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  1. Name of coin: 2008 Dragonfly

    Name of Vendor: AEToys

    Date Paid: 5/27/08

    Shipment Due Date: Who the heck knows[/color][/size]

    Ordered by:

    1. yalehockeymom, not received, pd 5-27-08

    2. AtlantaGal, not received, pd 5-27-08

    3. kehunt64 , not received pd. 8-13-2008

    4. Vanelle, not received

    5. rivercity, not received, pd 3-2-08

    6. fairyhoney, not received, pd 3-2-08

    7. GeoKs, not received, pd 5/27/08

    8. LionsLair, not recieved, paid 5/26/08

    9. RSFish1, not received, Paid 5/27/08

    10. pingos, not received, paid 5-27-08

    11. Steel City Babes, not received, Paid 8/13/08 and 8/20/08(Don't ask...as you can see I have a problem biggrin.gif )

    12. Sweetlife not recieved and paid for 5-27 08

    13. Nashuan - Dragonfly 2008 (3) sets not received. Pd $161.25 on 5/27/08 (also pd $119.30 on 5/30/08 for Pirate Treasure coins - not received)

    14. Penny and Kona - Dragonly 2008: 1 set and extras of each not received. Paid: too much Paid when: 27 May 2008, and I still have original email receipts and an order number to prove it.

    15. gardengorilla, not received paid sometime in April...

    16. hitechman, paid June 1, 1 set, have all e-mails and receipts

    17. FamiliaSilvestre, paid 5/28/08, 1 set plus S&H $74.25

    18. ThePetersTrio paid for 5 coins on 5/26 for a total of $55.05 and coins were never received.

    19. Whitby, not received, paid 6-4-08 $78,80

    20. Sunrayers: Order #5008 date 5/27/08 2 sets of Dragonfly coins $107.70 + Order# 4952 date 5/24/08 Pirate coins $60.57

    21. Pabloturtle, not received, paid 5/27/2008

    22. mickebush77 not received paid 8/15/2008(and for one pirate treasure not received)

    23. Geo-Gophers, paid 5/27/08, Paid $34.11 via Paypal (for one "Dragonfly 2008 Blue Wing" & two "Dragonfly 2008 Green Wing" plus $4.26 shipping/handling.)

    24. Cache_in_hand, paid 8/13/08, not received *Also from this vendor 2 Pirates Treasure Coins, same date

    25. hollora, 1 set = $55.05, not received, paid 5/27/2008

    26. IthacaDoodle, not received, paid $22.45 for 2 coins on 8/19/2008

    27. Band of Bradys - Paid 11.99 on 5/27/08 with Paypal - one Dragonfly coin - never received

    28. Ratandjmt - Pd $55.05 ($49.75 for one set and $5.30 S&H) on 5/27/08

    29. SecretChief - Paid may 28th (2 sets) - not received

    30. Flatouts - Order#5168 paid for 2 Dragonfly coins 6/11/08 with paypal

    31. DrJeepStr - Order #5018 Paid $55.05 via PayPal on 5/27/08. Never rec'd Dragonfly Geocoins. Complaints filed with PayPal (too late?) and local BBB. Numerous emails to vendor - NO Response.

    i did order one of this coin and i pay for it.....

    i only don`t know when anymore :D

    but i know i did because i got mail today :D

    jhuuuuuhhhh i was happy but when i open it there was a FREE CACHIN FREESTYLE geocoin in it :ph34r:

    never see that coin before :)

    i look on there webside and there is standing that the dragon will be shipped soon and on my order it stands to.............

    i think we have to wait, hope and pray that the dragon will fly soon to all of us...........

    Today I received some coins and there was also a Free cachin freestyle geocoin in it!! B)

    I give AETOYS another chance! :D

    Thanks MarK

    I STILL have NOT received mine :D

    I received some coin with a extra :D


    I Have written to AETOYS with NO avail. It is TOO late to complain to paypal. I am so frustrated- $50 Plus is a lot of money ! I do NOT know why others are receiving theirs and Not ME :D:ph34r: ! ! !




    I could be wrong, but I don't think they have gotten the Dragonfly coin, but they got some other coins. One person states, "...i look on there webside and there is standing that the dragon will be shipped soon and on my order it stands to............. ...".


    Sounds to me as if the Dragonfly coin has yet to be shipped. If someone has gotten the Dragonfly coin, please correct me.



  2. I've had trackables go MIA for a year or more and then see them pop-up. There is no harm in trying to contact them to get them to mail the package to you.


    Try contacting the local geocaching group in their area, maybe someone knows them.

  3. Due to limitations, I have added the following paragraph to my Great Hide Auction listings:


    Due to the features of this site insurance and shipping/handling fees are included in the listed cost.

    Postage fees are in addition to these fees. This site also does not support Flat Rate Priority Shipping options.

    This being the case, please email me for a quote if you are buying more than one coin.

    For each additional item you buy I will subtract $2.00 from the final cost.

  4. This currently only applies to my eBay auctions, I will be changing my Great Hide Auction listings soon.


    After reading some info in another thread about shipping fees, I have revised my shipping fees and also lowered my shipping/handling fee for both domestic (50% less) and international shipping (33% less). I have also included another shipping shipping option for international shipments and changed one of the domestic shipping options. This should provide for cheaper shipping rates.


    As always, I combine shipping on all auctions. If you have questions about what it will cost, email me before bidding and I will give you an estimate.

  5. Our shipping rates for US orders cap out at $4.99... reason? A flat rate envelope cost $4.75 to ship (the other .24 cents goes toward things like ink, tape, gas and time!)


    We have been able to pack flat rate envelopes to fit well over a dozen coins with no shifting and still able to easily seal the envelope. My thought is that is one person wants to order more coins than will fit in a flat rate I will gladly pay any extra postage over $5! :huh:


    There are always exceptions, but for the vast majority of orders- US shipping for coins should be easily accomplished for under $5.


    Just my two cents....


    I think that I will have to rework my shipping fees. Since I have been selecting package and not envelope options when I calculate prices on postage. This means that the USPS site has been given me higher rates. It has been too long since I took the postal training for my former job.


    They have also finally got the new Small Fate Rate Boxes I heard a few months ago that they were coming. Before they added this new box, I was getting rates listed close to $10 as that was the next flat rate option.


    Since just one of my coins with envelope weighs in at 5oz, this is good news.

  6. Since you can't tell if someone is going to use paypal or not


    Yeah you can. Ebay is exclusively paypal now. All other payments such as money orders or personal checks are against ebay policy.... along with another 5000 other things that are against ebay policy... :huh:


    No wonder i have not seen a few of my regulars bidding.


    I had some good customers using checks and i never had any issue.


    <post removed by moderator>

  7. Yeah you can. Ebay is exclusively paypal now. All other payments such as money orders or personal checks are against ebay policy.... along with another 5000 other things that are against ebay policy... :huh:


    I just discovered than in the past couple days, as I had errors popping up on eBay about that. Too bad I cannot afford a merchant account.

  8. It's only a violation if im claiming it in my description. I don't - so Its not a violation

    Taken from Knowing the Rules for Sellers.


    Actions that avoid paying eBay fees – Selling fees help eBay support both buyers and sellers. Listing practices that circumvent (avoid) fees are unfair to sellers who pay the appropriate eBay fees and may provide a poor buying experience.


    Examples of listing practices that are not allowed on eBay include:


    * Offering the opportunity to buy the listed item or other items outside of eBay.

    * Offering low item prices but unreasonably high shipping or handling charges.

    * Listing an item that requires an additional purchase.

    * Including contact information (e.g., email addresses, domain names, phone numbers) in the listing title, subtitle, item location, or images.

    * Listing an item where a seller allows buyers to choose from a selection of items.


    Taken from Your User Agreement.


    Using eBay


    While using eBay, you will not:


    * post content or items in an inappropriate category or areas on our sites and services;

    * violate any laws, third party rights, or our policies such as the Prohibited and Restricted Items policies;

    * use our sites or services if you are not able to form legally binding contracts, are under the age of 18, or are temporarily or indefinitely suspended from our sites;

    * fail to deliver payment for items purchased by you, unless the seller has materially changed the item's description after you bid, a clear typographical error is made, or you cannot authenticate the seller's identity;

    * fail to deliver items purchased from you, unless the buyer fails to meet the posted terms, or you cannot authenticate the buyer's identity;

    * manipulate the price of any item or interfere with other user's listings;

    * circumvent or manipulate our fee structure, the billing process, or fees owed to eBay;

    * post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, or libelous content (including personal information);

    * take any action that may undermine the feedback or ratings systems (such as displaying, importing or exporting feedback information off of the sites or using it for purposes unrelated to eBay);

    * transfer your eBay account (including feedback) and User ID to another party without our consent;

    * distribute or post spam, chain letters, or pyramid schemes;

    * distribute viruses or any other technologies that may harm eBay, or the interests or property of eBay users;

    * copy, modify, or distribute content from the Sites and eBay's copyrights and trademarks; or

    * harvest or otherwise collect information about users, including email addresses, without their consent.


    So, YES, it is a violation if you claim it or not in you description.

  9. Due to eBay listing rules I had to change a the wording in a few of my listings.


    The term "Like New" is not allowed as it confuses the search engine. I have changed the term to "Near Mint", which is allowed. Since there are some people watching these items, I want them to know what is up with the change.


    If you have any questions please ask me. Read post #129 if you want to know some of my reasons for grading the coins. You can also visit my site: http://www.coinsandcache.com/qualityratings.html. This link directs you directly to how the items are rated and shows what defects there maybe.


    All in all the Near Mint coins are really in a collectible state; but being a collector of comic books and other things over the years, I tend to have high standards. So my flaw in that department is a boon to you.

  10. I just shipped out 10 coins for a trade, yesterday. Only cost $2.70 for a bubble pack, First Class. It was almost 1-1/2 lbs.


    I don't know how that qualified for first class, as the weight limit for first class is 13 ounces.


    USPS site info on services.


    I also looked up the cost of the weight you stated, and the only service that will ship at that weight is Media Mail, which coins don't qualify.


    USPS site info on Media Mail.

  11. Now, another item we need....film canisters!! I need as many as I can get, we want hundreds! Special plans for this, but it won't work unless we've got a BUNCH!! Anyone have some canisters they would be willing to part with, please send them my way!!!


    This one is really easy. Go to your local Meijer, there are 2 I know of in the Jackson area, or a local 1 hour photo place. Just ask for any spare film canisters they have. I have walked out with bags full a couple times.

  12. I agree that the USPS is never consistent with it's pricing.


    I think that some of this is due to the fact that not all their employees know all the regulations. As I stated above, I worked at a postal contract station. There are small fees that many people overlook. While a large 9x10 envelope may be the same weight as a 10# envelope, you should be charged an oversized fee for it, which is normally the cost of on extra ounce; which is also the cost of a postcard stamp. Any envelope over 1/4 of an inch think is also charged this fee. This is due to the fact that these cannot be processed by the machines and must be handled by hand. I cannot recall the number of times I had to remind a coworker about the extra fee.

  13. MY MOTHER WORKS FOR THE USPS. We were talking about this last week,, dont quote me but this is what i think i remember her saying ,, its 60 cents for the inatial mailer with a object in it up to 2 ounces and then its 20 cents an ounce after that up to 1 pound.

    and we were talking about sending coins in a card not a mailer....i may be wrong ,,short memory from that convo,,, i wrote it down but lost the paper too. ooops.


    That sounds about right. I use to work at a Postal Contractor and I know that each ounce is additional, but I think that First Class only goes to 13 ounces. After that it is Parcel Post, or Priority. You also have Media mail, but that does not relate to us and Express is so expensive.


    I ship internationally and using the postal service is the best route to go when doing such sales. When I thought to check to see what UPS would charge to ship one coin it came out to close to $60. I think that was to our friends Down Under. Now, that would have arrived in 2 days, but that is extreme. In all my time on eBay, only once has someone use asked to anything other than the cheapest way; and that was only express mail via the post office.

  14. Look into the size of the coin, as well as what other services they might be including.


    My 10 commandments of Geocaching coin weighs more than 2 regular sized coins and I also require insurance. The postage and insurance alone cost about $3.50 for one these coins. I still then have to cover the cost of the packaging, time and gas to the post office, and time spent packaging the product.


    Now, I know some people will say that they don't want insurance, but if I did that I would increase the cost of my coins to offset the chance of a loss. Now this would hurt people that purchased multiple coins from me as insurance starts at $1.70; and if instead of requiring insurance I tacked on an extra $1.00/coin, that buyer is now out $.30 for the second coin. Depending on the price of the coin, say $7.50, that is $5.30 for 6 coins @ $45. At $50.01 the price of insurance increases. That is almost another whole coin they could purchase, or can be viewed as a good portion of the cost of the shipping they are paying.


    Another option I could use is to say that insurance is included in the cost of the coin; at which point I would just raise all the prices on my coins by $1.50. Instead of them being $7.50 they are $9.00 and now you are out $5.80 on 5 coins before you reach the $50.01 where the cost of insurance increases.


    I thought about this a lot as you can see. I believe it was best not to inflate the cost of the product and to give a lower cost by charging the insurance. I also offer to combine shipping on all my auctions, and rates are based of the actual postage rate plus standard rate for shipping/handling.


    Based on the number of coins it takes time to cut out the box board I tape the coins in and if they are too heavy for first class mail, I have to tape bubble wrap around that before they go into the flat rate priority envelope. I know some people just throw coins into a padded envelope, but I take the time to make sure they are safe and don't damage each other in shipping.


    So you are correct, a bubble mail doesn't cost too much, but for me there is still: Packing tape, bubble wrap, time spent packaging, time driving to and from the post office, and the gas to and from the post office.





  15. I think that some people/places call some of the finished different things.


    You are correct on that. The mint I when with called the Antique Gold, Antique Copper; and vise versa. When I sold them I called them as I saw them. I don't know how the antiquing process can turn gold to an orange color and copper to a yellow color. I think they were full of BS, personally.

  16. ps I'd make the "G" in each of the four different gc.com colors. If you do that...sign me up for the set please and thank you!!


    Thanks for the idea on the colors. I didn't think about that as I was using the public domain Geocaching logo.

  17. Awesome work. Can you nudge the red tiles up against each other so the gaps are smaller or nonexistent? Otherwise I think you are on to something really cool there.


    I'm going to try that next time, but I also like that it blends in a bit; sort of like you have to search for it like with a cache.

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