. Then it is normally all in order or easy to find. There is a method to my MADNESS.
  2. As a buyer on eBay I have started to always purchase insurance for items shipped USPS. UPS and FedEx automatically insure for the first $100 of value so normally I don't have to bother with that cost. Now as a seller on eBay and learning that PayPal will always take the side of the buyer in lost packages cases I am now going to make insurance mandatory on all my sales. This way I can get my money back. Buyers may not like this that much, but I'm normally the guy with the lowest prices on the items I sell. If buyers figure in the cost of insurance when placing their max bids then I figure they are being smart. While I have not anything I have shipped lost; I have had things being shipped to me lost. One of which I know was not sent. That mistake cost me $300. Another person I purchased something from and they shipped it to a friend of their's "by mistake". They promised me a refund and being a trusting person I waited to long and before I knew it I was unable to dispute it with PayPal. Now if I'm not happy with a shippment I open a dispute if the seller is unwilling to work something out, or if the seller is slow in resolving the issue. My mistakes/learning experiances have been expensive and I'm not going to allow that to happen anylonger. maldar
  3. I'm in the final stages of minting my coins and need a bit of help as to what I should call these colors on the plating. The mint calls what I see as Antqiue Gold, Antqiue Copper and vise versa. To me this is Antqiue Gold And I think this as Antqiue Copper The mint states that it is the reverse of what I think. What is you opinion? I was just going to order it as what they call it and then state on my sales page the color as I think they should be called. Am I wrong to do this? To me copper is an orange color and Gold is a yellow color. Thanks, maldar
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    I'm sure I can speak for everyone, No Problem. Feel free to ask more questions.
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    Thanks Tsun, you explained it much better than I did.
  6. While you have a good point there, I think that the number should be based on a percentage of the coins made. Though we could say: Starting at 10 coins or 5% of total production run, which ever is greater. Can be XLE. This is in now way what I say should be the number, but just an example of what it could look like for having limits. I do really like the idea of having some sort of standard. maldar
  7. Darn it, I was out bid. Hehe, now it's time to do some sniping at the end.
  8. I agree. There are many object that can cause harm or kill people that are everyday items. Example include, but not limited too: Pens, cars, toasters, stairs, a hard candy drop. It all depends on how the item is used. While I would say that a knife should never be placed in a cache, I don't believe a geocoin in the shape of a knife is a threat. Unless the geocoin was made to have razor sharp blades, then I would have an issue. There are many non violent uses for a knife, just as a car is considered a deadly weapon when you try to drive someone over with one. maldar
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    Pre-sales are normally a sale for a coin that has not been made, and will be delivered at a later date. Normally the delivery date is 30-45 days after the end of the pre-sales. This is normally done when an individual does not have the money to fund the project outright. If you are having 250 made, that is all they will make. If you have them do the pre-sale for you, you will have to work out arangements with them. Depending on the mint you work with, so will offer to do the coin and sell it through their site and give you some coins, but they keep the rest of the profit. I'm not sure how that works really and someone that has done that would have to inform us. I don't know if this helps, but the way you worded it I tried my best. Please ask more questions. maldar
  10. As said about the etrex series is a really good start, but I will only sugest the Legend or Vista in the monochrome models. You want something that leaves tracks for when you do the long hikes in the woods.
  11. If this does come back on the market I will offer you $65 plus shipping. maldar
  12. I placed my max bid for these coins, try to figure out what it is. Only one rule, no bid retractions. maldar
  13. Here, here. I hate jacked up mailing cost. I understand that there is packaging and time involved, but when you are charged $10 for the first item and $5 for each additional for a total shipping of over $100 dollars don't expect me to pay. Yes, true story, I was looking to refurbish some PDAs for resell. I know we are talking coins, but when all I was getting was the PDA, no stylus, charger, craddle; just about 25 PDAs bulk packed in a box. It cost less than half that to send my 17in CRT monitor in for repairs. maldar
  14. I want to ditto everyone thus far. KyPhoto, what type of things for kids? Can you please be more specific?
  15. I can get you some pictures if you want. Better yet, I go get one of those programs that morphs one image into another.
  16. Personally I think it looks more like Santa.
  17. As a seller, it is something I would be willing to do for someone. I understand that things happen, it has to me; luckily it has not been a locked account.
  18. The main reason is the new firmware which includes "TracBack" As a full time guide it is essential for me for safety reasons. I would like a much better screen, ie to dim to see in daylight without holding the unit at just the right angle to the sun! I don't think this will be fixed until a new model comes out. The 60 series was much better in this respect. If I purchase another Colorado then I will make sure the software is on CD and not SD card since I like to plan routes on the PC Perhaps you should check out the new Garmin Oregon. LOL I just saw those listed and came to this thread to say something. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=145&pID=14904 That is the site for the Oregon 400t maldar
  19. Opps, I thought you were a bidder. Didn't see you were the OP.
  20. LOL Would you kill me if I said $391.00. I don't want it anyways. If I get one it will be a 400t I think. maldar
  21. Thanks Eric, while I already understood that, it is nice that you mentioned it as I didn't think to include it. While it states it in their policy, why should they have to follow it also. While I have not done pre-sales before, I would ask everyone to look at my eBay feedback. Only shows a rating of 98, but I have 181 recorded feedback. Then take into account that we all know that not everyone leaves feedback, you can see that as I have left 266 feedback. I have not always left feedback as I got in the stupid mode of only doing for them as they did for me; I don't do that anymore. If for some reason you do look at my feedback there you will see one negative for me as a seller. This one really Ps me off as I listed some items on Half.com and my internet went down for a few days. At Half.com the seller has to confirm the buyer's order within 2 day of it being placed. I was unable to confirm the order so Half.com's system canceled the order automatically. The guy went right off and gave me a negative feedback, didn't try to email me or nothing. I did email him and explained what happened, but he never contacted me back. Since he left me Negative feedback one would expect me to do the same. NOPE, I left him a neutral feedback explaining what happened. Since I never got a response from him and I received that negative I decided to remove all items listed under Half.com. I was really mad that someone could give you a negative like that and had no interest in having that happen in the future. That being said, if someone does not want to buy from me during a pre-sale do to what I wrote above, that is fine. Just remember you will be paying more once I sell any when they are on-hand. I believe in helping those that will be helping me get these coins minted. Sorry that I strayed off the topic, but I wanted to defend my good name. I know Eric didn't attack it, but some might think to question it. I'm shut up now, maldar
  22. I know what you mean about set like that. Why buy a whole set when all I want is one coin. This is one thing that I thought about recently, as I'm closing in on my minting date. What I have come up with is the following: Offer a set of RE and LE. This would be at a reduced price. Then have each coin be sold separately. I'm still trying to determine what I will sell them at, but Pre-Sales will be $2 less than what I will sell them for once they are in-hand, well, that's the plan. I think pre-sales should be cheaper as people are helping you out. As well as a set should have a reduced price on it as they are buying even more coins. I didn't think about it before, but I might place a limit on the number of LE coins someone can buy. maldar
  23. Below is a small part of PayPal's User Agreement. Read the last section I highlighted in bold. If you use eBay to do a pre-sale, and yes you can, see below, you have better protection as a seller. I don't think that a person will be able to get your account frozen if it is a presale on eBay and you are still within the 30 day period. I believe that 30 days is time enough to have the coins made and shipped. If you use ebay and someone says something you can fire back at PayPal and say that you are within the limits that are set. This is what I'm going to use for my pre-sales. If I get everything off the ground, maybe I will be able to have a regular merchant account and can avoid these issues. maldar
  24. I do want to add that I also plan to charge less for the pre-sales, when the pre-sales end and I have coins in hand they will go up in price about $2. This is how I'm making up for taking people's money up-front. All pre-sales should be discounted. maldar
  25. I have been working directly with a mint and the coins I'm thinking of minthing as XLE/AE are about 3 times the cost of the ones that will be the mass produced coins. This is do to the fact that I'm only having about 10 made compared to 100+ of the other metals. I have decided to have a LE made and there will be only 40 of them. While I plan to charge more for the LE It will only be about a couple more dollars. They are rare and will cost me more to make. This is just me. If you are making the coin and doing LE and the like, charge more. Someone will buy them later on ebay for more than what you charged. maldar
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